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  1. I made small change in Part Two to fix inconsistency with Ballas' long arm in 'Story of the Tenno: Prelude to the New War: Umbra'. Edit: Made changes in Part One and Part Two to Warframes, making them more unique. I also made changes to Excalibur abilities. Rhino doodle.
  2. I made changes in Part One: I revisited two of Loki's Abilities to make them deal damage.
  3. Reimagine Warframe Part Two is out now! Download link in the first post. Volt doodle.
  4. Reimagine Warframe Part One: http://imaunimanse.com/ebook/Reimagine Warframe Part One.pdf Reimagine Warframe Part Two: http://imaunimanse.com/ebook/Reimagine Warframe Part Two.pdf Reimagine Warframe Part Three: 31.01.2019 FROM THE AUTHOR OF THIS PROJECT This project will take form of a series in which I will let my mind to reimagine Warframe — as a weapon, as a game, as an experience, and as a story. The ‘reimagine’ part will be based on the concepts included within the game WARFRAME, created by Digital Extremes. I do not claim that I can tell their story better, I do no
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