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  1. Also throw away mote after you got affinity from gilding. even building basic amp with cheapest parts is way better
  2. There is a trick to make it more efficient. Naramon school’s first waypoint, affinity spike increases *all* exp going to your weapon (the description says only from friendly kills but it works for your own kills too), so by not equipping guns but just carrying a lens equipped melee you can reach daily focus limit quicker. For daily limit, you would go to ESO or learn Adaro exterminate with enemies put on sleep, but latter can be tricky. For bypassing daily limit, do the Eidolon runs. Also do note once you put a lens in you need to break one initi
  3. Just Specters, which is hardly their 'best stuff', just providing a way to get them while removing the Syndicate Death Squad, which is annoying mechanic. Other stuff like weapons/mods/cosmetics would stay beyond their standing.
  4. Remove Death Squad. Let ppl have option to buy Spectrs of each Syndicate with random resources/credit like Ticker does with RJ crew, and also like RJ with added cost if they hate you.
  5. It seems average around 3 hours like many others said. If I am focused, I can get it around 2 hours, but I feel like that burns me out a lot quicker. Also I have traded a few Liches in warframe market auction section when I seen some good deals for weapons over 50+% chance. Currently I have dome 14/16 weapons, need to to Karak and Chakkurr but is holding off from doing Liches to see how they change with Queenpin update.
  6. Thanks for great example of showing not all augments are same. Perhaps it would be nice to have it a mix of system, bandaid be mod(or equivalent that would require same endo/credit to rank up) for proposed Helminth system, but leave out mods that could be powercreep?
  7. This gave me idea, what if instead of adding random stuff to replace mods, make it so that it requires feeding fully ranked mods to replace it bia this proposed Helminth system. This way, ppl who would prefer using it for less than fully ranked augment can still do so if they desire for whatever reason. And ppl would not have 'wasted' anything since what they have is a choice to be used up or not.
  8. Most likely suggested before, but forums search is slow and I don't see similar thread in recent pages so I am bringing this up. I am NOT putting this on Feedback, at least not yet, because I want other players to have some discussion to point out pro/con of such idea beforehand. So my rough draft is, instead of ability augment mods in modding slot, you get some augment disc(or whatever) from syndicates and nightwave. Sacrifice that to the Helminth. Use some resources to apply auguments to the skill, you can choose to put it which ABC mod setting, similar to r
  9. At least according to my memory from 2018, that was how bundles went. I don't know why they would stopped doing that.
  10. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Dark_Sectors Mars Dark Sector Wahiba and Kadesh give 14k credit Phobos Zeugma gives 16k credit. Slighly worse but those would work too for you atm.
  11. Ppl usually go to Jupiter Defense IO with Nekros/Khora for that.
  12. Initionally, Ceres Dark Sector missions. Dark Sector are nodes that are infested owned regardless of planet, and has better drop chances with higher credit awards. For Ceres, it is Seimeni and Gabii give 20k credit each for finishing first 5 round/min. So do 5 rounds/min, extract, and repeat. After while you reach Neptune, you play Index to play. It is kinda sport-like special mission. Look up guides for Warframe Index for someone to explain better than me. If you are willilng to grind standings, you can also earn a lot of credits for doing Profit Taker mission fro
  13. Bump because agreed, this is info obscuring for no good reason
  14. Issue still ongoing. Bumping as I see a lot of similar feedbacks.
  15. Honestly just dramatically cut the waiting time, for like 2 hours max per parts so ppl can get done with it once they are ready to build RJ.
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