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  1. I know, also I am not saying we need the exact same thing, what I had in mind was just to point out this idea. Other games probably have similliar content with dynamic events. FireFall had ( I know it died long ago), Skyforge has something like that, seems neat but the rewards are "meh" and almost nobody participates in that, there was something like dynamic events long time ago in Tera Online, not sure if it's still there, Abyss stuff or something like that, gave players parts and/or resources to get high end gear and resources for special bonus stats items, there were always crowds whenever one of such "events" popped somewhere. About the "Squad-Link" yes, I guess it may work like what I have in mind but what will it offer in terms of a reward. Moreover, it probably will be and won't be that dynamic tbh. You use "Squad-Link" and hope someone needs your help or answers your call. Also, I believe IT will be thightly connected to Railjack resources and Reputation of some kind. If Thermia resources were needed for weapons or upgrades in large quantities, interest in this aspect would be greater. Why Orbs, Arbitrations and Eidolons are so popular, bcs resources from these can be used for many different aspects of the game. Moreover, these contents are fun, at least in my opinion. What DE has on Orb Valis are places waiting to be filled by all those enemies that are actually there, they could create big Jackal with hard hitting attacks but with weakness with good amount of Valis resources that drop from him. We have tons of relics, cosmetics, resources like tellurium, cryotic, oxium. We have Rare Mods, Rivens, Kuva, Arcanes, Forma, Prime Parts, Toroids, radiant relics, archwing &gun parts, reputation, bah even Ayatans and Endo. We have so many different gamemodes and even potential for Bounty objectives. What I see would be events like ghouls, thermia rotating each week, 3 or 4 events, each week different, different objectives, different rewards, some challange maybe. Each week more alternatives to tons of existing grind we have either way. Squad-link may offer that I hope so but will it make Valis "alive"? Nah, I don't think so! If it really big effort to code all that I won't complain anymore, but if there's slight chance to have such events next to Bounties AND Squad-Link. Damn I want that! I could fly or k-drive all over Orb Valis every day, every week and have fun grindig the same stuff I actually did till this moment AND maybe something EXTRA.
  2. Hello everyone! I decided to post a rant about the lack of dynamic events in the vast open world region that has been with us for quite a while now I should say. What we hoped for (at least some of us) were small dynamic (or not neccessarily) events that would fill up this big OPEN Region we call Orb Vallis. What we got were not so great Thermia Fractures, that gave us some interesting rewards, however, in a long term IT doesnt give us much to do or no reason to come back to it for more rewards. Lately, Anthem delivered sth called Cataclysm that, to sum all additions up, is mostly about specific events going on all around the world of Anthem that we can participate in (altho I don't play this game, just watched YT). These events offer different hidden aspects or should I say optional objectives, all of this gives players new powera, weapons, resources to develop their characters in a long term. For such vast and open world to feel so empty is just blasphemy. Can't DE mix different gameplay aspects of the game and throw at us on Orb Valis, except the current and very repetitive Bounties? We have all kinds of Raknoids, we have Orbs, Jackals or other units, all of them can work as minibosses or optional bosses in specific Bounties or dynamic events, we have caves, ports, labs, corpus camps and facilities that don't give us much except for some lore and graphical aspects. I would like you my fellow players to add some of your thoughts to my "rant" about missed potential and how would you see Orb Valis if you could fill this region with your ideas.
  3. I agree about the need of something Raid (Trails)-like. As Warframe is now, Eidolon hunts, Orb's Heists and Arbitrations are not enought to satisfy majority of veteran playerbase. Idea of Trails was good. Give players high level content and puzzles and force them to use their knowledge about the game, about raid mechanics, their high end gear, skills and their brains to cooperate and finish ultimate challange for ultimate reward. Now we have many reward possibilities, damn me if DE wanted so we would have tons of new mods and arcanes to get specifically from such content. They even have means to create such content with current in-game assets. Unfortunatelly, they decided to polish and deliver different content tho, like Railjack, New War, Duviri. I Hope that one day end-game raid-like content will return, changed ofc but giving us similliar challange for rare and interesting rewards.
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