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  1. My buddy just told me once "bruh! I start getting burned out, afraid I will quit WF" and I can't be there to play with him most of the time coz of exam, however I was also like "more of this daily Warframe and will burn out too". Decided we will take a break, I keep studying for now with minor breaks to play some random games (relax and deal with stress). Sometimes, I log into Black Desert to just experience fantasy rpg stuff. We love WF and we will come back, we just don't want to change into these players that always complain "WF is dying, no content" etc. What we want is to play together
  2. Hello, fellow Tenno! I've taken a long break from Warframe (at least for the long run), I come back now and then to download updates and play few minutes, I've played HoD quest and enjoyed it. New map is astounding! However, I haven't got a chance to delve deeper into the new changes in this update yet. Important exam is coming soon, after I have all the time in the world to check everything but my buddy needed a break and we decided to shift to different game for now. We have lots to do in WF, however we want to focus on something for next 2 months or so, it can be WF, we can come back
  3. I've been playing Steel Path for a while now. Guess, I can add my two-bits too. 1. Enemies are bullet sponges that's true, they are not much of a threat. I would suggest old T4 Tower mechanics with increased dmg that scales with each wave/round/level treshold. Moreover, +250% increased EHP is a no no, make it 150% with boosted dmg(200% max). Mix it with dodge and parkour mechanics and that's what would make players more engaged. 2. Something that was proposed above. Increase Eximus spawn rate and Steel Essence drop chance, ~10% would be nice I guess if Eximus spawn rates are also higher.
  4. Brozime is actually one of the most level-headed content creators that criticize the game. In a very good way I must add. His propositions are also nice. Hope we get some changes to the Steel Path but overall, it's pretty decent NG+.
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