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  1. Not really a Wukong user, but from the 100+ hours spent with him (Loki scrub here, FYI) Passive: Well, the passive should never be RNG-based in the first place. Imagine rolling a 4x orb booster or item booster during E/SO. There should be a way of sorts to trigger what. Celestial Twin: Just make a proper AI and we should be fine. Off topic: Umbra, duality, specters, etc."Tagging" a target sounds good for killing high priority mobs assuming said clone can survive. Cloud Walker: Was a panic button. Still a panic button. Defy: RIP immortality. Would suggest damage reduction honestly over armor. Otherwise, welcome change. Primal Fury: More range is always nice. Being able to "pick your attacks" is awesome. Good change. Augments: Not gonna touch on the matter. Majority of augments don't fit in/gimmick.
  2. 800 x 600. The only thing ticked is dynamic resolution, the rest is set to the lowest setting possible
  3. Already updated OP. LowSpecGamer did it already, and is currently outdated.
  4. Not gonna mind this really, as long as it is playable. I'm sorry for having a life okay? Besides, this is a discussion not a rant.
  5. Because this is a discussion thread and NOT a PhP thread? Again, discussion thread, not a rich vs poor thread. I don't live in a first world country or get decent income so stop acting so high and mighty. Doesn't also seem fair for the playerbase with weak computers. Not everyone is toting a gaming rig.
  6. Title. Only tags are for PC since consoles have their own graphics levels and can probably run these places well. Spoilers because not everyone knows what I mean (Operators). Post PoE 2.0, I decided to try playing there for those thumpers and grossly low drop rates of that sparring weapon. I immediately noticed a difference in frames (from 40 to 30, fluctuating constantly). So imagine the grief when I see that. Now I can play less of these open worlds. Not sure if I can count these as optional anymore. Arcanes are becoming a thing, especially the fancier arcanes with health regen and all. More sentient cores means more rep for that faction at Cetus (forgot their name). Sentient shards yield focus rep and unlocking passives for the operator (250hp vs 1250hp, for example). Better amps for the operator. 4 frames locked behind these 2 worlds (got only gara, still need the rest). A bunch of weapons with exclusive open world resources. Floofs (I think that's the name), mostly for the hunting experience. Mostly the gear and operator stuff. Yes, I am aware this is extra work for the DEvs, but I am honestly curious how many players would be in for this. P. S. 30 tops frames at PoE. 10-20 only at Orb Vallis Edit: 2.2ghz dual core, 4gb of RAM, Nvidia MX720, internal memory is not an issue (500gb at least free), warframe set as high (not highest) priority, most tasks eliminated. Running at bare minimum low settings. Vsync off. Dynamic resolution on.
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