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  1. While doing some ESO runs, it is glaringly obvious how EXP is skewed towards Grineer, they shouldn't be equal, but they should be more roughly similar. IMO, Corpus speical units like Nullifier should give a lot more EXP, at least.
  2. Main problem of Pets feel like they come from they only have ONE place for their mods. Sentinels and Moas have theirs weapons seperative from their body, so they have a lot more room for more mods.
  3. My simpler suggestion is make Energizing Dash a basic feature, but at reduced rate. And Zenurik's upgrade is, well, upgrading it into its current form.
  4. PLEASE JUST REMOVE THE TIMER. It adds absolutely nothing to puzzle, at all.
  5. Honestly just changing it into one weird key seperate from general USE button we use on so much stuff will be an improvement.
  6. I just realized I can't buy anymore past 20... Why?
  7. Timer just adds literally nothing, I fail to see any reason there should be one to begin with.
  8. Maybe the scammer has put Lua Lens but replaced it with normal Lens right before you clicked trade?
  9. Timer should be gone, it doesn't bring anything but frustrating players. Actions being limited is a bit of weird move but jumping is more than enought to pass it.
  10. I like your idea just for sake of cool factor, lol.
  11. First of all, thnx for fixing the mobile app, the codex works fine now. This idea popped up while I was dragging the scroll down for a while though, hiding weapons I have already mastered would be pretty neat feature (like market in-game does), to check up on your progress.
  12. I will fully admit that yes, it is on me for making Lich without paying attention. (So I don't really think 'Dump Lich' option is answer to this) However, changing the action even very slightly could be a QoL to prevent lots of 'mistakes' that will take a few hours of dedicated play to 'solve'. For example : One stab to show weapon screen and one more to actually commit, or hold button for 2 sec before it is commited. Best option would be making it two-button but that might be too much.
  13. I get it, I really do. But for sake of clearness of what is being asked here, please go make other thread if you wish to address this.
  14. ...Please let's not go to 'should lens be un-equipable' topic, I get some ppl want that but since they are selling lens with plat on market it feels like whole another subject to tackle on.
  15. Yeah I won't mind that too, but i am guessing something to destroy would follow with ppl not being not careful enough and erasing wrong thing and beg for support to do revert which I imagine be more annoyance for DE.... so I figure asking for de-activator is sort of compromise that can be granted easier.
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