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  1. I usually play full melee and lots of pvp for fun, because of the new update the slamming is a LOT nicer but the auto block makes certain times... wonky to say the least. For example I was dashing through the air towards a guy when suddenly the auto block turned on and now I was air sliding way past him through the air and into nothingness before I die... Granted it was funny just imagining what he saw and what happened but when this happens 5 times within a 3 second period... yea can get slightly annoying. The blocking with gun and sword for sword combos is also really annoying but you can take that off in the options menu, the auto block on the other hand... cannot be taken off, I would like the auto block a LOT if it only worked on the ground but that may be too far for programing standards when in a fast paced game like this. What I recommend? Change the auto block option a bit, keep the slam, change the gun and sword combo a bit so it works better and... make the nikana OP!! I'm joken bout the last one but the others are pretty basic and I expect the dev team already is on it or knows about it. Also while your at it can you make slamming not the pinnacle of pvp combat?
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