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  1. Hey! One of our officers will send you the clan invite asap. In the meantime you can join our discord server, the link should be in the op post. Welcome!
  2. Hey! Sure. I see you already joined our discord and got invited from there. Welcome!
  3. Hey! Sent you the invite. Don't forget to join our discord server as we're more than just a Warframe clan - there are people to talk to even when you're not playing Warframe.
  4. Hey! Why only the ghost/shadow size? How about Mountain? Don't mind the old dojo map, we have the drydock.
  5. Hey! Yeah, sure. Asked someone to invite you. Welcome!
  6. Hey! I'll send you an invite in a few minutes. Welcome! Don't forget to join our disocrd, it's great to stay connected with the clan when you're not playing.
  7. Hey! Have you considered joining a clan? You can join mine, or you can just hop to our Discord and befriend the members. The description and discord invite link are here:
  8. If you are interested in joining A Piece of Cake, you can use one of these ways to apply: Join our Discord and ask for the invite (fastest way) Reply to this thread. PM warlords at forums or in-game. My Discord - Suncake#0948. Joining our discord and asking for an invite is the quickest and most efficient way, but the other ones usually work too.
  9. About us We are a cozy laid back Mountain tier (300 members cap) clan with most of our members living in Europe. Here's our awesome site/blog with basically the same info I include in this topic. Warlords are @Suncake @WithinDestruction @RecordTheFox Would also be important to mention that we allow ourselves friendly roasting and free usage of "banned" words. Not because we're evil and hateful people, but because it's fun. Also, if someone gets mortally offended by people posting crap in the internet, they probably deserve it. The clan was created 21.12.2013 with me as its only member, but from 06.06.2015 I renamed the clan into A Piece of Cake and started recruiting new members. Don't ask about the first name, it was way too dumb. We use Discord to stay in touch even when we don't play Warframe. Our server is a nice place where we can share our thoughts, screenshots, dank memes, music, nsfw stuff and team up for other games. We even have reaction karma system, last month activity roles and custom roles anyone can get. Feel free to join the server even if you're not going to join the clan, as we're looking for more active members for our community. We also have a useless group in Steam. Why you should join us Emblem. It's delicious. Wear it with pride. Dojo. It's pretty big and has everything you need. If it doesn't, we add it. Also no trading tax. Research. E V E R Y T H I N G is complete. Discord. It's what takes us to a higher level than just a Warframe clan. We're quite heavy on memes in there too. Community. It's rather friendly and consists of people from different countries, newbies and vets, schoolkids and adults. Progression. Be active, helpful, have fun and participate in clan life, and you will be a valuable member of our community somewhere among the top ranks. We're a part of the biggest alliance in this game, Gilded Phoenix. Profanity. It's allowed. Giveaways. Sometimes they happen. Contests. They also happen from time to time. Why you shouldn't join us Activity peaks in the evening (30-50 online), so sometimes there's only a few (10-20) members present. No scheduled runs, we're too casul for that. Low voice chat activity since it's not mandatory to have a mic. Profanity is allowed, in case you're too sensitive. What I expect from you English. Do you speak it? Probably the most common international language. Adequacy. Don't be too rude or spam or beg or invite people without asking them first. Don't be annoying. MR 8 or higher because lower ranked players tend to abandon the game really soon. But we accept lower rank players too anyway. Joining and using our Discord server is highly recommended, but it's not mandatory. Be at least a bit social. It's sad to see that people never talk after joining the clan. You will be noticed and promoted if you socialize. We have a 30 days offline kick policy. Appear online at least once a month if you don't want to be kicked. You can always get an invite back if you got booted, especially if you stay in our discord. Clan ranks explanation There are some tasks for all clan members: Join our group at warframe forums. Join and use our Discord server. Join us in Steam. Donate anything in any amount to our dojo. Send us your location, timezone and birthday. It will be put in our clan roster for other clan members to see. There are birthday announcements on our server too. Participate in our events. Participate in Warframe clan events. Each completed task grants you a point of clan involvement, which are needed for the promotions. Crumbs. A punishment rank, was never used yet. Rights: none. Duties: to improve. Requirements: be a $&*^. 1st Layer. That's where you begin. Rights: your usual rights. Duties: having fun. Requirements: none. 2nd Layer. You've done something to integrate with the clan, noice. Rights: you can start research. Duties: having fun. Requirements: be in clan for 2 weeks; earn 1 point. 3rd Layer. Keep up the good work, boi. Rights: inviting people to the clan. Duties: keeping the clan at 95-100% population. Requirements: be in clan for 4 weeks; earn 2 points 4th Layer. The cap for those who don't socialize within our clan. Rights: can put resources from clan treasury into the research/decorations. Duties: fair chat moderation, helping others. Requirements: be in clan for 8 weeks; earn 3 points. 5th Layer. Only the ones chosen by the council get here. You need to be active to get noticed. Rights: can change ranks of other members and decorate dojo. Duties: being wise. Requirements: be in clan for 12 weeks; earn 4 points; get noticed by being active and helpful. Whipping Cream. Only the ones chosen by toppings of the ones chosen by the council. Rights: can do almost everything. Duties: watching the clan, helping others, keeping the interest in game. Requirements: be in clan for 16 weeks; keep being active and helpful, especially in clan-related matters like recruiting Cake Topping. b0ss. Rights: can do everything. Duties: taking care about the clan. Requirements: being the most active, helpful and adequate. Limited to 3-4 members. How to apply (fastest way to longest) Join our Discord and ask for the invite. Reply here or to this Applications thread. PM warlords at forums or in-game. Dojo (an old map, it's way bigger now) Screenshots - https://imgur.com/a/Tlfmoep A bit more about or discord server: Join our group here: https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/149-🍰-a-piece-of-cake-🍰/
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