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  1. My clan isn't exactly what you're looking for, but if you don't find something that fits your wishes, you can join us:
  2. Frost for def, Banshee for sonar build, Oberon for idk, fun since you're too young for eidolons. Anyway, all those frames got prime variants which you will get eventually.
  3. Clan exists as long as it has at least one member. Who was the warlord? I can imagine two possible cases: Warlord kicks everyone from the clan and leaves it himself too. Warlord goes inactive for months, some member sends a ticket to the support and support makes him a new warlord. Then he runs a cleanup. You could try to contact support about it, maybe they'll be able to help.
  4. Haven't used Phantasma much, but for primary shotguns I prefer Vaykor Hek and Tigris Prime.
  5. PC have regional prices, PS4 doesn't, it's that simple.
  6. Was about to leave a post about my clan, but your name seemed familiar. Turns out I already offered you joining us earlier!
  7. Hey! Although we're not heavy on voice and average age of our members is 20-25, you may still be interested in joining us. We're A Piece of Cake, an international but mostly european clan with relatively low requirements and chill atmosphere. We're also a part of Gilded Phoenix, the biggest alliance in this game, so if the voice chat is crucial for you, you'll probably be able to find someone to talk with in their discord.
  8. Looks more like a crossbow with a feeder mechanism at this point, kinda like Attica or Zhuge, but with vertical arms.
  9. The projectile itself is indeed weak, but the blast it makes is pretty good. When released, it was my favourite secondary nuke aka pocket space program.
  10. Hey. Of course we got that and more, I'll arrange an invite for you. Welcome! If you use discord, don't forget to join our server!
  11. No problem, I'm just actively recruiting. Some members abandoned the game and we need to replace them to keep the clan alive. You'll get the invite in an hour or two probably. Welcome!
  12. Hey. Maybe you'll find my clan interesting, check this thread for info:
  13. I think only actual clan members contribute to the clan score, so if you leave, your points will be removed from the clan. On the other hand, it's unlikely that DE would take the trophy back, so the points should remain unchanged. idk
  14. Hey. You'd probably be much better off joining a decent clan and obtaining a bunch of mentors at once. Maybe you'd be interested in joining mine:
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