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  1. So as of this morning I have them in my inventory. No inbox message, but they came in.
  2. Welp. Tried relinking and still nadda for me. Shows as claimed though, so maybe some day in the future it will show up.
  3. Claimed on Twitch. Logged into Warframe. Nadda. Maybe it takes a while or is bugged. Will try again tonight after work.
  4. Regarding this change: Enabled Imprinting and breeding for Predasites and Vulpaphyla. Mutagens and Antigens are inherited through breeding, allowing pets to stack their benefits. Imprints of Predasites and Vulpaphyla can only be taken when the pet is Gilded. This seems VERY time intensive for VERY little reward. More armor to pet's that don't die doesn't make sense to me, but that said it's also very time intensive to level, relevel, gild, repeat times 3 for what amounts to maybe 1 or 2 more hits before death in a SP mission? Now if that upgrade was s
  5. None of the Weave Conduit images in the puzzle matched my Weave Conduit...time to farm up some more residue I guess...
  6. So right now I summon mech then leave Frame transference to Operator mode and transference into Mech, assuming I am facing correctly and have enough space apart so the game doesn't bug on me and end up putting me back into Frame instead of Mech. Can get annoying when in tight areas, but whatever. The respawning of my Frame can be an issue as sometimes I end up back in the mech if I'm not far enough away from it as well as just facing away from it. A couple possible solutions I was thinking of were: 1) Mech is treated like Vehicle, so summoning it via gear wheel works like the Archwin
  7. That's fine if the community likes this process. Reb was mentioning on a previous Shy's art stream how they've been thinking of removing the need to re-level when you forma, just suggesting they could monetize it.
  8. It's nowhere near as efficient to level weapons in maps outside of ESO as the point of ESO is leveling/focus farming. An affinity booster in ESO and I can max weapons within 4 rounds usually, but I don't gain anything and would like to pay to skip this. Also, it's not an issue of being thoughtful on what I am forma'ing. Most new weapons often need 1-2 to fit a typical build, and Kuva need 5 to gain all mastery from them.
  9. I'm so sick of spending most my time in ESO after getting new weapons that need multiple forma. I'd gladly pay 60-80p for each "Fast Forma" that would allow me to forma a weapon (and companions/frames) without it's losing rank. I'd buy them like candy.
  10. As title asks, also do they gain xp while in their not-yet-dead-state? I'm wondering if I want to level the fox via the usual ESO or just have the fox run along with my steel path missions?
  11. Same here. I'm holding off on doing vault runs until I see a patch to fix this.
  12. As we spend more and more time in our operator forms on each open world and new mission types it would be nice if the fetch and vacuum mods on my companions would continue to work. Is there a specific reason why they don't?
  13. Hi, I replaced Venari with Roar earlier today and in every mission I have been in on Deimos today (several vault runs and a couple steel path runs) Venari has been with me, provided a speed boost, attacked enemies and snared them as usual. I could not "control" her in the sense of using 3 to select different modes, etc but she still stayed with me and did her thing, all while I am still able to use Roar. I definitely ain't mad at this, but I assume this is not intended.
  14. Hey to each thier own. @-Kittens- I agree you can swap to Jugulus if you are a heavy attack person. I'm not. I'm mostly a spray status with primary and stagger and bleed person with melee focus and a ceti lcera. I don't see the point in adding Sure Footed (reducing knockdown) as it doesn't effect me with my current play style. Also Stand United isn't really needed as he has more than enough armor thanks to his ability and the other mods. Grace is needed as that gives him his immortal status, I didn't list it cause I didn't list any arcanes, only mods, but I use avenger as second arca
  15. I've never had any problems mining on PoE or OV, but I have a seriously hard time seeing the visual marker for mining nodes. I completely missed this yellow "shine" on the darkish-orangish shiny tree root here until I just started looking around through the mining tool instead of my normal display: https://imgur.com/o7A3UHl This had no visual appearance whatsoever save the blue highlight when using the mining tool: https://imgur.com/dqYDDm3 Can you tell where the mineral deposit is here? (it's to the left of middle) https://imgur.com/0HehZQv Do I need to change some sett
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