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  1. If you're gonna support the other guy's nonsense, at least make some new points. You made the exact same points he made.
  2. You'll have to keep waiting, I'm afraid.
  3. It's not coming today, today is a public holiday for Canada.
  4. So... Hildryn. I've spent my entire playtime with her since she launched (did Sorties, general content, Kuva 1 hour survival) and I have to say that she is good but she has some minor and major annoyances and inconsistencies. I've re-edited this post to make it more clear and concise. Balefire: Pros: Overall good/great ability, really nice to use. It's got great damage (I am hitting upwards of 50k on my current build) and it has a great AoE explosion on impact (which is affected by range mods). Pin-point accuracy (Magnum Force is a really good mod to use in this case. Cons: Movement restriction (these two words are a recurring trend for this Warframe) when charging is a big no from me, it's annoying and serves no real purpose when similar weapons like the Staticor have the same mechanic yet they don't restrict movement. Please remove this, it just doesn't feel right in Warframe. Shield Pillage: Pros: This is her bread and butter, the ability you're probably going to use the most because it fuels all your abilities. Overall it's a great ability. It reduces enemy defences (shields and armour) and makes them slightly easier to kill which is nice. This ability removes all status effects from Hildryn and her allies, also a very useful feature because it helps you stop slash or toxin procs from chewing your health. Cons: This ability is pretty useless against Infested who have no shields or armour (most of the time), so you can't regain shields. Pretty major flaw that I hope gets fixed (just take some of their health away instead of defences). Requires Line of Sight to the target(s) you're pillaging which can be a slight pain in areas with lots of geometry around. Haven: Pros: Overall it's an OK defensive tool for her allies. It provides a shield bonus and gives them your shield gating passive (I'm pretty sure it does but I haven't noticed it trigger on someone just yet; maybe I haven't been paying too much attention). Cons: I just don't think it's that worth it most of the time so I didn't build for this ability. It does negligible damage (worthless basically, unless you're facing level 10 enemies). It links to: teammates; allies; allies of teammates; enemies; damn near everything on the map to be honest. This makes your shield drain skyrocket and what you gain from actually using this ability isn't worth the massive shield drain it costs. It kinda suffers from the same issue Oberon's renewal suffers from -- I basically never use / rarely use this ability. The shield boost isn't even that big, just give them a copy of my insane shield pool instead if you want it to actually be worth using. Otherwise, every other support Warframe ability is better than this one. Aegis Storm: Pros: Oh boy... I've got a lot of mixed feelings about this one. Let me just say that this is an OK ability at best in its current state. The CC potential of it is nice, it's basically Vauban's Bastille with damage over time (albeit negligible damage) and because it's basically Bastille, that makes it pretty good for denying access to an area or defending objectives. You can shoot your Balefire in this mode. You can hover around and look cool like Ironman, but it pretty much offers nothing besides worthless damage and decent CC capabilities. Cons: Pretty much just problems with the pros that I've listed above + more: CC potential reduces the further up you go, meaning that although you can hover up, it is actually detrimental and counter intuitive to do so if you want to get the most range for your CC (ability damage increases the higher up you go too, but 0 multiplied by 0 is still 0 so who cares about that). Its area of effect works like a sphere, but I just think it should be a circle to avoid these unnecessary complications. You can ONLY shoot your Balefire in this mode, and you can't even shoot it faster or shoot twice at the same time (even though visually she equips two Balefire launchers). You get no advantage when using Balefire in this ability and I really think you should. Also, let us use our own guns in this ability because if I want to evaporate some dude with my Opticor, I would like to be able to do that instead of exiting the ability, killing him and then entering it again. The hover speed is slow, clunky, and the game will literally push you down if you float more than about 10 meters off the ground (which is absurd). It feels very restrictive and limiting to play when you have Warframes like Zephyr that can literally fly with a press of a button, and I can't even hover 10 meters above ground or move from point A to point B without being bored to death (takes ages to move around in this mode). Biggest criticism I have of this ability, it simply needs to change in my opinion. You can't cast Shield Pillage in this mode (I can understand why, it's so you can't hover forever and CC enemies forever). However, again, it feels super counter intuitive having to exit the ability to regen shields then go back into it (especially when animations are kind of long). It just doesn't flow very well... Overall, fun frame, but needs tweaks (quite a lot of them) to really get there. Hopefully she gets improvements soon, she's very fun to play and I think she can be a top-tier frame.
  5. Can we expect a full waypoints fix? Recent patch has broken them even more. Can we get Kuva siphons and floods appearing on the Alerts tab, like Fissures and Arbitrations? On the topic of Kuva: Have you reconsidered the idea of scaling Kuva gain from Kuva survival, or even making enemies drop a very small amount of Kuva per kill? Will there ever be more Eidolon types (apart from the Flydolon), possibly even some different types that spawn at daytime? Any more news on upcoming Warframe reworks? Progress on the return of Trials?
  6. My submission: The Sniper Edit: I realised that after I uploaded, Youtube compression tainted the quality of the video and things like the sniper shot aren't very visible. This kinda hinders what I was going for which is the camera following the bullet as it travels. I suggest watching in 1080p, maybe that helps it a little more.
  7. Thanks for the fixes, keep them coming.
  8. It's made using Inspect Element, it's not real.
  9. It was to be expected, these big updates are hard to predict when they'll come out. Regardless, hoping for a release sooner rather than later.
  10. Thanks for Ayatan Auto-install!
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