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  1. Hey! Sorry for the delay. Someone will invite you asap.
  2. Yes, we you can! I'll ask someone to invite you asap.
  3. Hey! Sorry for the late reply - I rarely check forums nowadays. We'll try to invite you anyway.
  4. My clan is based in Europe, although we have some members from the US. You might be interested in joining, check this thread for details:
  5. Would be nice if you put a bit more info about yourself and your preferences.
  6. If you are interested in joining A Piece of Cake, you can use one of these ways to apply: Join our Discord and ask for the invite (fastest way) Reply to this thread. PM warlords at forums or in-game. My Discord - Suncake#0948. Joining our discord and asking for an invite is the quickest and most efficient way, but the other ones usually work too.
  7. Vacuum should be native to warframes and have the same range it has as a maxed sentinel mod.
  8. Tbh, I find it irrational. Look, you have 2 one-handed swords. One-handed means that you can hold each with a single hand. Then you stick them together to create a two-hander, but only one half of it is used, while another blade is attached on the opposite side just for the looks. Now you need two hands to use a sword that could be used with one hand, with the additional chance to pierce your own chest with the second blade. It would make more sense if it was a double-sided sword, like those from SW, but here's another question - do double-sided swords make sense at all?
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