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  1. I -might- finish nightwave just to get the umbral then just leave. Its clear they dont listen or have a clue...
  2. All those melle nerfs where complete bs along with thier reasons given. I don't care what ANY of you DE apologists say I'll freaking DIE on this hill. They where not needed. I am beyond pissed. Most of my time in this game was spent making dank melle weapons. Im NOT getting any of that time, effort or energy back. Its Goddam Disrespectful how bad it is now.
  3. Cant even get red crits at a 12x multi any more. You've pretty much gimped the little bit of evil fun i had left in this game with the huge melle nerfs. No desire to even play the rest of the update at this point, Or this game any further. Enjoy.
  4. This entire thread doesn't stand on 1 leg. I literally main a prisma gorgon because its a crit machine gun and so wildly unpopular its riven dispo is perfectly safe(140% cc currently)... Which is basically what you are doing with the stradavar prime. And I too have a nice riven on my stradavar prime for that very reason. We are both literally gaming thier nerf by popularity gimmic to get stupidly strong rivened weapons.
  5. The bs reasons given. "Hey you are using this thing a lot, its popular. NERF" Is pretty much thier balance department. When you nerf popular things, people get pissed. /thread.
  6. I dont have a reddit, feel free to toss it on there if you like it. I just needed to vent *shrugs* If this goes live ill likely just leave. I'm tired.
  7. (Not that they will actually read ANY of this unless its on Reddit *shrugs*) I'd like to preface this with a few things. This is no way an attack personally on any staff at DE, I'm simply just frustrated. I'm frustrated because I'm seeing old mistakes being made all over again And I just don't get WHY. I'm a Firefall refugee. That game was mismanaged and died under similar problems i'm starting to see now. Mechanic and gameplay changes noone asked for, and did nothing to improve the game. Most of the changes were blatant proof that the developers DID NOT ACTUALLY PLAY THIER GAME to understand why things where done they way they are. Some changes where just so pants on head I have no idea HOW they got off the drawing board. "HEY this game is about flying around in armored suits and mobility....leeeets aaddd...AIM DOWN SIGHTS!!!! YEAH that's it!!!" *literally everyone* "That is a terrible idea why would you do something that would murderously kill our mobility and give us something we dont need? We have no accuracy issues, fix X, Y, Z, instead" "NAHHHH i'ma do it, Oh by the way? that really cool long range GATLING FREAKING LAZER CANNON that you melt people with? yeah thats a short range mining laser now, cause reasons" Repeat until death. I hate new content in your game. I hate it not because of its poor implementation (although thats usually an issue) or bugs (massive issue) I hate it because i know the more hardcore among us will find some way/frame/mod combination to absolutely walk through the content which leads to those frames, mods and what have you immediately being nerfed. DE fanboys/girls/whatever your identity DONT EVEN TRY TO COME FOR ME because look at every single last major event or content drop. SOMETHING GOT NERFED. every. Dang. TIME. I dont even PLAY steel path. I likely never will. I dont like chewing on uberarmored grineer for 20 minutes alone because my clans mostly dead and i can never get a group going to do stuff like that with. Your method of increasing the difficulty was boring to me, and the way you go about punishing players who USE THE SYSTEMS AVAILABLE to deal with the increased armor/health values and actually kill thier enemies in a timely fashion is also very offputting. And the whole "you cant see the animations!!!" Excuse? Is just that, an EXCUSE. A very very HOLLOW one. When we are melleing we are NOT looking at the animations, no matter how fast or slow we are going, We are looking at the next section of grineer to MURDER. Melle in this game is fast and frantic and thats why we like it. Ironically, I actually wanted to make a praise post some time ago when the Battacor was dropped praising your animation department for they work they did. Acutally seeing all the moving parts working on that thing as you fired was very impressive, and it was obvious whoever did those animations put a lot of love in it. Also: the other reason why that is a TERRIBLE cop out excuse, is that I HIGHLTY doubt everyone was double stacking beserker with primed fury. Know why? This is gonna be a kicker... THERE IS SUCH A THING AS TOO MUCH ATTACK SPEED. :O My very first riven in this game was Guandao riven. It came with ohhh about 130 some odd critical, 75% attack speed -status chance...basically a pretty good bingo roll for a noobie. Its why its my most used melle weapon in the game. An old clannie tossed me a blood rush and my very low MR butt was zipping around red critting things and having an absolute BALLLL...but oddly enough i had to drop Beserker off the build...the dam thing got so fast, especially once i acquired Valkyr and her eternal war augment that id could barely finish my melle combos, they actually kept resetting and i'd just do this weird stutter thing after only swinging once....There is actually a break point between attack speed and just tossing beserker off for more damage/status/whatever the case may be. This is doubly true for guns in this game. That excuse is just Completely BUNK...sorry not sorry. Try again. Most of the changes presented are not going to change anything. People are still going to main melle in steel path, the on kill requirements for most of the gun mods (that i have -1000000000000000 intention of ever farming) make them pretty tactically useless unless melle kills count, (lol). Everyone gets a bit nerfed, Your game doesnt change much except for the shuffling of a few gladiator mods onto melle weapons to make up for the bloodrush changes aaand people might take 1 or 2 extra swings to kill high level grineer in a game mode i seldom if ever pick up pub players in when i try it, which speaks to its population. Nothing changes and you piss off quite a few players fooooor what? What will be accomplished? Why dont you actually LOOK as to WHY melle is so dominant in your one apparently poorly populated mode and see what changes can be done to bring gun play UP to that level FOR end game content like that. You will NEVER "Diversify the game" by nerfing the dominant thing. You guys keep trying and I'm willing to bet you that behind the Kuva nukor the Catchmoon is still probably one of the more used secondaries....MMO's will NEVER work like that, ive been playing them since at least 2007. and in every one the more mathy/experimental ones among us will find the one frame/character/gun/mod/sword whatever the heck that can dominate and that will be the mainstay. That's in every mmo ever created. We. Break. Your. Crap. Its why i LOVE these games honestly. Stop punishing us for playing your game. Unless it is something that is actually negatively affecting others gameplay or is just inherently broken I dont see the issues. Who is in here complaining? The Grineer? The last negative things that actually messed with other peoples experiences where Troll Limbos, and Memeing strike atteraxes. Those are LONG gone... I love warframe just as much as I loved Firefall with a PASSION and i'd like to see this keep going and entertaining me for a few more years, but i'm TIRED of the constant fun policing in this game...I honestly would not be surprised if i have more playtime than a lot of the big wig streamers for this, i WANT to see this game do better, but this is not the way. Its just gonna be Firefall 2.
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