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  1. Hey! I've sent you an invite. Don't forget to join our discord to stay in touch with everyone.
  2. Just a little bump so this topic doesn't fall into the archive. What's new? We reworked our ranks, now Warframe ranks aren't tied to Discord ranks as we're moving towards being a general community rather than just a Warframe clan. Mods and leaders are chosen by the vote, and all ranks were repicked recently. Everyone has a chance to become the leader, just fulfill a few requirements and show people that you're interested in the community's wellbeing. Also, Discord banned and deleted my main account. I've lost the ownership over my server, so it's owned by a dead account now. We'll try to resolve that.
  3. Farm for prime parts and mods and sell them to other players for plat. You either sink your money or time into the game.
  4. Hey. Although we're mountain tier, you might like us:
  5. Twice already I asked support to re-upload the emblem when it turned to look too bright and bleak in-game, and both times they helped me out. Of course I've sent them the same image with minor adjustments, it would be pretty brazen of me to ask for a free change to enother emblem.
  6. Hey, maybe you'll be interested in joining my clan, check this thread for details and discord invite link:
  7. Hey, maybe you'll be interested in joining my clan, check this thread for details:
  8. Hey, check my clan in the thread below, maybe you'll like it:
  9. Hey, you can be a guest in our discord, maybe you'll like it. The link is in this thread along with clan info:
  10. Hey. Maybe you'll be interested in my clan, check this thread:
  11. Hey! Yeah, you apparently slipped through my sight. We'll invite you soon, in the meantime make sure you aren't in another clan because it will block the invite. Also you can join our discord server for tighter bonds, because people tend to take breaks from the game, and discord allows them to stay in touch.
  12. We don't like spam, but I guess we can make an exception. Invite sent, welcome!
  13. We kick after 30 days offline. Well, maybe after 20 if someone wants to join and we got no space.
  14. Hey! We don't really care about your sexual orientation or gender. Of course there may be some jokes, but with us everyone is a target for jokes, and you're welcome to friendly roast other members too. Oh, and we got a few gay and trans furry guys in. Check this thread for more info:
  15. Hey, you might be interested in joining A Piece of Cake:
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