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  1. Raids and Clan Events when? Grendel alternate helmet has not returned in nightwave offerings. Can we fix this?
  2. When deploying a K-Drive on any unlevel terrain in Plains of Eidolon. You begin a sometimes unending loop of falling through the map. Can you please at least make it where /unstuck on open worlds will teleport you to the gate and slightly increase the leaving objective fail timer to compensate.
  3. I am sorry but what. You are maybe 14 months in . NSW has had to wait because Nintendo's certification process. Yes, you currently have to wait longer for updates. But at nearly everything you get is polished and has a decreased grind from what XB1 and PS4 receive. To point to Old Blood. You received this as .8.... increased ephemera drop chance and no back to back weapons. That update was received on PC 2 days after console went to cert. Yet you guys get free stuff and a polished to .8 update. PS4 and XB1, to my knowledge, have never received an I'm sorry here's free stuff from DE. Now PS4 and XB1 are set to receive 7 day booster (that NSW will also get) for more than a month without important updates. You cannot compare PS4/XB1 to NSW.
  4. I agree I feel like 7 days is insult to injury. I really hope you rethink this DE. How many vacations will your players sit through this year.... On console..... We received a rushed Lich update. We received a Nightwave with, I think it was 9 repeated rewards. "Thanks" from the people who play the game regularly. We received a broken Blink update. We received Emperyan with no hope of critical changes in sight. It's no wonder it's becoming increasingly difficult to find experienced players in the game on console. I am heartbroken for this game and the direction it is going. I would actually like to hear some form of an apology from DE, but we never will.
  5. Well said. Not to mention broken blink. And the Kuva Lich hotfixes
  6. I feel like adding a rolling system with the extra dirac would be nice.
  7. Can we have an option in Orbiter appearance for the Scene Color and or Stencil Color so it doesn't affect our Ship Accent Color? Example Silver Filigree causes our Stencils to be almost be unseeable on a Dark Background and Operator Pod look bland and dull.
  8. Clan name: Jesters of Chaos Clan tier: Ghost Clan platform: PS4 Clan Role: Founding Warlord, Architect
  9. Can we get a resolve to duplicate Nightwave rewards and broken Codex entries?
  10. DE would have to care about their active player base. Seems like their only goal of late is holding on to the lazy casual players. Everything keeps becoming easier. Don't like grindy update wait 3 months, they'll make it easier. How about rewarding the faithful?
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