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  1. ^^^This. Rob is blowing the vacuum issue far out of proportion now that her energy pool no longer is one of the smallest. 100 energy isn't as big a deal when your energy pool is 620. I went from having the least pickups on the squad, to consistently on top overnight. It's night and day. Titania has larger fish to fry, like the pathetic Tribute buffs, lack of accessible operator mode and lack of active counter-measures to homing mechanics (SAM turrets and SLSAMs).
  2. https://imgur.com/a/HQMIVld ^^ There's my builds and my write up regarding Blitz usage and stat priorities.
  3. There's a few things that can make a boss fight interesting. With Lephantis? How about the floor becomes lava acid in the second stage. The platforms also become breakable and/or the water errr acid rises. Acid would deal true damage ignoring adaptation/armor. Also boost up the HP and implement the Plague Star damage cap on this guy. Or require all 4 dragon keys to be used in order to enter the boss room (hey this is another Sortie condition that could be implemented!). Kela is a fantastic fight. Fantastic boss lines, mechanics involving the whole team for plates/targets and damage that is avoidable through player skill and not building EHP to masochistically tank a blow to the nuts repeatedly. Then Ambulas. Reasonable team involvement with 1/2 players hacking and the others killing mobs. A special suprise team of Comba to spice things up killing unprepared players. Memorable boss dialogue. And also "It's HAMMER TIME!" Best boss lines in the game. <3.
  4. My current thoughts about Titania: Tribute still is a waste of energy for 3/4 of the buffs. Thorns sounds even nicer with 30m range, but damage reflect is the worst noobtrap in the game. Punchthrough would be nice. Mods scaling with Tribute would actually be nice as well if the buffs were actually meaningful. Lack of Operator mode. Right now I don't care about any of my operator skills or arcanes because for them to actually affect me, I have to jump out of Razorwing, onto foot, operator and then I can access the operator arcanes/Void Mode/operator skills. No really, this is getting increasingly annoying when you introduce more homing missiles/AoE's on grunts and more homing attacks during boss fights that Void Mode are supposed to counter. An increasing perception that Razorwing is allocating too much Design Space when it comes to attempting to balance Titania (and designing mechanics that hit her in the 'nads). Ok, it can avoid melee and makes jump puzzles easy. Totally endgame content. Is there a build that can make use of Tribute's slow, reflect or pet damage in an intriguing and statistically significant way for greater than lvl 30 content? Why is Diwata at a state of melee weapons pre-Acolyte? Why use her for Dex Pixia at all when there's far more easy options (and potentially superior DPS options) in Chroma or Rhino for the only times that the Pixia would shine?
  5. I found that you need to be pointing the cursor in the direction of the lantern that you want to detonate. Works through walls too and I haven't found the range limit on it yet if there is one.
  6. It's even more glorious (once you get the Primed Mods😐). Pax Bolt even gave it a boost and the Primed Crit mods/multishot mods make up for the the shotgun/Vigilante mods (punchthrough/reload/crit upgrade). Solo I'm sitting at about 363% (before Nidus Specter brings it to 465%) on my top end build (105% Eff, 194% Dur). If I go all in on STR mods it will hit 442% and the Nidus specter brings it to 566% STR (only brought out for specific bosses and hilarious Plague Star runs). For normal gameplay you don't need that much STR but Blitz will still provide a massive boost even with an Overextended (for massive Lanterns). Realistically, without Arcane Energizes, your max sustainable build for Blitz will sit around 260% to 300% if you use all the snapshots (Energy Conversion, Growing Power, Pax Bolt) which will easily drop a Sortie 3 assassination or any random dropship.
  7. Titania has something unique going for her: flight. Not Zephyr flying into the wall. But rather being able to zoom through a hallway, at head height and with a little side-strafe and clear it. Think a flying Mesa able to reach legitimate minigun rates of fire and dump several million worth of damage in a particular direction (plus able to mod punchthrough to shoot through doors and more heads)*. This video sold me: *player skill required, may require some forma to max her out. NOT a frame if you're lazy and just want to point in a general direction and let the mechanics do all the work. Also needs a highly specialized build to be able to survive Profit Taker (which imo ruins her gameplay). Now that Lantern got fixed, she's one of the best frames you can use for Interception too!
  8. Awesome. Lantern. Was it inspired by Western-Victorian park-lanterns, Asian sky-lanterns with your hopes and dreams written on it, or some other influence?
  9. Dex Pixia is one of the (possibly the best) scaling Exalted in the game. Great status chance and a ton of slash damage. Not in need of a change. Diwata could use more status chance to make Condition Overload/Healing Return more viable. https://imgur.com/NmxQBRf My shortlist of priorities: Operator mode directly out of and back into Razorwing. Fix Lantern to actually work. Change 3/4 of Tribute. Dust is fine. Perhaps a Stone Skin effect where the next hit is negated. Anything but damage reflect which would need to be 2000% to kill an enemy at the cost of all her health. Maybe a Punchthrough buff instead of pet damage?
  10. Oh also forgot about Titania. She has a few bugs involving transitions between states. Specifically losing the ability to go into Operator, losing all abilities, and getting stuck in geometry where /unstuck won't save you. It's not too bad in a normal mission, (managing to die will reset you) but these will end your Arbitration run if you run into them.
  11. Oh if only it were Tribute being clunky to use and 3/4 of the buffs derived from it being an exercise in nihilism. There's Lantern. I had a build set for max range lantern for interception/excavation. It was sweet, it was glorious and it was going to have four 56-meter-attraction lanterns tethered, no stapled/staked/immobile to the ground. You know, like the lantern in the Lion the Witch The Wardrobe? The lanterns in every 19th-20th century park? Glorious, liberated of the need for Razorwing to survive and possibly making the augment for it very viable. What did I get? I got a balloon that provides a pretty light as every enemy in the solar system strolls past it and shoots me in the face. Maybe it will come back if it gets knocked away and settle in place. Or maybe it'll get stuck on geometry. Finally Razorwing. Welcome to the dichotomous states of 100% alive or 100% dead based on the flip of a coin. To a certain extent she can survive in Razorwing using motion to increase enemy inaccuracy which is the best survivability buff she has going for her. But she still meets a mechanical fly swatter whenever a boss has homing attacks or unavoidable damage (Profit Taker) or she encounters immunity (Arbitration drones). If future design includes say The Floor is Lava, a boss fight in a disco rave with deadly lasers, or other attacks avoidable by mobility/skill (as opposed to *masochistic voice* "Please Sah, I want moar stacks of Adaptation, hit me again please") then yes, she'd be great. Res a team mate or use an objective? No can do in Razorwing, they're on their own. Want to heal up in Operator? Oh sure, exit Razorwing go to foot then Operator and then back again. Fight an eidolon? Oh hell no, the multi-stage clunky transition gets really annoying really fast.
  12. With enough defensive mods, you can get just about any frame to the point where they can survive the hits for mitigation procs to kick in. (Even so he nearly goes down and has to Magus Elevate himself up). But at that point the frame itself is mutable (to where you should be picking the optimal one that doesn't need such extensive modding) and it's less skill-based and more of a gear check.
  13. This is a fairly undocumented area. Armor scaling/damage scaling is very transparent. But accuracy? All the Wiki gives is: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Accuracy#Enemy_Accuracy Community effort on clarifying the mechanic amounts to a grand total of three videos by x3lp: Aside from that there is an unresolved debate on if enemies get more accurate as levels scale up.
  14. That's unfortunately expected. Razorwing Blitz as a rough "rule" will double your energy consumption. The only thing I can think of is to recommend Pax Bolt which might allow you to drop Fleeting Expertise to an even lower level or drop it altogether. Before I had Arcane Energize, I'd either have to use Large Squad Energy restores or a Syndicate mod/weapon to help fuel up at the start of the mission. She's still the fastest on foot without using abilities, but extremely vulnerable. Technically you can build for defensive proc cheese (Adaptation, Arcane Guardian, Magus Elevate) and stay alive on foot, but at that point you're not using Titania as Titania for any of her abilities, but rather a homogenized platform for the proc mods and Operator usage.
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