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  1. I cannot help you with that unfortunately but maybe you can give me advise where to farm materials for him ? ( got Necros farming build and boosters but not sure about good places only for this monster food )
  2. they should give some numbers and confirm energy regeneration because this could be good skill for every build where you got lack of energy and lack of survival. ( like Xaku until they repair "them" )
  3. Like in title, this skill demands to EAT enemy 😛 and we only get this one, what are the stats of this "empty" Nourish ?? this is great buff but must work with "full belly"
  4. You must be careful with words - after last months when they ban ppl just because they didnt like what they said 😕
  5. Everything looks like one big Pre-Alpha Test not full release, but good that WE are testing this "model" and give data to DE . Bdw now i know why Xaku is called BROKEN Frame 😛
  6. Trinity is ok frame but not as DPS just Support and self sustain ( can be immortal ) dps you must do with your weapons, but she is great for Eidelons when you got grp with Chroma for example ( you buff he dps ) and Volt - perfect team. Even Grendel is good if you make him for long endurance missions and Atlas ( some ppl think he is bad but they never played longer than 30 min in mission 😛 and his Rubble Shield start to shine then and Petryf. CC ) and worst frame for me ... Zephyr 😞 now i see that even he is good in CC and open world content that means he got SOMETHING to do in this game 😛 b
  7. Many ppl dont do PoE anymore and Sentients are Rare just like Stalker and everyone kill him without problems. If there is no "secret plan" to rework Void dmg than this frame buff skill is useless, next we got 3x CC and this is worse than Vauban and worse than Ravenant , number 4 is horrible because dmg output is like fart but take 100 energy at start and than more every sec !!! plus this is not like Rhino armour or Limbo rift or Valkyr invincibility ... no you just have DODGE CHANCE = you die after 5 sec in fight with 4 - 5 heavy gunners 150 lvl , Stealing weapon ... Loki is laughing now 😛 b
  8. "Fixed Xaku’s ‘Vast Untime’ damaging Teralysts and Variants." - What????
  9. And we got first 2 You Tubers who praise this expansion but this looks like they didnt even played the game just read patch notes and expansion desc. plus they said that Xaku is BALANCED and FUN TO PLAY 😆 - Even Vauban before rework was more balanced and fun 😛 , this frame is like worst parts from trash assembled together by drunken engineer 😛
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