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  1. Good afternoon fellow Tenno's. I'm in search of a new clan. My existing one has died out and I'm all that's left. MR23, All frames but Harrow, only missing a couple of weapons. Three frames are over 100M xp (Excalibur, Rhino and Ember, all Primes), A Hunter level founder who's been playing since Update 7 (April/May 2013) IGN: Soulryder
  2. Oberon Prime Access Ending August 29!

    Trinity is next to be vaulted.
  3. Warframe At Nycc! [Megathread]

    So many Green Arrow's... Wonder how Mr. Amell would feel about getting involved... LOL
  4. Official 17.5 Deployment Status Thread!

    LOL This right here....
  5. Official 17.5 Deployment Status Thread!

    Maple Syrup is like Tequila. Mexican's keep all the good, HQ Tequila for themselves and sell the rest to the US and Canada. We keep all the good Maple Syrup and sell the left overs to the US and Mexico. Sometimes, we make a good, secret trade with Mexico, swapping good HQ maple syrup for good HQ Tequila... Sorry... Well... Not really.. =p
  6. September 13Th Login Issues

    Wait, endless shrimp is back!!!???!!! *Door slams*
  7. Hotfix 17.4.2

    Vulklok Weapon Changes: The following changes have been made to the Sentinel Vulklok weapon as per: Weapon damage has been reduced.Weapon accuracy and rate of fire has been reduced. And there's the Nerf.... LOL
  8. *Sigh* Just as I started to study....
  9. It took awhile to login, but I just managed to get in
  10. Connection Issues (Chat, Game Launcher And Server) [Megathread]

    Anyone file a ticket?
  11. Update 15.13

    So Syndicate Medallions get a boost.... And did their RNG numbers drop? After two missions ( an Exterminate and a Capture with two different Syndicates) NO medallions received or found. Yes, treasure hunter mode was one (Thief's Wit installed), icons for barrels showed up... all barrel's destroyed... No medallions found. Sad Panda
  12. Warframe: Archwing

    My gawd... You guys... Seriously... Archwing... Few words... Thank you...
  13. Hotfix 15.0.3

    Restart to relieve!
  14. Coming Oberon Changes

    Rhino makes a poor gym buddy... Just saying....