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  1. avenger5

    Cheese Needs To Be Removed From The Game.

    I really like playing Chroma, but I can't help but agree that there's little reason to bring Chroma ice-tank when you can just bring Valkyr. Literal invincibility > super high armor. Ice Elemental Ward isn't that hot of a team buff, especially since running Narrow Minded is extremely helpful for maintaining self buffs. I'm curious, have you tried the Iron Skin-Hikou Prime-Concealed Explosives trick? Yeah it forces you to use a specific weapon sub-type and yeah it still doesn't match Valkyr tank, but it did breath some life into the frame, no?
  2. avenger5

    Cheese Needs To Be Removed From The Game.

    That's a pretty hefty claim, because there are several types of "endgame," official (like Sorties) and unofficial (high wave defense/survival/etc) and there are lots of possible frame combinations. How do you control for frames that can carry teams like Trinity or Loki?
  3. avenger5

    Cheese Needs To Be Removed From The Game.

    I don't think it is about making Oberon and Trinity equally good at healing. After all, even with the best of design, moderate inequalities are bound to exist, which is fine. I think Chip's point is that blessing is unreasonably good.
  4. avenger5

    Cheese Needs To Be Removed From The Game.

    Even with all that, vs high level enemies, it doesn't matter if they dodge 80% of incoming fire because the 20% that does hit will kill them. You just have to end the mission after a certain point or resort to Invis/Invuln.
  5. avenger5

    Cheese Needs To Be Removed From The Game.

    This is a very rough point and I'm just going on intuition/what I've experienced so far, but the problem with limiting yourself with self-imposed restrictions is that it's hard to hit that sweet spot of "just hard enough." |---------------------------------------------Content that's too easy-------------------------------------------------| |-----Just right-----| |---------------------------------------------Content that's too hard-------------------------------------------------| If I'm right about that, then this is likely due to the enemy scaling system and the fact that it is relatively difficult to find like-minded individuals that don't mind attempting tough missions without Trin/Loki/etc. Can't just jump into recruiting whenever you have free time and get that type of game going as far as I know.
  6. I downloaded v0.5.0, and I noticed that Stunning Speed, a pistol mod, was misspelled as Sunning Speed. Also, Stunning Speed appears to increase reload time rather than decreasing it. For example, a reload speed of 2 seconds becomes 2.8 seconds with a fully ranked Stunning Speed.
  7. avenger5

    Hotfix 10.0.4

    Perhaps they can make mutagen samples drop in greater quantities than 1 in the derelict area? Or perhaps, similar to resource alerts, give players a chance at being rewarded a nice amount of mutagen samples as a mission reward for non-assassination derelict missions?