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  1. Damage done from killed Thralls (energy pillars) should scale with enemy levels- Enemy HP, like Acid Shells mod and dozen others. It would benefit greatly in every mission, specially in long survival missions.
  2. Teeming Virulence - Nidus new augment is active 12 seconds, not 15 when you hit 4 more more enemy
  3. You have 14 days to get an Opticor Vandal. Do every day 1 mission for 15 minutes and you'll have in 10 days all items. That's not grindy
  4. Man, why 20 enemrgy/seconds... is this new trend of DE to nerf from Ember, Banshee. Gara and now Revenant 4th ability tu tottaly junk against lvl 80+ enemy... Why DE? I love survival missions, and even those abilities sre weak against high lvl enemy, now are even weaker
  5. What about fixing Mastery Rank 25 test? Please :)
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