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  1. A market or bazaar where I can list items for sale in game that people can buy while I'm offline or otherwise away from the system.
  2. A rework in addition to the one earlier this year?
  3. This mode needs an anti-stuck-npc feature where if an NPC is in the same spot for X amount of time or X distance from the rest of a squad that they auto-teleport to their comrades. Seems like this would resolve for this issue.
  4. With a theme/background song of that Jonas song Chains...You got me in chains, You got me in chains for your love...
  5. 3 on valkyr p, 3 on saryn p, future ones will be saved for khora p in like 2 years I guess.
  6. It seemed worse than it was, sorta. I finished the star chart with a total of 44, so I had to get another 41 which I did doing several 30min runs of Zabala and Mots. Mots was better drop rate but a lot more difficult. I tossed in some Terry kills in between to mix things up. That said, I have no desire in me to try for the 85 costing ephemera...
  7. Can I get a little blade, a little needle-esque? Modular like an AMP that appears when I press my E and modifies the blast slightly with crit/status/dmg based on modular parts? Also I'm fine with weilding a little sting left handed if need be because Princess Bride. Also, serious kudos to whoever designed and created this armor set, it's seriously amazing looking.
  8. Does that always work? Last night when I was with a party that wanted to do more we got a lvl 50 Terry after going in and out, so we ended up leaving then reforming. Maybe it was just a random glitch 😕 Didn't try more than that time though.
  9. Well, the issue with not having a bounty for at least Steel Terry means I'm always having to leave planet, which breaks squad.
  10. I am curious if my pilfer khora is working or not as well. The smeeta and drop boosters definitely worked, but just pilfering didn't seem to do anything for me.
  11. The Fandom Wiki had some detailed info on this, but her Whip benefits most from +DMG and +CRIT, so getting a high combo counter with a weapon that is using WW+BR+PPP etc and sustaining the combo counter by using her whip or Naramon is what gets you the red crit numbers.
  12. Not sure if I missed something, but I can only do Steel Path Eidolons by going directly to PoE at night. Is this intedned? If I got to Cetus first the bounty is only the old/normal one (or the Steel Path item 6 bounty) and going through the door this way will result in me going to the normal low level PoE version, even though I have Steel Path toggle on. Is there something I missed? I recently completed all of the Steel Path (or so I thought) as I have statues of each planets, moons, void, derelict and fortress. So not sure if there was something else I needed to do?
  13. I had no idea about the energy orb issues. I had always heard it was used for when she is in the index and didn't want to auto loot all the points from her and other teammates kills since her own vacuum range seems larger than normal there...
  14. Thanks for this info. I just finished all the Steel Path, mostly with Pilfer Khora build (subbed in Ivara for spy missions) and ended with 44. Did an Eidolon and was able to get two parts. As much as I love playing with my operator I'm not a huge fan of the Eidolons so would prefer to do a survival.
  15. So after reading all this, I saved this guy for last, but then during the fight I found Khora's 2 worked on him so it made it way easy as I just kept spamming that and killed him. Also the invincible mobs can still get dangled. I did use 1 energy pizza, a wisp specter and I died once cause I was standing in the sludge. The real nemesis of the Steel Path was Jordas IMO. That was a solid 15min of bullet spraying with my 60% Ayanga with Viral, Radiation and Impact which I should have changed to gas or something else before the fight, but ugh that was a hell of a slog.
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