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  1. Neofit26

    Warframe Phone app

    And more importantly, how is it relevant?
  2. Hello, In the official android app, when looking at the inventory, we cannot filter the entirety of its content, but need to choose a sub-category first like "Warframes" or "Prime Parts", and then filter it. Problem is, there is no subcategory to show blueprints, they are not shown in "Resources/Misc" either. So for instance you cannot see what blueprints you have for the Ember warframe, nor if you have the Ember Prime BP either. The solution could be to give us a search field on the main Inventory screen, without having to go into each of the subcategory first. There are probably other types of items that we don't see the way it is setup right now.
  3. Neofit26

    Please send us to the proper mission

    Even better. For a long time I've been trying to get a group to get past Pluto Cerberus (Interception), can't clear the planet without it. Finally got a group, wow, but I get there and it's a Defense mission somewhere else. I humoured the bad coding and stuck to the end, and of course Cerberus hadn't been cleared.
  4. Hi, I've spent the week-end using up my relics for Baro, and I've lost count already: I am asking for a Sabotage Fissure mission but I am sent into a Mobile Defense one. Right now, "Ares (Mars) Level 14-16, Sabotage - Grineer", and I have been sent 3 time out of 4 into a Mobile Defense (the other one started normally as a Defense Mission, but a few seconds in the host disconnected and I am not wasting a relic on a solo-duo mission). And no, I am not misclicking, there are no Mobile Defense mission anywhere near that Sabotage mission. Actually, atm, there isn't even a Fissure Mobile Defense advertised on Mars.
  5. Neofit26

    Modifying an amp

    Hi, I am confused a bit about amps. Googling didn't help, and all of the guides out there are missing basic amp information. So I started working for the Quills. Got my first 3 modules, went to amp construction, and put them on on an amp. Went on a hunt and wasn't doing almost any damage, like before. Then I figured that when people were saying to "build a new amp", this didn't mean to build a new amp "receptacle" onto which to place these modules, as attachments one places on a assault rifle rails for instance. The three modules I "placed" weren't actually placed on the mote amp but did in fact create a new amp, that I had to equip as a new weapon :). Fair enough. Now I climbed one step further into the Quills hierarchy and got 2 new modules. I can't find a way to use them anywhere. It's probably rather trivial like the "new amp" thingy above, but from what I can see, my current 111 amp cannot be modified, and if I want to use any of the new T2 modules I have to create a new amp, which also means wasting standing on re-buying old T1 BPs if I want to have a 212 amp? If that's the case, I guess I'll wait until I have all T2s to make me a 222 amp then.
  6. Neofit26

    Acolyte drops question

    Cool thanks.
  7. Neofit26

    Acolyte drops question

    Hi, I've read a few posts/guides about acolytes and still don't understand one thing: how do their drops work? You encounter one, damage him, he drops something and teleports away? Or are they like invasions, you damage some then by the end of the event you get an email with some pellets according to the ones you managed to damage? I've seen one today. Well, almost. It was an excavation mission, guys rushed to the extraction point, apparently saw the acolyte, there was an "enemy" waypoint very shortly, they got him within seconds before I even managed to reach the room, and continued to the extraction point. I don't even know what to do in such a situation. I guess there was a drop in one of the rooms they left that I have missed?
  8. Hi, I am talking about that terrible mission with the win margin. As a side note, I've just lost it 3 times, even though I totally destroyed the same AI in the 3 previous matches. The margin should be higher. Every loss is huge for a player at the level this quest is being done, besides everything should be financed by the dude who wants me to, not myself. Anyway, here is the issue. It is supposed to be a 3-rounds match, correct? It is written everywhere. Which means 2 out of 3. Yet I lose the first round and I am out. I win the first one then, the AI gets a second chance unlike me, then I lose the second (not because of the margin, just by the points), and I am out again. How is it not 1 out of 3? Besides, there shouldn't even be a margin. A win in one round and a loss in the other should be enough for the other side to think they have a chance. Your goal shouldn't be to frustrate paying customers. Or, if we play with the margin and I win with a wider gap, the game must not consider this a loss. The other party is not privy to our little scheme, I won the match, give me my money, or at least my investment, then have the quest not resume and have me replay the same portion.
  9. Neofit26

    Eidolon question

    Hi, For context: I've played 1.5 years ago to MR7, came back recently, gained a few MRs to 14. Am opening the map, up to Sedna. Done quests up to The War Within. Have 3 prime frames and 3 weapons. I can solo the PoE strongest Ostron and Ghoul Purge dailies. This said, I've never touched anything related to The Quills and Eidolons. I read up a bit about that and it feels to me like a self-contained pack of content, isn't it? So far, neither the Quills, nor the Eidolons nor the Operator himself has impacted my gameplay, except for me avoiding PoE at night, so I am wondering when I should start delving into that. Still a lot to do in the rest of the game. From what I understand right now, the Quills faction needs Eidolon drops, gives rewards for Operators, whose job is to kill Eidolons, as a self-contained triangle, right? I've read the wiki and it seems that nothing from that triangle will give me anything that I could use in the rest of the game (like new mods or weapons), so I don't really need to do it right now. Then, when I'm bored, I can jump into that for a whole bunch of new and original content? Thanks
  10. Neofit26

    Affinity loss upon death

    Hi, When I die and respawn the game says I will lose 10% of the affinity gained so far in the mission. Where is that affinity taken from? There is no global affinity pool afaik. According to the wiki, let's say I killed a mob worth 100 exp with a warframe ability, it got +100 affinity. Then I kill an identical one with my primary weapon, the warframe is not +150 and the primary is at +50. Then I die. The game says it will cost me 20 affinity to respawn. Where can it be taken from? 10% from each pool (WF and the 3 weapons)? Thanks
  11. Neofit26

    Warframe Phone app

    I don't know why this thread is in the Off-Topic forum, it is very much on-topic of the game. The app, if we could still be logged in while in-game, would be a very helpful companion. Let's face it, the game interface is a mess. Every click, every Esc, is followed by an animation, some zooming in or out, which is cute the first day, but maddening every time after that. Let's say I want to see what invasions are underway. On the phone it's two "clicks" and I'm there, AND the list of every invasion is already expanded. So if I want to check if there is something for, say, the Snipetron Vandal Receiver, the information is right there after two fast clicks on the phone screen. On the PC, it's Navigation, camera rotation and zoom, move the mouse to Invasions, then click on every invasion to expand the list and see the content. Then if I want to see if I already have the Dera Vandal receiver that is offered in a current invasion, on the PC it's Esc, camera rotation with zoom out, Arsenal/..., more animations blah-blah, Inventory, "dera", and I'm there. Then I have to go back to the Invasions screen to take part in the mission, watching more menu close/open animations. If I could use the phone, the information would be two clicks away, without changing screens on the main game. Same thing with the market. Say I want to build the Akbolto. Have I built, or even started to build the second Bolto last week? On the PC I have to exit the market window, go into the foundry, then go back into the market window. With the phone app I could consult the Inventory and Foundry windows without changing menus in the game and be subjected to the endless animations. Wait, did I master the Bolto and sell it? If I could consult the Codex on the app I wouldn't need to change menus and watch animations on the PC screen. Wherever I am in-game. (I don't remember if we have access to the Codex on Cetus). Want to refresh your extractors? A zillion times faster on the app than on the over-animated in-game interface. If one needs to disable the Foundry when we are in-game or anything else for some kind of exploit I have trouble imagining, then no problem. But I think a read-only app would be very handy in-game.
  12. Neofit26

    Companions and affinity

    Hello, I took some time optimizing my Sentinel's mods, hadn't done that in ages,, and it tuned out to be a serious killing machine, like half the mobs in a solo mission. So this got me wondering how rxp was shared. I am getting contradicting information from the wiki: On the Affinity page: So according to this, the maxed Sentinel is basically stealing my kills. Should definitely be removed in exping defense missions. But on the Sentinels page: Hmmm. So which is it?
  13. Hi, I've played Warframe for a bit up to about 1.5 years ago. Now I came back a few days ago, passed, got to MR9, more or less found my bearings. I did a few days in Cetus, started earning Focus. I still have Fortuna to look forward to. All in all there is a lot to keep me busy, between the dailies, the alerts, invasions, finishing the planets, Cetus, raising MR etc. But I'd hate to do just busywork. Focus is still a thing, right? What we get from Cetus is still useful? I've started playing WoW on release day, and am still coming back for a month or two after every expansion. With every expansion, Blizzard makes all of the previous content obsolete. Seeing as in almost every group in Cetus there is a high level (who just breezes through the bounty making 80% of the damage), I suppose that the area, its rewards and focus are still relevant, but just in case... I'd hate to see that in Fortuna, the first few drops completely obsolete all the focus I spent weeks and month accumulating for instance.
  14. Neofit26

    Faster (Optimised) Menu Shortcuts

    I agree with all this, and would go further. I think the whole menu system will greatly benefit from a setting: no menu transitions. Sure, seeing my dude slowly kneeling by the navigation console, then standing up, or the camera swinging around him and whatnot, all this is fun in the first hour. After that it's just a terrible annoyance as far as I'm concerned, and I hate wasting all that time just ildly watching animations instead of being right there where I need to be.
  15. Neofit26

    Returning player, retired relic rewards

    Thanks for the replies. One more thing I can't find through google. The wiki says that Baro won't be here for 8 more days, so I got to ask: what is his exchange rate? Say I have an extra barrel and want one for another weapon. Will the ducat exchange be 1:1, or as in other games, he buys for 1/2 to 1/5 of what he sells?