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  1. The status chance is considerably higher, so saying "that's it" is somewhat downplaying the advantage. Paper DPS is great and all, but getting significantly more corrosive procs will have a big impact in practice.
  2. It's an unfortunate downside of the way they decided to go with the exilus slot. Since the mods for that slot by design don't have much impact on the weapon's performance, you inescapably aren't giving up that much by using that slot to silence the weapon. Until there are more, genuinely attractive options for that slot, innate stealth won't really that big of a deal on a weapon, and certainly not sacrificing performance-related stats for.
  3. I wasn't talking about in general. I was talking about on the aksomati, the topic of the thread.
  4. Don't console builds need to be submitted to the console's company for some kind of approval or something? I seem to remember console's having some sort of restrictions on their patch / update turnaround time.
  5. This is a high RoF machine pistol, though, not a sword. It doesn't take a crazy high status change to start good number of procs when you're spewing many bullets out per second.
  6. More than doubling the base status seems pretty significant to me.
  7. Yes, I think that was what was going on under the hood. From a practical gameplay perspective though, it was a big buff.
  8. Semi-recently. I'm terrible with timelines, but within the last few months iirc. Substantial improvements to everything but the lenz, I think.
  9. Cernos Prime is pretty nasty after the bow buffs. Vertical spread is a very tight cluster with the top arrow at the crosshair instead of the middle one (way more practical for headshots), and the horizontal spread is great for clearing rifraf more efficiently than single-shot bows. One of my favorite weapons in the game, now.
  10. Clearly the railjack is the liberator of space ships: use to to acquire a better one!
  11. Are glaives still hella weak, as per the change a few patches ago?
  12. One would hope. Not sure why they nerfed it so hard in the first place.
  13. The glaive prime in dual wield mode feels pretty useless after this hotfix. Even paired with a zakti and timing the glaive explosion correctly with the zakti's stagger, the damage is extremely underwhelming. What used to take one or two throws, now would take like fifteen. With amount of time and effort to execute that many correctly timed throws, I could kill many similar targets with conventional melee, or just shooting them.
  14. Do you trust that you're actually being given the stuff your regular mission summary screens say you're getting, or do you go into your inventory and manually check your resource totals? If you trust the regular mission rewards screens, why would you NOT trust the kuva litch stolen goods refund? Hell, DE could be siphoning a little off the top of your account between sessions. Do you keep an independent inventory record to confirm your totals each time you log in?
  15. I imagine that's a part of it, but the damage swing seems way too wide for it to be just that. I expected some damage reduction, but between the base damage increase and the % increase on condition overload, I didn't expect to go all the way from devastating with one, maaaybe two well-timed glaive explosions, to the same enemies totally shrugging off my damage. EDIT: Adding corrupt charge to my build has resolved the issue. Didn't realize the dual-wielding charge attack was considered a heavy attack, and thus super wimpy without combo. The 2X minimum of corrupt charge put the damage back to where I'd expect it to be.
  16. Overall I've been fairly pleased with the melee changes, but when it comes to glaive dual-wielding, I'm quite disappointed. One of my favorite weapon setups in the game my Glaive Prime, paired with my Zakti. If I timed the glaive explosion such that it hit right after the zakti's stagger, the damage it would do was extremely powerful. Tricky to pull off and time corretly, but very rewarding when you do. One of my more reliable combos for taking down heavy higher-level targets. Now, that same combo does so much less damage that it doesn't even feel useful. Against my standard testing lv 120 heavy gunners, they often completely shrug it off. On rare occasions a perfectly timed attack will take an noticable chunk of their health off, but it's extremely inconsistent, and still far lower than it used to be. Before the change, I could usually kill them outright with a correctly timed attack. I've played around with my build a bit to try and get it back into shape, but I can't get the damage to get anywhere near as high, or even high enough to feel remotely worth the effort. Not entirely sure which change specifically lowered the dual-wielded glaive damage so substantially, but it's hugely disappointing. Please take a look at the changes with respect to dual-wielded glaive throws (and explosions). I want my tricky, but fun combo back. EDIT: Adding corrupt charge to my build has resolved the issue. Didn't realize the dual-wielding charge attack was considered a heavy attack, and thus super wimpy without combo. The 2X minimum of corrupt charge put the damage back to where I'd expect it to be.
  17. They could just be universal, account-bound "mods" that you still sink Endo and credits into, but simply apply to all relevant weapons instead of needing to be slotted.
  18. Indeed. Base damage being multiplied by 3 is the same as final damage being multiplied by 3, assuming you don't have any mods that are adding flat damage (like covert lethality) involved. Turns out 1 x 3 is the same as 3 x 1.
  19. I'm glad to finally be getting manual blocking back, but sad to see guardian derision is losing its taunt. Was hoping to finally be about to go full tank mode with it, and the amalgam javlok mod. 😞
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