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  1. Will the feedback encourage more changes/fixes? Wisp tends to "Walk" On her stubs when in melee or Archgun mode. Has a fix already been released just Not on console or is this a problem that cant be fixed since She Would be the only Warframe who can melee And use an Archgun without touching the ground, Does the same thing go for her sliding? And if this cant be changed due to gravity she can shoot big guns like the Exergis but say you use a dagger She's grounded. I'd love to see a response to this whether it can be fixed or not Knowing would put my mind at ease Have a Nice Day <3
  2. Visible Black Energy has been a absence of color that has eluded Me and Other Players for a while. True black energy has only been truly obtainable when Adaptive Exposure was turned off with High brightness but the downside is everything becomes too bright and unbalanced just to be able to see a black energy color to fulfill my emo needs. If there is a way to edit this problem without having to resort to no adaptive exposure I'm sure many of us Tenno would appreciate it. If there was a response to any question like this one I missed it. Also Ever Since The Sacrifice released I've been wondering if we'll be getting more Umbral and Sacrificial Mods in future quests and Umbra like weapons like the Skiajati as in an Umbra based Secondary or Primary. As I've played limbo I've noticed I can afk for an entire mission in the void with no consequence's and Honestly it is not fair for other players who require support and essential help. If being in the void can be duration based and not infinite it will benefit most player's (probably not limbo main's). Regarding UI will the chat tab be receiving some reworks like the market and other UI systems have? If I remember correctly we were going to have archmelees also useable on the ground along with archgun's was this cancelled or is it still a WIP? Cross platform has been on everyone's mind and I was curious since we as console players cant play with pc because they always have a different build that we can link Up with other consoles since we essentially always have the same build except for some bug fixes here and there and if exclusive's are a problem I Believe that we will all survive not having what each other has if it means playing together on different console's instead of having to hard reset on to the platform your friend is on. I Want to Thank Everyone at DE for Creating and nurturing this game throughout the years and I hope this game goes on for 6 more years and LONGER. If you see this Have A nice day! ❤️
  3. Have you guys been discussing the possibility of cross platform play and/or cross progression play From PS4 to Xbox One since They are essentially always on the same build
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