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  1. thnx this worked best for me! thnx others for hleping out too!
  2. As title says, need help in form of build(s) you have used to go through Steel Path Disruption. (And few tips would help too!) I have all the frames (minus Protes because I was too lazy to farm the coins) and own most weapons and mods in-game, so don’t worry about high cost or anything. But none-riven weapon builds will be more appreciated since I don’t own much rivens or Kuva myself.
  3. (Basic gameplay=/=lore aside) With how numerous Corpus/Grineer are, I think the normal and Steel Path missions can be ‘real’ with repeated situations very easily hand-waved. Same goes for Void Fissure, Kuva Siphon and Syndicate missions. Quests are we basically playing lore. Assassinations seem to be not actual murder but like, crippling em real bad for a while based on Lotus going on sthing like ‘won’t bother us for a *while*’ Nightemare and Sortie missions seem 100% gameplay only. Arbitation (and Conclave) seems like sim
  4. I guess it could be fairer to give some of ‘OG frames’ have a go first
  5. I have tried Frost with Larva replacing his 2 as I seldomly use it anyways. I wouldn’t call it amazing but the ‘hidden’ gimmick of Frost’s 3 (Globe) pushing out enemies gives them True Damage (which ignores armor) makes it quite powerful when cast in right spots. Ofc, it is highly situational and teammates tend to dislike big range Globe so usage is largely limited to me going through Steel Path.
  6. I like the idea of ‘Also’! I think Nidus is interesting enough to have variations like that. also thnx to everyone who voiced their opinions! :)
  7. I would certainly love one, there are many builds where I would swap exilus mods.
  8. This is NOT a demand btw, just a showerthoughts after I fed Nidus to Helminth. I believe DEvs said there could be more than one Umbra, and I think with how related he is with lore and concept/looks, I think he has fair chance? Infested Prime I kinda hard to see, but Nidus could use Umbra aesthetics with black/corrupt looks. And there could be more special interaction with Entrati and/or Helminth, which could be interesting. What do you think?
  9. There is another set of problem a lot of ppl here would forget, but the issue with dependence on Wiki is that the game becomes a lot less accessible to non-English speaking players. Yes we exist, I personally can read English to use wikia or google stuff, but it isn't not what I would say accessible to all players. Granted, being Mature game that is quite niche, the majority of players are mostly young adults who can at least read Wikia and some have made their own translated wika- equivalents and blog/forums to help out players do exist. But still, at very
  10. Scintillant was supposed to be 'rare like Cetus Wisp' but apparently Cetus Wisp is constantly available + purchasable while Scintillant is neither.
  11. Power creep is when players get more power. Having access more fluid build isn't more power, as the power limits are still same. And yes, I do sometimes keep normal frames so I can do some different build on it. But having option to just have more fluidity won't hurt anyone, at all.
  12. How would it be power creep? You just give more options for changing builds. The amount of mods and capacities of mods you can put in is still same. One can already bypass this problem by farming dupe frame/weapon, in fact, that is what a handful of ppl did with Nova before Aura Forma was a thing. But now ppl can have just one Nova and change her build. It's just a convinence thing.
  13. Proposal : MegaForma Simliar to Aura forma, but takes 5 forma, can take either Madurai/Vazarin/Naramon/Zenurik/Unairu but not Umbra, so that they can keep Umbra is percious thing.
  14. Timer just adds literally nothing, I fail to see any reason there should be one to begin with.
  15. Timer should be gone, it doesn't bring anything but frustrating players. Actions being limited is a bit of weird move but jumping is more than enought to pass it.
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