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  1. probably random, im sure they'll be like, oh u guys still get a free chesa anyways
  2. zero vocal and visual popup communication from ordis and lotus would be amazing to have, just let them give me clues like Im agent 47
  3. I use one only for Vauban because applying black becomes true 000 and isn't reflective like the valkyr skin or dark gray when you apply 000 smoke black on loki
  4. inb4 multishot and base damage removed /sarcasm
  5. Make a second setting for keyshare parties, all members require the same key to start the mission, quadruple the amount of rewards, less runs.
  6. 10 hours and no reciever and the S#&$ is gone
  7. Too bad the relay being destroyed wont happen kuz we're all farming for the stupid &#! reciever
  8. This buff to him brought some light about DE since a lot of recent things have been nerfed, if Atlas has to get to the point of subpar again. I just don't even know why.
  9. Why nerf? This S#&$ is amazing and fit's in the category of endgame dps such as excal and valkyr, his other skills are for control, not dps, #1 is suppose to do damage for the intended "BRAWLER" description
  10. I never tried conclave, warframe isnt a game I see myself pvping in, I'll play other mmos and mmotps's for pvp
  11. And that being only the first package. The 2nd package and all the ones til today have kept the trend for 2 years and to suddenly change it this time around, no excuse honestly.
  12. Here is the deal, previous PAs always had the cosmetics into the prime access accessories package, this time one cosmetic is SEPERATE from it, destroying the supposedly intended trend of their packages. Forces you to buy the $140 pack when you only want to spend $50. $100 if you bought the prime accessories which is $50, only to learn you're being force to shell out an unintended $50 from your wallet and get the cheapest listed pack just for that cosmetic alone.
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