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  1. --Q--TeneKay

    What if every Warframe has its own finisher

    I personally don't care about some fancy animations that get boring the after the fifth time you see them.
  2. --Q--TeneKay

    Is Loki in a not so good position rigth now?

    This only works if you're host, and I am pretty sure it's a bug. It never works for me unless I am host.
  3. --Q--TeneKay

    Mesa's Ballistic Battery need a rework

    Of course not, but it's unlikely for DE to care about buffing top tier frames when there frames that need complete reworks.
  4. --Q--TeneKay

    Mesa's Ballistic Battery need a rework

    Yeah, sure I guess. But Mesa also has the rest of her kit, and it's not that uncommon for top tier frames to have an ability that nobody uses -- like Gara's 3, for example.
  5. --Q--TeneKay

    Is this Tombfinger Riven good?

    Definitely reroll.
  6. --Q--TeneKay

    Akjagara as melee weapon

    You can use Garuda's Talons as a weapon because as the name suggests, it's her talons. Akjagara Prime is just a secondary weapon usable across all warframes.
  7. --Q--TeneKay

    Thought id share my Baruuk builds

    What abilities contradict?
  8. --Q--TeneKay

    Boltor Prime

    Boltor Prime isn't a very good weapon anymore, there are so many other (better) options.
  9. --Q--TeneKay

    Is Mag "Sucks" a meme?

    Mag is bad because I have to press more than one button and that's too hard for me.
  10. --Q--TeneKay

    Condition Overload Farming

    I've gotten quite a few COs by transmuting gold mods, so that's an alternative (better, IMO) way of getting CO. Keep in mind, it costs quite a few credits.
  11. --Q--TeneKay

    Who do Warframe Youtubers get their information from?

    First of all, why? And to answer your question: they probably come up with them or just present what is commonly accepted by the community as the best build for something (like a 100% status Tigris Prime build).
  12. --Q--TeneKay

    Sooo... Prime Regulators are worse than normal?!

    If you put the same build on both (assuming the power strength is the same), the numbers will be the same. Mesa Prime: https://imgur.com/a/TG8w56n Mesa: https://imgur.com/a/AQiH5S1
  13. I tried to make a gif to illustrate what I mean: https://imgur.com/XpG07Jz If you look at the second half of the gif after I launch the enemies in the air, Baruuk's waves deal no damage to enemies that are mid-ragdoll. Any form of ragdoll (from what I can see) makes enemies immune to Baruuk's damage.
  14. --Q--TeneKay

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

    Thanks for the update.
  15. --Q--TeneKay

    Captura the Battle Contest [Winners Announced!]

    My submission: The Sniper Edit: I realised that after I uploaded, Youtube compression tainted the quality of the video and things like the sniper shot aren't very visible. This kinda hinders what I was going for which is the camera following the bullet as it travels. I suggest watching in 1080p, maybe that helps it a little more.