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  1. Never seen that because my whipclaw usually one hits everything???!!
  2. No you arent. I forma'd several things in preperation and farmed 7 frames. Nidus, Protea, and harrow among them, some of THE HARDEST frames in the game to farm. My time and my 2 weekends where a #*!%ing resource I wont get back...
  3. Sometimes i actually wonder how they have thier stuff modded...like..have yall actually WATCHED them play sometimes? They arent that good...I think they are out of touch with the players because they probably dont PLAY this like we do...and im not one of those tryhard meta minmax players but even watching them go at it just makes me go "Ooof" Perhaps this is why they make these headscratchingly bad decisions. Nothing against them personally tho...
  4. or they heard this BS was here and came running. And hell came with them....
  5. Isnt the first post literally a tyl Regor meme? *looks...* Edit: YEEEEEEEP
  6. I only just did my first railjack missions at mr...26? Last week ish....i only did it to farm protea parts...now im somewhat invested so i can max out my railjack...then never play again.
  7. Too late. People are gonna switch to that and its gonna get nerfed....
  8. or hell instead of gara's crappy 3 why not her damage reduction skill? Trinity's 3 instead of her 1. Or GOD FORBID her 2...jesus... Mesa's shatter shield. Nezha's warding halo Frost's bubble...I can do this all day. They chose the TRASH skills to subsume.
  9. Run that with that a buff kitgun and you'd be dumb strong.
  10. Nope. Those are gonna get nerfed first hotfix.
  11. Yeah honestly with some of those changes they'd be pretty dam interesting.....
  12. blind aint maxed Rhino's not umbral'd yet. and i def dont run blind+fortitude.
  13. WHOOOOOO i didnt even think about Ward on hyldrin...OR a high str Wisp with her mote...holy CRAP the HP pool you would have...... But hildrin...with the shield regen ability....you use shields to restore shields....forever....LOL!
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