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  1. You can practice it in relay https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pZPcADwryY8
  2. Yeah I said it before but I will re-state that asking for Helios or Oxylus to do scan it for us is a bit too far into ‘play this part of game for us’
  3. Try crafting anything (alloy or restore would work) Do NOT reclaim it and let the app be ‘on background’ for a while and use other apps for a while (an hour or more?) That is how I get bug almost reliably.
  4. I try to help newbs and the one of more frequent thing that makes them quickly go ‘not logged for 30 days’ yet not talked about is.... Open Worlds. Yeah, Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis. Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of things to do and many of them are enjoyable..... if your MR is above two digits and your progression with Daily Standing is enjoyable and you can actually do what is offered there. The problem is, since they are introduced early on and looks so busy, also while being familiar to many ‘gamer’ ppl who like open world solo games or MMO with huge fields, they constantly bash themselves into getting more from Open Worlds. However, most things in Open world is used only for stuff that part only (fish, mine, conservation etc) and a good chunk of it is locked behind Operator and Amp (Which is much later into story), they feel frustrated that they aren’t getting much better. That with meager Daily Standing they can achieve which would make them weeks if not months to reach higher ranks, often annoys them to the point of quitting. I strongly believe that those Open Worlds , at least getting above Rank 2 or 3 with locals, should be locked until they can progress the Star Chart & Story Quests.
  5. Honestly at this point I would pay little plat to remove (and maybe replace) lens. Sure, it would suck but then little things like changing pet and amp names require plat already and I have accepted those as sacrifice for playing F2P game.
  6. I would love a slot-thingy that can work for dice or coin toss for Clan. That boardgame dojo looks fun and with in-game dice it seems one way to actually bring life to dojos.
  7. Both. Both. Both. Both is good. Seriously, not a single argument against it works cause their can be both, and daily standing exists so it's time gated anyways
  8. I still see it? Perhaps check out the new Disruption nodes, you might have missed on with update.
  9. I have recently tried using Vauban and I gotta say he is worst frame rn. Yes some of his cc is decent but there are a LOT of alternative CC skills from other frames, while also bringing a punch. Most of other choices (ash, nyx, zyphyer etc) are just having niche uses in comparison. Just used in correct moment they are very viable. Ember does become meh damage wise pretty quick, but at least for majority of starchart and Lith-tier fissures she is still viable as DPS frame.
  10. I am not saying it should be spoon fed (for example I think making it Helios scan forever is just being too lazy, even if it were to require extra mod or whatever), I am saying this is un-fun mechanic that takes abruptly take 5sec in a game that is fastrun corridor murder simulator. Also for Earth plants, wouldn’t it be nice if half the nodes were Day and other half were Night? All other things can be done with couple solo capture runs, like some have pointed out. But the Earth plants being locked behind 4 hour schedule is one of worst un-fun gimmick that just should stop existing.
  11. Funnily enough it was how it used to be.... quick melee was a thing, and I am really annoyed that it’s gone.
  12. Yeah this is because of NW having silver grove. I have done it but figured some other players would prefer if it changed. They are not *hard* to do but just is very *clunky* to do as quick melee has disappeared. You have to stop, bring out quick wheel, select scanner, click scanning for a couple sec while hoping nothing will do knockdown on you. Granted, this can be avoided with AOE attack being on or using invisibility, but a side tracking stuff like this shouldn’t be relied on such things. Also, usually others will just rush past you making you fall behind and that can be annoying for other squads members and you. And also... Earth planet cycle is atrocious. 4 hour is needlessly long and it makes it too difficult for people with jobs or study hard to fit in to either day or night schedule unless in a day off. Solution 1 - Canister-fy Make them act like Cetus plants, as in like other canisters. But this might need craft material requirement changes cause it will make obtaining them a lot easier. Solution 2 - Saya becomes vender Make them available with some standing. My random recommendation is Saya. There really isn’t much for Cetus Standing to be used outside trying new zaw, (mining stuff one purchase only, fishing stuff pretty obsolete with Thumper farming). So it would be nice to have some repeatable use for it. Also because it will give Saya something to do instead of standing silently like Konzu’s trophy. Which is tragedy when she has been a sassy grandma with actual attitude not to mention some entertaining lines. Edit : Some suggest Helios or Oxylus should just keep scan that, and I personally think that is a tad too far of being 'just do it for us', I think getting plants should have most basic interactivity, like getting other resources.
  13. It occurred to me that the app currently lacks any where to show my owned Arcanes. Even under Misc category. Would be nice if it was to be added.
  14. Bumping this again, as I keep running into this mildly annoying bug. It SEEMS it occurs when I leave the app on background for extended amount of time, like an hour or so. However, it can be easily fixed with turning off the app for a min and restarting the app.
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