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  1. I was looking at the rewards for nightwave season 2, and I noticed a mod for the [Convectrix] called [Efficient Beams], it's main function seems to be causing the weapon to only consume ammo while damaging an enemy, but it's secondary effect is to increase status chance by 150% which, when combined with other mods, would allow you to have a status chance above 100%, from what I've been told there isn't any reason to have a status chance above 100% so I've come up with an idea to give it a purpose by extending the status effects to be more comprehensive. The following are simply concepts and are subject to change as this idea develops. Heat -> Inferno(or wild fire), when an enemy is under the effect of inferno it causes heat damage to nearby enemies, when killed the enemy explodes dealing blast damage Cold -> Absolute Zero(or shatter), causes the enemy to freeze in place and slow nearby enemies, when killed the enemy shatters into multiple shards of ice that hit nearby enemies Toxin/Viral -> Airborne Pathogen, similar to Nox enemies affected will release a gas which deals toxin damage to nearby enemies Electric -> (TBD), simply arcs electric damage to nearby enemies Magnetic -> Polarize, causes bullets to be attracted to the enemy or pulls nearby enemies towards the affected Corrosive -> (TBD), when killed temporarily leaves an acid pool dealing corrosive damage to enemies Blast -> (TBD), causes a larger explosion If I missed any or you have any suggestions please comment down below TBD=To Be Decided
  2. Uhm, so I wasn't expecting this(Obviously) and it kinda freaked me out, anyway, figured I'd report it here, hopefully they can fix this and prevent it from happening again... https://imgur.com/a/5LLDSVT
  3. but when is Mesa Prime ;-; I wanna do dis 2 dat big spidey
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