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  1. The status chance is considerably higher, so saying "that's it" is somewhat downplaying the advantage. Paper DPS is great and all, but getting significantly more corrosive procs will have a big impact in practice.
  2. Don't console builds need to be submitted to the console's company for some kind of approval or something? I seem to remember console's having some sort of restrictions on their patch / update turnaround time.
  3. Yes, I think that was what was going on under the hood. From a practical gameplay perspective though, it was a big buff.
  4. Semi-recently. I'm terrible with timelines, but within the last few months iirc. Substantial improvements to everything but the lenz, I think.
  5. Cernos Prime is pretty nasty after the bow buffs. Vertical spread is a very tight cluster with the top arrow at the crosshair instead of the middle one (way more practical for headshots), and the horizontal spread is great for clearing rifraf more efficiently than single-shot bows. One of my favorite weapons in the game, now.
  6. Are glaives still hella weak, as per the change a few patches ago?
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