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  1. as you can see, the Veles skin and even the Graxx skin retain the model for the deluxe, while textures are the only change minus the helmet. I also believe his skirt stays from the original skin
  2. “Operator, you sure are in your... prime. Ha ha... nothing?”
  3. Same here. Started during the Ropo fight for nightwave and now I can’t even do it.
  4. I am leaving an honest review after receiving my clan emblem. A few months ago I hired 3 Fivver artists to create an emblem for my clan. All three ended up giving me horrible designs and were impossible to work with. Instead, I attempted to make my own. It was an okay emblem, but I don’t have the artistic ability to create something breathtaking. Breathtaking is how I would describe my experience with Povo844. I saw his post here on the forums and on Facebook, and decided to send him a message. The process was very thorough with my vision for the emblem. I chose from styles of his past projects as well as references and examples of what I was looking for. By the end I knew that he understood my vision. Over the course of a few short days, Povo844 stayed in contact with me with each step, making sure that everything was what I wanted. As soon as I saw the first preview, I was confident I had made the right choice. Once he was finished, he took the liberty to refine details, which blew me away. One of the best selling points apart from his ability to produce a product that would with love, is the price. Most commissioned emblems are going to cost you 2x or more than what he charges. They say you get what you pay for, but you will get double with Povo844. If you are thinking of getting an emblem done, look no further. I recommend Povo844 100% Thank you again for the wonderful emblem you have provided the War Dancers clan on PS4. We wear it proudly.
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