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  1. So now I can see Creators that make content related to Warframe and not be directed to Twitch and YouTube channels filled with Animal Crossing, Shark Simulator, Left for Dead or something else I have no interest in playing? Awesome!
  2. Love my pretty Nyx, but here are my thoughts on making this CC frame from the previous experience fit better with the current version of the game. Mind Control Current: Target enemy attacks allies for 30 seconds. Suggested: Target enemy attacks allies for 15 seconds at up to 300% damage. Psychic Bolt Current: Launch 6 bolts that strip up to 80% defense. Suggested: # Bolts scale with Duration (similar to Nova Null Star) up to a max of 12. Chaos Current: Enemies in AOE range attack nearby targets. (This ability cancels current effect when being recast) Suggested: Remove the cancel effect when recasting. Add Radiation Damage of X% scaling with Strength. Absorb Current: Absorb damage and discharge in AOE. Can't move without Assimilate. Suggested: Increase range from 10m to 20m. Make default speed 50%. Make Assimilate augment mod increase speed to 75%.
  3. Thanks for the feedback all. Regarding the frame I kept it ambiguous (leaning towards new) for now as I didn't want to re-write or add to any specific frame or character's existing lore.
  4. Cause this is what is happening to them. They are becoming something from The Thing 1982. https://imgur.com/XheftcX https://imgur.com/ib9tJ3c
  5. It doesn't sound like the weapon or moa use melee mods, which means it'll be mastery fodder in the closet while I use helios to auto scan and be my stat stick. 😞 if I could get auto scan or a melee weapon an anything other than helios I'd use those instead. I mean why can't my helminth charger get a go pro for his head that scans for me?
  6. Decided to try something new during quarantine and take a stab at some creative writing. https://archiveofourown.org/works/24490147 It's from the viewpoint of a Tenno named Hachi who takes a bounty from a lady she meets on Cetus who may have found an Orokin vault on the plains. Always open to writing critique/advice that will help me improve. Description: Tenno Hachi is an unstoppable juggernaut on the battlefield with her Heavy Blade and Shotgun, but as a black transgender woman, she is insecure and unsure of herself in social interactions. When she accepts a job from Sara, an ex-Corpus salvager now living on Cetus who insists on coming with her for the job, Hachi is forced to deal with her and more.
  7. This isn't necessarily specific to Warframe, but for those who write fan fiction what platforms do you recommend to use for sharing your writings out? For example are sites like Writer's Cafe worthwhile or do you just use your own Wordpress site to post stuff too? If the goal is to share something with the community here (or other game communities) and is too long for a forum post where would you recommend to host it to for sharing? I've never shared anything like that before so open to any tips on the best way to go about it.
  8. Hi thanks for the replies. I have a 1GB connection usually get ~800mb/down and ~50mb/up. Anyway when I went outside I was by myself but it showed a ping of ~200ms however I was not in a group, but not host as I could see a ping. I am unsure of who left when but that was when the host migration occurred. It is probably related to someones poor internet, but it would be nice if the game did some kind of check/update like with Railjack missions that they save on completion and not extraction/elevator.
  9. Got to Fortuna Visit backroom, accept quest Head out, normal weird waiting for door I'm outside and heading to cave 3 others join during this time Enter cave, weird long wait at door entrance Normal fight process Break rocks, Exploiter falls Shoot out one random side vent Exploiter moves to back of room and lays little guys Thermia to vents -> kill vents Weirdness one: Exploiter skips "third stage" of going to front of room and dropping larger spiders with water Exploiter just stays in back area dialogue cuts to her talking about heading to Fortuna, she dissapears Head out of cave, wait at door for long time Typical Exploiter fight Head back to Fortuna Upon entering elevator, long wait followed by Host migration Come back on Fortuna surface, walk into elevator Disconnected from squad message Arrive back on my orbiter Mission and rewards all gone I got it done the second time, but this experience isn't uncommon for me and honestly the hardest challenge of this boss is whether or not Exploiter or the map/doors glitch or not.
  10. Ya I think it was a display issue, after restart and cache optimize thingy I'm rank 3 almost 4.
  11. So with the disappearance of mama Lotus Ordis has been feeding us missions synthesizing as her, but he's secretly doing this because he: Has his memories back even though he told us he erased them Has been waiting for the right time to destabilize the solar system Kill and sow discord among all the Orokin remnants cause he's secretly evil (that's everyone in power mostly) Something with Chemtrails, 5G, Patents and COVID19 Profit! (For Ordis) Ordis destroys all the things.
  12. https://imgur.com/R0FIxAx Stuck at 10k/10k Rank 2 of Glassmaker with most activities completed this week. I don't have any of the cephalon fragments for the puzzle as I've yet to encounter whatever it is I'm supposed to kill and/or hear from Nora in a mission.
  13. So derelicts are a funny thing to me. In any case going into the puzzle rooms can often yield these results. This happens to me a lot so I finally decided to make a video in the hopes it helps more than the regular bug reports.
  14. I like the overall concept of Nightwave, but I really wish I could be rewarded (earn pts/credits) for doing the things I love, rather than being forced into specific activities each weak that may or may not be something I'm interested in. Example. I love Relic cracking. But since Nightwave has been out I stopped doing this activity on the daily unless it comes up in the weekly as a specific open X relics or can be completed when doing the complete 3 missions of type X. Someone not me hates Relic cracking. But since Nightwave has been out they feel forced to do this as it comes up as their weekly and they do it begrudgingly before they can get back to what they love (anything else). Solution Suggestion: Nightwave should reward players for playing the game / doing activities in the game. Each day you gain pts toward your credit tiers. Example: Openeing relics without a bonus would only reward 50 pts per relic opened. Missions Completed (3 Sabotage, 30min Survival, etc) Activities Completed in Said Missions (ie: Kill X with Toxin dmg) Each week there is a special added bonus for completing certain mission types. These are the underplayed mission nodes/types that you want to try to engage players back into. Example: Open X relics this week for an extra 1k pts. Each week has a pt/tier cap (This would be equal to what it is today (43k pts?) Expected Outcome: Players can do what they love, and continue to do so and earn pts towards tiers and credit rewards Players who want to maximize their rewards can continue to focus on tasks with the highest bonuses Both groups can cap their pts each week doing what they want to do.
  15. Yay! Thank you. I feel like we're going to get a lot more host migration and network fixes since DE isn't able to test from within their same network and have to deal with all the host issues that players have had to deal with.
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