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  1. Hi every one their is a lot of people who I see either talking or asking for the Uru and acanthus prime returning in the prime vault me personally I would definitely pick it up if it came back cause the other accesories have like Targis prime and misa and pyra have came out a lot so I think it would be nice to bring uru and acanthus cause their both authentic accesories that more players should have a chance to get. But any way you guys tell me your thoughts
  2. Thank you guys for helping extend the time and thx to all. The main supporters who were with me since the beginning I can’t believe it’s going to be until May 15
  3. Thank you stormy now let’s get a DE admin or staff member to respond to this
  4. Hi DE can you plz extend time for night wave cause I’m tier 12 and I’m gonna tier up even more today but i really wanna hit tier 30 so can you plz give me enough time to do so
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