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  1. I liked finishers...I mean its a cool animation and thanks to Mercy kills, have benefits...is spending a fraction of a second that big of a deal to the meta? I mean really though, you kill one guy for 0.3secs then up to of 5-9 guys before even the second passes...I just don't see it as a problem... To be fair before Mercy kills, they were abit pointless
  2. Eh, If you like it that's nice and all...the big thing I would like it to at least be able to toggle it...I just don't like how I have to stop what I'm doing to get a execution it just seems clunky to me.
  3. Yeah, I personally liked it, it made combat more what's the word, "cinimatic?" To me... And it was just easier to me honestly. So at least being able to toggle it would be nice....
  4. I mean sure, I had that problem once or twice, but now say your using melee and a Mercy opportunity pops up....and because you didn't react with X in time and pressed B he dies and you don't get that extra energy!.....I just don't want to use the action button in combat really, it's just clunky to me....
  5. Yeah, it would be nice to dubble bind it to B so I can actually get stealth kills...it's just harder for me now at least your ok with it lol
  6. It sounds like a disruption, but instead it's just a random mess of clemening...I love it! Do this DE.... please?
  7. Ok I don't know if this is a problem to ps4 or PC or anything else, but on Xbox before the latest melee update to executions where B the same as the base melee attack. This made things much easier and smooth, however, they changed it to the action button. This makes executions harder because you may not even notice that you could stealth or Mercy kill enemy's...this seems kinda dumb to me...and I don't know why DE would make it a Hassel, but I just wanted to get my opinion out...i mean who knows, they may fix it. P.s I put this in A.A.U because I don't really know whare else to put this, if it goes somewhere else just let me know and I'll move it, thanks!
  8. I just got a lot of xb1 cash for Xmas but I don't want to buy the current pv because I already have half the stuff it's offering. it would be helpful if anyone knew anything about the next opening so I can take full advantage of the deal! Thx P.s I don't really care about whats in them, all I really care about is mostly the MR, slots, and plat, thx.
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