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  1. 3 hours ago, ChaosSabre said:

    You are still doing less damage with it. The prime version has 2 extra base damage and higher status chance. That's it. You'll be getting more stats on regular one.

    The riven will actually be way more effective on regular version as well since the prime also has worse accuracy.

    The status chance is considerably higher, so saying "that's it" is somewhat downplaying the advantage. Paper DPS is great and all, but getting significantly more corrosive procs will have a big impact in practice.

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  2. On 2019-12-16 at 8:40 PM, (PS4)Hiero_Glyph said:

    Don't pretend you wouldn't get a hot fix in a day or two at most. I've been around since the console launch and I know that PC gets far more benefits even if there are some rough launches. You make it sound like consoles have a perfect gameplay experience when that is so far from the truth.

    Don't console builds need to be submitted to the console's company for some kind of approval or something? I seem to remember console's having some sort of restrictions on their patch / update turnaround time.

  3. 6 hours ago, (NSW)FlameDivinity said:

    Apparently, at least from what I got from it, is that their "buff" is how they were intended to work, and due to a flaw in coding, they ended up being much weaker than they should. So at least, if I'm recalling correctly, DE didn't intentionally shaft bows.

    Yes, I think that was what was going on under the hood. From a practical gameplay perspective though, it was a big buff.

  4. On 2019-11-22 at 5:56 PM, KnossosTNC said:

    I started with an MK-1 Paris, and currently alternate between my Dread, Rakta Cernos and Daikyu. I've also put a lot of kills into Paris Prime before I had to sell it to clear up a weapon slot. After a recent buff, though, I'm considering farming it back.

    I can never have enough bows.

    Cernos Prime is pretty nasty after the bow buffs. Vertical spread is a very tight cluster with the top arrow at the crosshair instead of the middle one (way more practical for headshots), and the horizontal spread is great for clearing rifraf more efficiently than single-shot bows. One of my favorite weapons in the game, now.

  5. 15 minutes ago, TyrianMollusk said:

    Not anymore than every weapon needing Pressure Point is evidence, because much like Pressure Point, CO and BR are core-strength account upgrades that push new weapons into their full-power spaces and get players spending forma.  They are the multishot mods for melee, but they do that job better because they have systems to get their bonus instead of just "more bullets".  Removing them doesn't make melee more interesting to build, it makes it less interesting to play.

    Because acquiring and ranking up those mods is how our accounts grow and mature.  It works like that throughout the game.

    They could just be universal, account-bound "mods" that you still sink Endo and credits into, but simply apply to all relevant weapons instead of needing to be slotted.

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  6. 53 minutes ago, HolySeraphin said:

    How do you test it on the builder? You can't exactly compensate there.

    Also, if the base damage is increased, then every mod has a higher effect due to this. The damage mods like Pressure point will be based on a 3.4x higher base, and the elemental mods will be based on the altered damage. So a heat mod will be based on a 3.4x damage, which means it will essentially become +306%, even more if you use Pressure Point (base damage mod). Then crit mods come into account, so a +90% crit damage will be based on the "final" damage, which was augmented by the increased base damage, which was further increased by the elemental damage. In others words, they stack.

    Indeed. Base damage being multiplied by 3 is the same as final damage being multiplied by 3, assuming you don't have any mods that are adding flat damage (like covert lethality) involved. Turns out 1 x 3 is the same as 3 x 1.

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