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  1. OOOF. Yeah that does suck then. I thought you were talking about some theoretical "what if" Riven. I thought most of the amprex crit died when they rebalanced it. Why I assumed most didnt have red crits anymore.
  2. Because quite a few of us where not running with 150% CC before? My apmrex riven was just base damage and reload speed with a status duration neg. IT still takes out the trash fairly well.
  3. I get what you are saying, and in some cases like the TIberon, and Inevitably the Gram rivens I -Completly- understand. My point is, the handling of this was HORRIBLE. Very little warning just BLAM thank you ma'am kiss your Beloved Plasmor Good bye. Best case would allow us to keep our current rolls/stats. Rivens are dynamic? Fine, but give us a bit of return on investment by keeping the previous riven rolls, and do this more often with some consistency so people like me who didnt see this coming wont be so gutted. And have some of the changes dont make sense. Supra? Astilla? Plasmor? None of those nerfs made sense other than the plasmor being popular for eidolons? and Being used a lot by Sayrns since It synergizes well with popping spores. My plasmor build wasnt even super-crit-meta or whatever the build is for plasmors that everyone uses. My Riven just had Damage and punch. AND I LOVED IT, because that gun reminded me of a BFG10k from quake. I even painted it black and green. Watching that massive green ball swipe entire Konga lines of Grineer was FUN. Wasn't overpowered, or game breaking, was just pure clean FUN. And it got Gimped.
  4. Some people LIKE doing that. I eventually wanted 1 well statted riven for every gun/melle I owned in the game. That was my end game goals, with everything forma'd and decked out.
  5. Especially if those weapons are used to hunt eidolons which has been the reason for quite a few of the recent nerfs. See: Chroma. So the answer to this is clear. STOP HUNTING EIDOLONS!!! LOL
  6. Measly.... My plasmor was doing slightly over 8k corrosive/radiation damage and around 7k fire damage before the changes. with nearly 2.2k meters punch now its barely topping 7.5k and 6k fire damage? 1.7m punch <---quite important for being able to shoot though things like thin walls, obstacles or doors. MEASLY. HE SAYS.
  7. That would actually be a great idea...It gives you a reason to keep doing simaris scans. Moa pets will create a nearly endless market for them.
  8. Translation: THIS DOESN'T AFFECT ME TO SHUT UP AND TAKE IT HAHA!!! RIVEN META LOSER!! Another poorly timed side effect of this, the new Moa pets use setinel weapons until you can unlock the top teir moa weapons, since they cant be aquired anymore the prices are skyrocketing, so if you actually wanted your moa to have a decently dangerous gun, well you are SOL...
  9. Something else you dont see mentioned and I should have brought up. This is actually counter productive. The riven system actually made me buy weapons, BAD weapons SPECIFICALLY because I wanted to get a specific riven, with a specific roll on it To make it amazing. Do you guys really think I'd have a 5 forma standard Boar right now if it were not for a riven? In that respect, rivens DID actually encourage weapon diversity. My sobek is another example, because its got 5/5 dispot and i got a multishot AND status chance roll with a negative all at once. Its amazing and fun to use now and can murder sortie stuff with ease. Long time Karak fan. I love my wraith dearly even before it was buffed and everyone said it was a trash rifle, and specifically hunted for a riven for it, not because it NEEDED it, but because it was one of my favorite off meta rifles to use. HELL ive even got a FLUX rifle ffs. slash/damage/multishot riven. Do you acutally think i'd build/forma/potato a FLUX RIFLE as a keeper unless i had that riven? It even SOUNDS bad....
  10. THIS. I would be 100% ok if the dispos changed but the rivens i spent time on already were left alone.
  11. Honestly They should have probably capped some of the more popular weapons at 3/5 To be honest FEW of the weapons (at least that ive bumped into) that have a 1/5 or whatever actually deserve it. Guns like the Soma and what have you fell out of favor ages ago. The TIberon nerf I could understand. That thing was GODLY after the buffs, so 5/5 was a bit much. But for most of the guns now...no lower than 3. Supra definitly didn't need to be touched.
  12. Yes or half my arsenal would have a 5/5 dispo. Like who uses Karaks?
  13. You didnt answer his question. Thsi was done in the name of "balance" As is this were a pvp game. ITS NOT. Who is gonna complain about the one jerkoff in the squad with some God riven on his lanka while you go around with your Braton prime mowing down everything anyway? I have never once complained about a squad mate having too powerful a weapon. There wasnt any reason for the nerfs.
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