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  1. They said they'll work on it when they come back of christmas break,
  2. If you can't complete the mr 9 test, yes, indeed, you deserve to leave this game 🙂 thanks.
  3. The game shouldn’t change because you don’t know how to play it. Wtf is that.
  4. it's funny to see people using pretty much the same exemple but conclude on different opinion. Either way,if it is a pay to win or a pay to skip doesn't change anything. We should argue if WF should go on with the "loot-shooter-grind" gamemode ( where the content is to get the item) or .. giving us a damn thing to fight with those items.
  5. It's funny because just by spending some time on the forum, everything in this game seems not fun ! Not that I disagree with you tho.
  6. When RJ went out, honestly, I was really hype about this update it's look really cool and it was great to discover .. But since the release, I find that there's something wrong with my experience .. Something that .. Make it not 100% enjoyable ( And, oh dear, it's not even the damn bug). Today I just realise that it was because of the archwing or more precisly the obligation of choosing a archwing in exchange of a Warframe. Warframe are unique, they all represent a gameplay, a theme and even a personality. Already that empyraan made amesha the best, the lack of diversity regarding the archwing make all the missions seems way more boring that it could actually be. So, Yes DE, when you release an update where the damn point is to use the archwing, if you want your player to enjoy at the maximum of the capacity an update, be sure that players feel confortable to use archwing.
  7. It would be really fun to see the stats of the gear that we have to repair to get them, since the cost in ressource to build armaments parts, I'd like to see what I am actually building.
  8. Because you have to "refine" them at the end of the mission in the forge.
  9. Some crewship seems buggy. Your stuck in the first room, cant exit with the archwing and the door won't open. The only way to get out is if the railjack destroy it.
  10. That's the point of liches, isn't ? It'll be a bug if you don't get it back when you kill/convert your liche.
  11. With the last devstream, DE showed to us that they really don't care about feedback. So no, it'll not comes to DE.
  12. Be aware that if you kill it you can't trade if after. Not true. It probably worth close to 300 plats right now. But yes, I'll still take it because one day you'll want that 58% roll.
  13. De said that it'll be possible to solo but harder. And when DE means harder, it's still quite easy for what we saw so far, so i'm not that concerned about the incoming update.
  14. Anyways, when DE tell us that it’ll be possible to solo but harder than in coop, I mean. Honestly guy’s. Hard as liches ? Or arbritation? We saw rebeca take times to kill a grineer lvl 40 with her baza, so yeah, it tell us everything.
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