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  1. It is amazing how I did not learn of this... You have told me a very valuable thing! For that I thank you.
  2. I usually play on PC but I believe that all you have to do is go into Options and in the Controls section will be a Customize Controller Layout option.
  3. I was doing some regular PvP and I was trying to do the move "Leading Blade" however when trying to use it I found out it is really hard to use... I dont know what is is that would be hard about using it, It is just RMB LMB+RMB RMB. I kept on trying but I found out that when first clicking the RMB then letting it go and pressing both RMB+LMB it would do "Sudden Spring" 9/10 of the time. You could do it but it was ridiculously hard to do, I get you have to be fast to do it but even 0.1 second off and "Leading Blade" would change into "Sudden Spring". Is there anyone that could help me figure out how to do this faster or better?
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