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  1. Thank You! Been really loving everything recently (except the Shotgun Nerf, so long pellets) and I'm extremely excited for this as well. Just wanted 1 thing: Can we please get some sort of shop for Focus that opens up AFTER you max out all the schools? Something similar to the Nightwave shop or arbitrations would be amazing! Either way, I love you guys, keep up the good work (except nerfs.)
  2. Things that make sense with the lore, MUST: Contact with a sentient should reset their resistance to damage as according to previously established lore Void energy exposure does this . 1st: Fires pieces of himself at enemies that can bounce and rebound exactly like Helios' Deconstructor. (maybe an Exalted weapon of Self to equip mods from the Ranged melee types) 2nd: Accumulate surrounding materials (Mats, Dead enemies, Level parts whatever) to make repairs/ armor. 3rd: Some sort of Overload that acts like a suped up Power Donation (not just Power Strength though) for all surrounding Allies as long as Energy lasts/ or for a duration. 4th: Randomized from the 4's of all OWNED warframes based on Energy color or something weird like that. Addition/ Alt Passive: No shields or starting Armor (made with 2 during mission) But wildly high Health Regeneration since Void energy holding it together could just as easily pull broken pieces back (this could be given an animation or specific look state where parts start to jiggle and loosen with damage even to the point of falling off at high % damage and get snagged and pulled back in.) Also, should fall into a heap of parts when in operator form. Could also start with 1 umbral polarity under the idea that maybe one of it's parts was an Umbra. or just make it's passive that any polarized slots will work like the Aura forma so good for any polarization. Love you guys. and Good luck deciding on the abilities for Nidus' and Revenant's baby!
  3. On Xbox we already have Titanias blink and can practice the MR29 test. BTW: if you guys could figure out something to do with Focus after we've finished the schools that would be awesome. I'm thinking just like a little shop similar to the nightwave creds, or just let us convert them into nightwave creds. or vitus essence. or add a new school, anything really. Love you guys! Thanks!
  4. Nidus Prime is June 2021. Coming Next is Nezha, then Inaros, Then Octavia, Then Gara, THEN Nidus then Harrow.
  5. Except that the Primary Fire for the Corinth wasn't buffed at all, The secondary has a mechanic that makes the 5x damage it has not worth it. and since Status Chance on slow weapons is useless with the new Duration based Status build it makes the Entire Corinth Prime Mastery Rank Fodder. Pangolin and Titania are more of the same. Basically the Accessories are the only things worth it this time around.
  6. Command Intrinsic: When? why the hate on solo players? Focus: Many of us have completly finished the schools but are strill gaining millions of focus, any way we could get a Focus Store for people who've finished all nodes or maybe just a conversion in Nightwave Creds ort something? Shotgun NERF: what do you think the chances of reversing this are? The nerfs to corrosive and enemy armor were enough to lower use, why kick Status while it's down? it's funny because you say you DON'T likeCrit being the only game in town then you nerf Status and our Stat delivery devices. Just an Idea: The Original Color Pallete but with all the colors having a metallic finish on them so we can choose to add metallics to anything *looking at ugly Kuva lich weapons* Pre Ordering Prime Access: I'd end up buying a LOT more of them if i could just pre purchase a years worth. Last Thing: As we near MR30 I've been curious as to what will happen from there? I had one crazy idea of a Tenno Forma that would allow us to reset our MR in exchange for a permanent extra mod slot and extra 10 drain on EVERYTHING or something insanely good like that, to reward the truly dedicated. obviously we'd have to reforma everything to re aquire MR but i'd be fine with that. Thanks, and keep up the great work!
  7. Mimic. 1st abilty randomizes the other 3 from all owned warframe abilities. Passive being that if you happen to be playing with someone using the frame an ability comes from you will get/give a buff to the abilties. Basically a Riven Frame.
  8. THANK YOU!!!!! Seriously, nobody will be missing the relics from railjack missions. you could drop them off entirely and we'd all just be happy.
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