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  1. I was thinking about bundle options this morning. Has DE thought about a booster bundle option? Give the players the option between bundling 2, 3 or all 4 boosts together for a price. You'd have to keep the lengths together obviously. Example, two 3-day boosters of players choosing (an Affinity and resource lets say) or 3 7-day.. Not sure how the 30-day boosters sell, but I might be more inclined to grab those if I could get them bundled together than the shorter 3- or 7-day ones. A thought...
  2. Reasonable people understand, that when things are rushed, there are issues. They also understand that if a company takes a little extra time to get it right so that bugs and issue's are minimize, it makes for a better product. What I'm talking about is a generation that wants it now, AND wants it perfect.
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