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  1. There WAS free Syandana, few boosters if you had an account in Humblebundle. I think it was 6 or more months ago and lasted a few days. BUT... all codes were account- specific and you couldn't use one code multiple times. I found that early and lot of my Clan-mates used that too. Humblebundle and DE made that together.
  2. Some of Augments CAN be used in EXILUS slot...Like Mesa's Waltz, and I think one of Volt's Augments Why not others too?
  3. Pls, increase riven cap. last time it was incerased -almost 2 year. And since then there is numerous weapons added in game, not to mention Archguns -now they have rivens too. I use , at least 60% weapons in game, so id l ike to have much more rivens than now. NOT for trade purpose, just for MY OWN use. Even if you restrict riven trade and increase numbers of rivens id be happy!
  4. when we can expect normalisation of Interface and menu scaling. I cant play Windowed. What happend???
  5. Teeming Virulence - Nidus new augment is active 12 seconds, not 15 when you hit 4 more more enemy
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