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  1. Warframe's fine. Take a look at the Steam numbers. I'm sick of this sky is falling nonsense.
  2. I was hoping for tennogen this week. Oh well..
  3. Yeah, really disappointment that this wasn't accepted. Plus would've loved to see the Nidus Blade of the Lotus skin.
  4. I bought the prime accessories pack expecting it to have the gene masking kit since it's a cosmetic item and was extremely disappointed when I found out it wasn't included. I can't believe DE would do something like this. Do they think money grows on trees? $49.99 isn't enough for a few minor cosmetic item, really? I've spent so much money on this game. I'm not saying I'm entitled to it, but come on! This is ridiculous and the first time I've really been annoyed with DE.
  5. Life is funny. People ALWAYS want what they can't have lol.
  6. I got over 3000 on earth with a random squad. :p I used rhino, don't think we had a valkyr on our team.
  7. Just got to 3000 with a random squad. Felt like I've been through a war lol.
  8. Will the skins come in a pack or do you have to buy them separate?
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