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  1. More importantly why exactly did someone think it was necessary to add them and what was the reason behind it.. or did they just think it would be fun to throw a spanner in the works, which actually wouldnt surprise me. Because the majority are not saying Nullifier Crewman cannot be killed, they are just venting frustrations due to not understanding why they have been added to this popular node. I mean clearly DE's timing sucks as a change like this was bound to cause tension with those players who choose to have Cerberus as one of their go-to nodes and i know crap usually comes in three's so when you add this to the complete and utter shambles in how players currently have to obtain Mesa and the infested additions which is nothing more than a screen cluster**** for many players which has no doubt forced many to avoid playing infested missions where possible due to the mess it has now become, the Nullifiers addition onto Cerberus was at this moment in time, completely unnecessary and all 3 i have mentioned are examples of poor implementation of which for many players, sucks the fun out of the very game the decision makers i assume, still want us to enjoy.
  2. Changes: Sent Nullifier Crewmen into Cerberus to help reinforce the Corpus forces there. I actually feel sorry for those dedicated players who have shown their loyalty to a game.. that dumps on them every opportunity it gets :( You are consistent DE, i'll give you that.
  3. Yes i agree aXod should have posted sooner but to be fair, why should aXod be penalised for DE's mistake ? a mistake made worse due to admins failure to acknowledge the multiple posts and personal messages that followed afterwards. The right thing to have done would have been for DE to clarify exactly what happened to aXod's Argonized skin design early on and why it wasnt included in the everyone statement, as i found that opening statement misleading and dishonest. I was hoping that DE would have done the right thing here as enough time had passed to have posted something but for some reason chose not too and that has now demonstrated to me that the communities contributions are less valued and appreciated. For admin to sit back and stand by that misleading opening statement that everyone that submitted a design had been entered into Stage 2 when that was not the case, to then choose not to acknowledge multiple posts one of which was from the participant themselves asking why had their design been forgotten about and too also fail to respond to any personal messages that followed.. in truth i find it discreditable.
  4. DE/admin This post is based on my understanding that you do indeed value and appreciate those that take the time to participate in your competitions. You made the claim in your opening post that everyone who submitted their designs made it to the voting stage.. Therefore please have the decency to acknowledge aXod who has posted asking what happened to their submission that they took the time to design and submit like all the other participants did yet was not included and added to the bracketed voting system. Doesnt aXod deserve to know what actually happened to their submission and why it appeared to have not been included in the everyone statement.. or would you prefer to continue to ignore the multiple posts and personal messages you have been receiving about this since early October?
  5. In addition.. Will we ever see a selection of fan art added to our dojo ? You have recently offered the incentive for those designing weapons skins so why not introduce something similar for all those who have constantly contributed with their amazing art skills. I know i would appreciate having some of that artwork displayed in my dojo.
  6. Now that the conspiracy theorists will be working overtime in the Partnership Announcement topic, i still hope you get a response from DE before this topic gets locked.. you certainly deserve to know why your entry was left out. edit: also the moderator Devoid had included a link to your submission when they compiled the full list of skin entries, yours being 12th on that list. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/313065-compilation-of-weapon-skin-contest-entries/
  7. All participants knew before hand that there would only be one winner from each weapons type so to have that extended to two winners per weapons type was seen by many as a generous move. The problem i saw, was a competition initially open to all then locking out most including some of the participants themselves when it came to voting and no explanation was offered on how the submissions were chosen at the beginning when placed either side of the bracketed voting system prior to voting commencing.. so add that on top of submissions being left out despite claims that everyone that submitted a design had been entered into stage 2 when clearly that wasnt the case was simply adding insult to injury and hasnt done this competitions credibility any favours. Commence voting and announcing winners before obtaining and checking the PSD's to ensure they were valid.. seriously? pftt as long as someone's making money then why should anyone care, as im sure will be reflected in the prices of the skins when they become available. In short: Great content, questionable bracketed voting system, some entries not added, unfair voting restrictions, disapointing end to what was a promising start.
  8. I would like to ask how were the submissions chosen at the beginning when placed either side of the bracketed voting tables prior to voting.. random or placement to ensure some avoided each other ? Also why wasnt the Argonised Dual Zoren skin by aXod added to the bracketed voting system.. or was it ?
  9. Your Dual Zorens are winning. They are beating the Overforged by very many points that I doubt there is enough DC users to outvote 501 dead kubrow. As a member of the design council whom clearly cannot be trusted to keep stuff in-house, do you really think it is a good idea to have said that ? considering the voting has either not finished yet or the results have not been gathered, verified, counted or whatever DE does with them.
  10. Was there or will there ever be an update to this.. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/256374-re-warframe-shares-late-response-is-late/ Because im still trying to understand the motive behind this topic.
  11. Allowing a person to vote based on status, time accumulated as a member or how much money they have spent is irrelevant or at least it should be, but i do understand the need to keep the voting secure but i think there could have been other ways to have approached it other than to now lock out everyone except the design council, especially when so many had shown an interest in the competition thread which generated over 700 posts in a short period of time and the competition itself being open to all to participate in. It just feels like a low blow to me which i found unnecessary. But im certainly not taking anything away from the submissions as they were excellent and i look forward to seeing the results.
  12. Good luck to all who submitted their skins as this competition generated some excellent content and its nice to see that each weapon type will now have 2 winning skins available in the market. Although, im not a fan of the voting being limited to just the design council especially when this competition was initially open to all to participate in, so it kinda feels like a kick in the teeth to some, but i guess DE has to keep the council happy, so i hope those that do vote will conduct their voting in a fair manner.
  13. In all the hours i have been playing this game, in all my attempts to find certain items and the frustration that it has caused me, when i finally get that drop i have been searching for i would never have said i have it, i dont want others to have it as well. It is selfish and it is ignorant. The only real reason why i can see anyone objecting to certain mods being offered in this manner is because for a short while it may indeed put a dent in the high priced trading and in all honesty im glad it has as the trading is becoming a too dominant and ugly factor in this game and no player has the right to dictate what another player can and cannot have simply due to their own personal selfish greed. I've played over 1600 hours in this game and farmed my a$$ off yet that entitles me to nothing! However i do agree with you that releasing certain weapons like the wraiths via special alerts like this one would be nice as it would indeed give new players an opportunity to acquire them.
  14. 1 winning skin for each weapon is understandable but i just think with the effort we are seeing here even in this early stage, maybe having 2 skins per weapon offers all participants even more incentive for this and future skin contests because i wont envy those having to vote to choose an outright winner when clearly more than one will be deserving of that top spot for each weapon. 2 skins representing each weapon in the market is what i would have done, and those that purchase gain because they have a wider selection to choose from.. win-win. Im just disappointed i cannot participate due to not fully understanding all of the Contest Technical Details so i can only hope one day someone comes up with a good tutorial for these skin contests to encourage and inspire others to join in.
  15. Thank you, a nice surprise to see a varied selection of alerts to look forward too, especially some of the hard to obtain mods which im sure many players will be grateful for. More so because the overly priced trading on some of those mods is getting a bit silly. And if i have read correctly, its nice to see that the Kubrow egg alert will stack with any we already have, i hope you will consider making this a permanent thing to help alleviate frustrations with not being able to pick them up if we already have one.. increasing and allowing for two i feel would be a positive move and shouldnt take too much away from egg purchasing via the market as the egg drops are rare anyway.
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