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  1. For sake of argument, there are MANY non-English-proficient players that are in timezones that makes it hard to see live event. It wouldn't hurt to have a big flash in-game warning sign (outside the tiny news console) in the NW screen for more accesibility.
  2. Honestly 'bad luck protection' is what OP should have led with. 'Pity System' just sounds bad in general.
  3. For sake of argument, not all players are English-proficient and having it announced out-of-game means a lot of playerbase need to depend on community translations before they have in-game announcement. So having one flashy in-game warning would be nice in general.
  4. Again, you fall right into narrow view of 'pity system means making it rush-able within short time', which it is NOT what it is asked for. It is to prevent failing dozens upon dozens of times and not getting anything. The guarantee drop does not need be short/easy. Just a safety measure. Pity system is not to replace trading. I am not sure why you get that idea from. There can be lots of limitations to stop it from abusable. For example, they could allow determined Kuva Lich with specific weapon, but only allow it once per week. Time-gated item gains are common enough in this game. Or put it behind a certain quest/standing.
  5. Too many ppl are jumping to conclusion that pity system = errything ezpz, achieable in a day thing. In most cases, it is not how it works and it is not what ppl ask for. It is to protect ppl from extremely S#&$ty luck cases like having to do an extra week of almost non stop farming compared to usual, making them more willing to play the game instead of burning out. For example relic system def doesn't need it. Chance to get 'lowest' thing to get is very high, you most likely just want it once, you can easily re-try. There are so many ways to gather relics and open them as of now. Kuva weapons? Sthing like pity system to guarntee certain weapon after couple dozen fails would be nice. Current Larva farm is unfun but ruthlessly time-consuming and trading experience is also qutie shoddy with ppl who don't answer for hours, ppl who haven't still got their Liches yet, ppl who don't have Lich trading station, ppl refusing to name out prices etc (all from my personal experience) Arcanes def could use it. Eidolons and Orphix are game modes that are very poorly explained in-game, have tons of bugs and is quite hard to play solo unless you have a lot of experience. Having 'fails' over and over is un-fun and so is farming hundreds of plats for one arcane. There doesn't really need be a complex thing as we already have an useless item connected to these farms in name of Eidolon Shard. (Normal one.) Quill from Cetus could have a vendor like Little Duck with Anomaly Shards, trading certain amounts of Eidolon Shards for Arcanes. If indeed 'having access to all' is so much of issue or whatever, one could easily restrict certain ones behind Quill standing so it would mean to access it players need to do some Eidolon hunts themselves.
  6. They cared too much about size but ended up being empty in most places. Honestly they could cut the area into quarter of its current size and pretty much nothing of value would be lost really.
  7. Pity system doesn't mean everything will be granted ezpz in couple days. It would mean giving players an option to get Energize reliably with a week by playing instead of going through shoddy experience of trading that is rife with afk ppl.
  8. Relics def don't need pity system. However Tenet Melee and Holokeys def could use it or allow trading. Just anything at this point really.
  9. At least it is better than Gunnery 10 which will actively annoy you. But yeah, I got one guy that had healing powers or sthing and forgot about it. Crewmates rarely died before anyways.
  10. I completely agree. The issues are repeating and very minor annoyance at best but WHY do they exist even in the first place?
  11. Not when you fail 1000x times due to sheer bad luck.
  12. For Arcanes, Merciless (Kill) is king hands down. Insane DMG multiplier that is so easy to keep stacking. Reload and Ammo bonus is fantastic too. Downside is when enemy spawn is wonky the bonus can disappear very quickly. Dexterity (melee kill) is also good. Holster Speed buff is great. But you need to keep attention on combo duration to make full use of it. Deadhead (heatshot kill), imo rarely worth the bother unless you love praying to RNGesus while using AOE weapons. edited in requirements just in case
  13. Kuva weapons, Arcanes drops (both Eidolon and Orphix), Khora parts, Corrupted Holokeys.... A lot of worse-than-usual farms (which completely depends on luck but has long time commitment to finish) could certainly use such implantations.
  14. Holokeys should have GUARANTEED small drop based on Relic rank + bonus for mission success instead of being totally RNG. For example, 3 determined holokey with 2~4 bonus at veil.
  15. OwlOfJune


    There should be old-fashioned 'Nitain Alert' while NW is on rest.
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