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  1. I do believe it's limited so that builds causing it to have a higher fire rate than an M134 minigun don't actually sustain that fire rate. Are they fun? Hell yes. And achieving 25% accuracy is not out of the question. Just got to tap that trigger lightly, utilize a little punch through at headheight and magic happens. She's a hovering mini-gun able to break the sound barrier (I expect sonic booms and the rushing air to suddenly become quiet). The 4 is still the only worthy part of the kit. Lantern needs to be stapled to the ground and more consistently draw mobs to it. Tribute desperately needs help on 3 out of 4 of the buffs and the 1 I mostly just use for Blitz/status immunity because it's too slow. Most of the time I want something to not matter, I can just point the Dex Pixia at it and make it go away faster than the 1's animation.
  2. That's unfortunately expected. Razorwing Blitz as a rough "rule" will double your energy consumption. The only thing I can think of is to recommend Pax Bolt which might allow you to drop Fleeting Expertise to an even lower level or drop it altogether. Before I had Arcane Energize, I'd either have to use Large Squad Energy restores or a Syndicate mod/weapon to help fuel up at the start of the mission. She's still the fastest on foot without using abilities, but extremely vulnerable. Technically you can build for defensive proc cheese (Adaptation, Arcane Guardian, Magus Elevate) and stay alive on foot, but at that point you're not using Titania as Titania for any of her abilities, but rather a homogenized platform for the proc mods and Operator usage.
  3. Really quite depressed regarding the Titania "fix" on her 3. I had a theoretical build ready for multiple Lanterns but that went down the trash after seeing the mobs nonchalantly ignore the lantern and continue to shoot me/the objective. Also somewhat annoying, there has been a grand total of 1 (THAT"S ONE!) Youtube video detailing Titania post-patch. Sure, dozens of videos on orb fights, plenty of videos with Garuda/Baruuk. There's Life of Rio pontificating Garuda tweaks, most of the others going over new weapons/Prime Access. Total attention given to Titania's past, present solved/unsolved problems? ONE video by Aweblade4. Oh whoops, Rahetalius posted a video 20 hours ago which snuck in a sidenote to Titania's squishiness.
  4. Don't worry, sink another 6 in and you'll have an all-round build. Drop Narrow Minded and Fleeting Expertise though and you'll need an Arcane Energize or two. Do wish Lantern did something other than make grunts feel pretty as they walk past them to the objective.
  5. It becomes very clunky when dealing with forced operator segments ie Eidolon. Instead of being able to deal with a bombard rocket at the last second you must hop out of Razorwing, through foot, into Operator and Void Mode. At which point you're probably dead. Access to operator would also solve the problem of interaction (or rather lack of) with your team, objectives and doors (our greatest nemesis). Every time I come up against a door I mentally imagine filling the security panel full of Dex Pixia's wondrous tidings of joy. Hack it? Yea, let me fill it with a couple hundred bullets, hacked enough?
  6. Well TBH it's a problem I first noticed when running Zenurik and having a Sentinel with Vacuum equipped. Top off your energy pool with Zenurik, good to go right? Accidentally bump open that crate that usually carries two energy orbs equaling 40 seconds of flight time with 175% efficiency right before you enter Razorwing? Sentinel will happily suck up both Energy orbs, thus definitively wasting precisely 35 seconds of flight time (factored in Razorwing's base energy cost).
  7. Yea, the energy pool needs a look-over. Blitz roughly doubles her energy consumption and when I don't run that 175% efficiency I find my perma-Hysteria Blind Rage Valkyr far more manageable in Energy than my Titania. It's also why I feel antagonistic at the unwarranted praise towards Razorwing Vacuum. Yay you can suck up all the energy orbs. Oops. Was that the energy orb I wanted to save for when my energy was down 200 energy for Arcane Energize? Yes, yes it was.
  8. ^^^ This. It absolutely cripples her when trying to do anything to interact with the objective or when a boss fight requires operator. It doesn't feel like I'm fighting a boss when playing Titania vs Eidolon. I'm hopping between 3 different modes, one of which (foot) is merely a gateway and fighting latency and daring any number of bugs in the transition between each of the three modes. Now with Fortuna's next update supposed to be "Ocean's Eleven but with more action" I'm not terribly optimistic about bringing Titania to a game mode where she'll probably need to use Operator mode and interact with any doorways or consoles. The constant transitions become very jarring and disrupt the otherwise smooth flow of combat.
  9. Oh also no Operator out of Razorwing or interactions while in Razorwing. Vacuum is very meh; I usually run dual Arcane Energizes and with her low Energy pool it will waste a massive amount of energy. Uhh, what's being fixed on it? The damage reflect that will do .02% damage to the enemy's HP. The accuracy debuff that is negated by enemy level scaling?
  10. Lantern becoming Anchorable and being able to get multiples of them down at the same time places her a step below Mag's 2. It's the only change that will make her somewhat more usable in Mot (until 1-hit KO sniper Nullifiers spawn). Tribute is still a noob-trap. Still will get the same usage out of it as I currently do (zero). Accuracy is dependent upon range to target, enemy type and enemy level. Good if you need Dust to survive while leveling her. Redundant if you're camping with Lantern and thus a waste of precious energy on a very energy hungry frame (with a silly-low energy pool). Razorflies just need to respawn on headshot and perhaps scale with the stats of the enemy that they were spawned from. Level-scaling that is active, skill-based and doesn't enable an AFK play-style. Razorwing's Dex Pixia are the best scaling Exalted abilities on a frame that won't survive when that scaling is needed. Why don't we use Diwata? Because if you don't kill the enemy in one hit, you're right where most of the enemies are the most accurate, you don't get the benefit of scaling-melee mods and the stats are mediocre.
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