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  1. Using pistol skins on Pyrana Prime still bugs it, the astral pistol bugs out and refuses to poof after the dualwield timer
  2. Can you fix the pyrana prime bug when using skins on it? the summoned dual skin doesn't disappear.
  3. Keep up the good work DE Love you guys
  4. A dethcube update??? now we just need a PRIME VER OF DETHCUBE
  5. Greattttt Oxium will be alot more annoying to farm now.
  6. Thanks for the unvault and better choices DE! Finally got my TARGIS ❤️
  7. hohohoh smart choice on putting the somachords in the mission ❤️
  8. Jesus christ these people screaming raids, it wont go back that fast ok, plus their busy with venus atm. your plat farm will have to wait lol.
  9. DE why have an event during holidays/X mas :( we have families to attend too.
  10. b-but was hyped for the new rainlyste :C
  11. Just passing by but good luck with your exams. Also DE keep up the good work.
  12. That rhino with the tank for a hat, damn is it all photoshoped? it looks soo crisp.
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