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  1. I've been playing Steel Path for a while now. Guess, I can add my two-bits too. 1. Enemies are bullet sponges that's true, they are not much of a threat. I would suggest old T4 Tower mechanics with increased dmg that scales with each wave/round/level treshold. Moreover, +250% increased EHP is a no no, make it 150% with boosted dmg(200% max). Mix it with dodge and parkour mechanics and that's what would make players more engaged. 2. Something that was proposed above. Increase Eximus spawn rate and Steel Essence drop chance, ~10% would be nice I guess if Eximus spawn rates are also higher. Grind would be reduced and more enjoyable, but that's only my opinion. 3. More Teshin! I love his voice lines, should absolutely replace Lotus voicelines. 4. Steel Path Honors store! Different rewards, stance forma is nice, orokin catalysts/reactors would be cool, build normal Forma would be amazing, more Dax cosmetics, some conclave cosmetics maybe, maybe some specific Mods in the future, 1 day boosters for balanced Essence cost. All of that mb something more but for Teshin's sake boost Essence drop chance and Eximus spawn rate! 5. I haven't noticed any significant affinity increase, boost it more? 6. More ways to acquire Steel Essence and Riven Slivers? Maybe Assassination targets can drop it at increased chance? Way more than 10% but maybe 20 or 30% since Eidolons have 100% drop. Moreover, bosses are ANNOYING now, bullet sponges, no threat, it just takes longer even with OP riven weps (especially bosses like Sargas Ruk). Change them a bit, mix some stats, add Sortie modifiers to their missions that change randomly, lower their armor&HP a bit, some significant dmg increase and better rewards would be SICK! Would enforce players to avoid their attacks, learn attack patterns and follow mechanics. With some decent drops like build Forma, Riven Sliver, Kuva boosters, Radiant Relics, Steel Essence = enjoyment & reward(satisfaction). 7. Tier 6 Bounties, add some better rewards or double it, increase drop chance i.e for Eidolon LEns. 8. OMG Tusk Thumpers! Pls, rework them, I hate them in normal Bounties and now? Without slowing frame and hitscan wep it's living hell and waste of time. Destroying their legs should slow them or stun them, they should have armor parts or sth else all over their bodies that once destroyed reveals weak points with dmg modifiers to main frame (5x more i.e) also their main body should also be vurnerable but with high dmg reduction for example 80-90% dmg reduction but once armor part is down and weak spot revealed it's quick job if players are skilled enough to hit it moving, on the other hand once the legs are destroyed his movements are less frequant, spins less, moves slower easier to kill. Drops what bosses drop or just some rare Grineer loot! His dmg could be boosted too, all Thumpers can do for now is annoy players with knockdowns. 9. Haven't tested Orb Valis bounties yet with smoll Orbs or Tier 6 bounties. Nor did I try Eidolons - but I guess it's hard, really really hard with the same rewards so meh. Except Steel Essence but once players get armor there's nothing else to get. Overall, I enjoy Steel Path, feels like New Game + and that's nice. For some casual fun and enjoyment it's pretty nice. I can enjoy though enemies on Earth, Mars which are nice tilesets. However, for the long run I can't see it work, even for me, even for fun. Players will leave it really as fast as they got in. If I were to rush more planets I would burn out rly quickly. Change the rewards a bit and rething what makes a HARD MODE really hard, more armor&HP or harder hitting enemies.
  2. Brozime is actually one of the most level-headed content creators that criticize the game. In a very good way I must add. His propositions are also nice. Hope we get some changes to the Steel Path but overall, it's pretty decent NG+.
  3. To begin with, I will say it's not any form of feedback thread, nor do I try to create fan concept of possible additions to this gamemode. What I want and what truly makes me wonder lately is the opinion of majority. Lately there was Railjack Revisited patch that changed alot. Many threads like that were created and most of us focused on recent patch. However, RJ still exists and as I recently checked, it truly begins to shine. Drop rate increase, survivability increased, damage output increased, QoL changes made. All of this makes it a whole new experience from what it was. This makes me wonder, what are our expectations of this game-mode? Further conent expansion? Connection to other gameplay mechanics? Way of story-telling (tied to main storyline and quests)? Challange for veterans? Another conent island? What do you guys expect it to become? How much would u love to invest into RJ? Would you mind if it was strongly tied to the main game and possibly required to invest into to progress further?
  4. I play Warframe 'coz I enjoy playing it. Actually, every player (ever) plays mostly the games he enjoys. Problem with Warframe is that ppl do some things, they burn out and complain, then they quit. I barely have time to play WF so I have tons of things to unlock or enjoy and believe me I've been around here since Closed Beta, but some days I have enough and I need a break, I understand why the situation with majority of Tenno is like that. Story-telling is lacking I agree. End-game is missing I agree. PvP would be lovely but they gave up on it. Conent islands and content dilution is real. Grind is hard. RNG isn;t helping. Many mechanics and features need reworking. Time and money are lacking too, we can;t forget normal ppl like us are making this game. Fortunatelly, there's tons of conent for everyones liking.... eidolons, orbs, open world maps, syndicates, ESO, Arbitrations, Railjack, Focus, Liches, Dojos, Orbiters, fashion-frame, Index, Rivens etc. Once u sink in it's ez to lose ur sense of real life and forget to take a break once in a while. Warframe has it's problems, I don;t try to defend it but devs are willing to make up for their mistakes. I am glad for that! Patience is your answer if you are not sure about "the game's vision".
  5. They could make this mode like this: you get specific reward and it rotates out of the next drop table, but the amount of enemies u have to kill increases and lvl increases too. The way it is now is just a "content island". However, such insignificant game mode imo isn't worth further expansion. It's just one tile, single enemy type..... ok. mb they can tie it somehow to Corpus nemesis system so it will be reusable.
  6. I have done few Arbitration runs and Relic defense runs with Nidus and Kuva Bramma. I don't have a Riven, I didn't spam it like stupid lil' kid. Once in a lifetime, I lacked ammo once for 1min (I often switch prim/melee). I outdamaged almost everyone in Squad with few shots. Still, pretty OP wep.
  7. The only thing I would greatly change about this amazing tileset is the spawn rate of Corpus Relief Temple. It rarely shows in few Assassination missions, would love it to show more frequently in every other mission type as well.
  8. I can't disagree with that except ... Jackal always has been and probably always will be the first major boss encounter for new players. I pretty much enjoyed the rework: OST, cutscenes, new attacks and parazon stages. I guess it would be challanging for new players and very enjoyable. Ofc, veterans can easily solo lvl 100-120 Sortie Jackal with decent time, actually if I pick my Riven packed, 5 forma Pyranna Prime he just goes down in seconds. Environmental changes and laser wall ofc kill weaker frames pretty quickly which is good reason to avoid it any way possible. As 5 yrs WF player even though it's ez ps for me I enjoyed it greatly!
  9. That's why some ppl (including myself) enjoy Lich conent. Level spike, damage spike, I have to use my weapons and powers efficently and effectively to actually not die (even if I die once it's still nothing but challange is there not to die for me XD). We get murmurs, requiem relics, sometimes small amount of Kuva for 5-10 mins of High LvL content. Further along the line we get all the things our Lich acquired, stole or his weapons/ephemera. Sure, I would love to get more resources the higher the enemy level, this would be fantastic! Imagine, we run lvl 100 mission, we get double affinity, double resources chance and drops, double mod drop chance, more elite enemies that spawn (hyenas, bursas, juggs, noxes, manics). End rewards we get radiant relics, cosmetics, bulks of credits, endo, ducats, kuva etc. If O could double, triple my gains for the increased difficulty of the mission and decreased time of single mission I would be delighted! That's the epithome of challange-risk-reward connection. Higher challange or risk (u can fail) but the reward is worth it ( i.e double resources obtained, radiant relic and 5 red toroids that I don;t have to farm in Orb Vallis). Ofc, I can just do ESO, Orb Vallis or buy myself resource drop booster but what would be the point of my time invested into the game, builds, my skills etc.
  10. I agree with you. It's just an addition to the real game mode/mission we are doing beside that, with some extra rewards, weapons or Warframe parts, some cosmetics/decorations. Quick 75 or 100 kills and exit, 3 possible rotations, 3 possible rewards based on performance. They can bump up traces reward a bit but even if, it still won't be the main source of traces( when u farm Prime Parts u get dozens, trust me) for the most of playerbase. Only thing I would add to Granum Void is lore, if I could increase my time to stay there longer to roam and scan for lore entries I definetely would. Besides, it's introduced as Void Prison of Parvos Granum ( thus the name, Granum Void) so there's no much sense to expanding this further with more rewards etc.
  11. It's actually quite hillarious to read comments that say current pandemic situation is an excuse for DE's delays. I don't have any classes, seminars or lectures, all I can do is to study which I do as I always did, leisurely and I don't treat current pandemy as an excuse of my way of studying. However, it still does affect last step of my academic education and I am worried how will it turn out in the end. Now look at Deadlock Protocol the other way or from developer POV - I don't have tools for my work (mb I have at home if I am lucky), I can't use mo-cap studio, audio studio, lots of things affect my company and dev team, I have tons of data I have to code/decode for it to work perfectly with other huge amount of data that's in the game, I can't ensure it will be perfect as I have specific task assigned and I focus only on that, not on the whole. Now, imagine there's 50-100 ppl, each of them different task under current circumstances. Moreover, the delay was being considered way earlier, patch is due in June. June started 6 days ago. Nothing what devs said is being covered by pandemy as the excuse. Not trying to be "white knight". However, I am considerate person who knows how hard it is for others or how hard it can be. I am really gratefull to devs that they are trying to make up for 2019 and I really enjoy the patches/updates since 2020. Just wanted to clear some ppls views on the matter, nothing more.
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