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  1. Hello, sorry for my English😔 It's just awful! Operation: Scarlet Spear is an event released on March 24, 2020 surprisingly brought a lot of changes to the game both good and bad. "The pros and cons…» + Promotion of the game's plot - very little. + Ability to get new weapons - increase the skill rank. + Ability to get ALL Arcane enhancements - It is quite normal to allow equality among those who could not afford it for one reason or another. - Division of teams by relay - In fact, these are always filled zones with players who have managed to enter them , the rest have to " finish eating their bones".If the player plays 1 then there is a chance that in the filled relays when the player will connect to the squad (host) it will eventually be thrown out. - Stupid division of time and effort between earth and space missions - In fact, those who play on the ground (troops) are SLAVES , since the mission involves sending a result to other players which is not particularly what not to do (using certain frames to play semi-AFK, not to mention that the average duration of the mission: earth = 22-30 minutes, space = 12-20 ... ) - The main problem is points, or rather their accrual, on the Ground they are very little given because there is no opportunity to stand AFK as in space. Bonus Scarlet Credit can be earned after successfully defeating all Murex ships in a single Murex wave should have become a catalyst to quickly close 1 relay, but the players just left after 1-2 runs (it happened that no one went to the relay with 96/100 and it remained unclosed) . Result: I liked the event although there is a feeling that something is missing ... maybe if prices for Arcane enhancements did not fall any time... it would be easier (it's a shame that you farmed on raids, Eidolon was given to new players just like that at a cheap price)
  2. Hello! Sorry for my English.😔 At the moment, almost all (except Mesa's Waltz) augments for Mesa are useless, they are not used in builds because their improvements are not noticeable to the player. Let's start in order: 1. Ballistic Bullseye (Leave as is) - Allow you to use it while in Peacemaker works (in fact this is already only half implemented). 2. Muzzle Flash (change) - It is possible to choose which player to give Shooting Gallery to (hold To switch between players) with full time and an ability boost of 25%. 3. Staggering Shield (Leave as is) - A deflected projectile can impose a random elemental status (1 time per 1 enemy) with some chance. 4. Mesa's Waltz (Leave as is) - Option #1: every 10 enemy killed can drop an additional item. Option #2: An additional item can fall out of killed enemies with a certain (5-10%) chance. Since all builds are focused on the fourth ability, I think my options with 1 and 4 augments have a place to be implemented in the game.
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