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  1. Ayatan, Forma, Relic Opening and Gilding are the only ones I really dislike. Ayatan because it is just a bit annoying to have to fetch the sculptures to do it, or feel I need to hoard them for the challenge when I want the endo with limited play time to farm for endo elsewhere. Relics, I mean sure I need the prime weapons from Equinox, and the weapons and frame for Wukong, for the most part though, I am smashing relics for the sake of smashing relics. It just happens to be barely enough relics that it is annoying to feel I need to check the challenge off when I am not grinding for a new prime item. The others because they just feel like resource and crafting taxes. I like the rest of it honestly. Sometimes having a fishing challenge is nice because when I notice that I have one and I am frustrated with other content, a relaxing fishing trip is nice, maybe I might need the resources from them for something else later. Bounties break the repetition of farming the same nodes over and over again for the specific relics/endo/power leveling for formaing. Specific game modes offer me something to do when I feel like doing a few quick runs after a long day and give a real world test to my hard forma'd weapons and frames. Heck even the Eidolons or Profit taker is a nice thing to see since it gives me a challenge to think of if any of my new toys might be able to handle well enough rather than just using my min maxed hunting builds. The majority of challenges help break the monotony that forms once you run out of things other than ESO for vandals, relic farming and smashing for newest primes, power leveling for formaing and similar grinds that you run into once you hit what I like to call "extreme MR", which is to say, the last 5 MR levels at a given moment. So MR 22+, since anything above MR 22 likely means you're running out of new weapons to play with and new grinds to commit to but want to play the game because you enjoy it, but can't decide what to do in it. Yes even fishing, k-drive races and mining
  2. Once this mode is fixed up a bit, adding it as a Conclave mode would be great!
  3. Here is what I say about Dog Days. The initial idea and first 2-10 runs (depending on person) are, in fact, quite fun and enjoyable. I do like the idea of this event, and if it was built upon and improved I would want to see it become a seasonal event that returned frequently as a fun, lighthearted thing to enjoy between the more serious and grim aspects of this game. The problem is it lacks variety. Not the fact that the pearl costs are too high, that is a symptom of the lack of variety making it feel boring. Every round is the same, the same HP values, same weapon stats, same map, same enemies, same everything, baring auras. Nothing changes. This is what makes earning 500 pearls feel like pulling teeth, and makes these high prices feel so high. It is what makes 5 minutes drag on for what feels to be 20 minutes. The fix isn't complicated, and honestly, the fix would make this an amazing game mode that embraces the nonsense that is this concept. This event could honestly make a great new game mode baseline for future events if fleshed out. I mean that. The "easiest" way to do that would be, in my opinion, giving it "power ups". Either as kill rewards or randomly spawning in points around the map that take a bit of work to grab, such as high on rocks, on the platforms in the water, or in trees. Things like a limited 500 ammo "archsoaker" to spice things up. Maybe a melee weapon for a limited time that 1-2 hits everything rather than just weakly squirting grineer with a gun. A water balloon cannon with AoE and massive damage but only 4 or 5 shots, or even a unique set of "abilities" to help spice combat raised by gaining energy from soaking grineer or picking up energy that slowly spawns. Adding a kill combo counter to make pearl collecting faster and more engaging than haphazardly throwing yourself into crowds of grineer trying to get as many kills as possible before you are downed by their numbers while maximising the likelihood you will hit something making it feel more rewarding. On the flip side, embrace the silly justification of this and have Kela occasional unleash some new hazard against the Tenno, soaker rollers, a bombardment, maybe even grineer prepackaged with the power up weapons and increased life. This mode, by its nature, is arcadey. Embrace that arcadey nature and take it to its logical endpoint. This event is clearly meant to be something fun, let it be that, don't leave it as a grind. The floofs are a fun and silly reward, the process of getting them should be so as well. It is a disservice to the concept to leave it so bare bones. Toss in some power ups and hazards, give us the power ups and event weapon as skins for pearls, and then reskin it every few months and rerelease it with a new map and new rewards for fall, winter, and spring.
  4. So I let myself get hyped during certain events each year, it is a way to counter my usual growing cynicism towards the games industry, Tennocon is one of those times, so after it was done I let myself calm down and without pulling up some list of what I saw there, or reviewing anything for just over 4 days, let me give my thoughts on what I remember, good and ill. I will be talking "spoilers" here, no more than what is found in Tennocon and Devstreams, but let me put it this way, if you don't know the meaning of the phrase "She stole my death! My perfect death." then just consider yourself warned. The New War This covers a lot of stuff, but all of it falls under one title, The New War new sentient tileset, new enemies, new story, sentient arm cannon, murdering, or possibly saving, Space Mom. This is 5 years of promises all released under one title, and I, personally, am excited. The Sentients are going from "kinda sorta side faction that exists" to a full on faction, a new tile set that looks amazing in both artistic design and navigation, new toys, and a step forward to chapter this arc of the Warframe story all at once is a big deal to me. Despite not being the main attraction this is what I find myself giddy about the most since it has the least concerns for things that might go wrong with it. The biggest concern is if Steve over sharpened his usual edginess with the writing for this or not, as well as the chance that the tileset might be under leveled, however getting here requires being able to do Mot, Void so it should probably be our first non-void T4 Starchart content. Ultimately however I am more likely to get more play out of this over an extended period of time than any update from the last few years simply because it is a new, higher level tile set (probably). The Runner and the Glutton I forget their names, I know it was said, but I wasn't paying enough attention, however it seems both new frames will be in game soon, I suspect by the end of the year, or along side other updates to provide them with release rewards. Only concerns here are the standard "will these frames scale well enough and have enough versatility that I can get to use and enjoy them in a wide range of content without having to take an unmodded mk1-baton with a lato and skana with me to find anything weak enough to enjoy these" that come with every new frame, as well as the whole "I hope they don't overlap too much with anyone else beyond one or two abilities and feel unique and interesting to play". For a precise concern, I do hope that the new Runner doesn't interfere too much with Volts current niche of speed frame. Now personally I think this shows just how unfitting Volts speed really is with the rest of his kit, since for many people this seems to be enough to completely invalidate Volt usage for them. To this all I can say, Volt needs a synergy rework. Currently he has very little synergy between his abilities either inherently (for example Harrow being able to get increased health and energy from headshots, increase his headshot crit chance, and increase his fire and reload speeds to ensure more headshots while also CCing enemies in a way to expose their heads for headshots without any of his abilities saying "cast this, then this, to get this extra effect") or enforced (Revenant's thralls dropping shield bubbles when killed with his lasers). He just needs someone to take a day to polish up the synergy with Volt and make him the lightning monster he deserves to be and that will make the impact of the Runner completely unnecessary to any of the existing concerns to all of that. I have nothing to say on the Glutton other than I hope he is a tank CC and not another raw tank. Railjack I am splitting up Empyrean a bit to cover what I remember from each part. So the railjack content? I loved it. New quest possibilities, new mission possibilities, new way to play, and it can also be imagined that this could be tied into existing mission types at a slightly higher level of content. I am concerned that it will fail at Steve's "we don't want to create an island" promise, because currently that is what the Open world, Onslaught, Arbitration, and Disruption content is. If it can avoid that however, I am perfectly and completely happy with the way it all looks like it handles, and so long as Archwing improves with its release, at the very least I believe I will enjoy it while I play it. I am not concerned about the grind, so long as it isn't monotonous grind, because I play Warframe for the grind. The only four grinds I have ever disliked entirely were Nidus, Oxium for Vauban Prime, getting all the "must have" mods I wanted for Archwing and Hema. The rest I found fairly enjoyable. Oh, also modular Archwing looks cool. Kuva Lich Shadow of Grineer looks pretty good, didn't know that you guys absorbed Monolith. Just have enough variation in what the Liches can do, say, and personalities and I will be happy. Also give them some decent challenge, don't let these be the Sargent from Phobos. I am also concerned you might pull the nonsense you did with the Wolf with the full immunity to status and abilities. That isn't fun guys, it invalidates approximately have the weapons in the game at least, it makes any non-buffing frame useless, and is just tedious. 80% resistance at most, maybe some selective immunity to certain powers as well based on the lich. Otherwise so long as these engagements are interesting and epic, I will be there to play it and enjoy my personal rivalry. Squad Link Might be awesome, might be terrible. I hope it isn't too restrictive to what and when this is a thing that happens, where it happens, and how it can happen. I really do want squad link between all kinds of different mission types on a given planet. I want to do survival to help out and get bonus rewards for myself and someone else in Spy missions, I want to do exterminate missions to lower the enemy spawns infiltration, I want to know out planet side shields and cannons, knock out orbital ships to disable bombardments, I want all this promises to be, and I want it to be easily accessible, frequent, and rewarding enough to see its usage. This could make or break Warframe. New Intro A better intro sounds great, the new cinematic doesn't bother me, so long as you guys can afford them, and things like this being outsourced means it doesn't detract from your development time too much to make it, so I have no complaints. Go ahead, a better intro is always asked for, and if cinematics become a more common thing that is outsourced, go for it. I still would prefer gameplay over cinematics however, we see those cutscenes maybe thrice, we play the game for hundreds of hours. One request, outsource some of that prime trailer backlog mmmkay? We liked those, they were cool. I look forward to the new quest with this, and would love to see this when it comes out. I just hope Vor stays as part of it, his death is something all Tenno should carry out at the end of their training. It is something that we've all been through regardless of veterancy or lack thereof, and should be preserved for that symbolic value. The only concern I have doesn't need mentioning so long as dev time goes into game and not movie, I am happy. I come here for the game, not the pretty cinematics that I don't interact with. They have a place on occasion, but they are not the reason I play Warframe, in fact their general absence is a big part of why I do play Warframe. It isn't a game constantly taking control away from me to tell its story, it lets me play the game. The Second Dream, The War Within, The Sacrifice. They all told most their story while being interactive, keep it that way. If that changes, then yes, I am concerned that this marks a shift to being more cinematic focused. The "heroic" moments, like slamming the Ropalyst into a bug zapper or ripping apart the Exploiter are fine, a million minutes long cinematics where I need to just lean back and watch, aren't. Use these these well, use them sparingly. I am not saying to not use them at all, I am just saying they have the risk of becoming over used due to the well deserved positive reception this first one got. Also, please no Warframe movie despite all the begging. Your value isn't in your visuals, sound, and animation, though they are all amazing, and with that new engine even better than ever, yes I remember that, but in you game play. You make amazing game play, have quite good visuals, sound and animation, but have fairly poor, but enjoyable, story. Don't draw attention to the bad storytelling, we all know it isn't very good, fun yes, good enough to be a focus of anything? No. Sorry it really isn't. It is good enough for a game about grinding resources, spinning through the air as super powered space ninja meat suits piloted by teenagers who destroyed a solar empire. Not a movie. The Duviri Paradox Oh boy, another open world, another island with reputation grind. I want to amend my previous comment on grinds. Let's make it a round five grinds I truly hated. The grind for all the reputations in Fortuna. It was so bad I never truly finished Vox Solaris nor Vent Kids. The time gating kills it, it makes it into a chore I have to come back to every day to get it over with. It isn't fun, it isn't forcing us to pace ourselves, it is slamming us into a wall and punishing people for playing with friends because their friends might have to take a few extra days or weeks to catch up because one of them might be MR 17 when the others are MR 25. These are already islands with no attachment to the rest of the game, they are already best summarised as "oh boy, new resource and reputation grinds, I wonder what will be modular this time? What new fish and ores are there?". Just no. All the crazy mysteries and lore questions and everything shown off in that trailer does nothing to counter the inherent issues with current implementations of open worlds in Warframe. I will say, Fortuna was better than Plains of Eidolon, but you still got a long way to go. This, for me, was a dampener on what should've been positive after positive at Tennocon. Please prove me wrong. Otherwise I don't have enough information to have an opinion beyond my existing concerns about open world in general. And that is it. Honestly, despite the last two sections seeming negative, I look forward to all of it and don't actively dread any of it. The new cinematics will be great for quests and a pleasing treat as when we get to enjoy the story, which while it might have seemed I hated it, well one of my favourite movies of all time is Army of Darkness and that movie's story is absolutely trash from an objective point of view, but it is still a fun and enjoyable story for the context it is told in. So is the context that Warframe's story is told in. The story could never last on its own, but it is fitting for the context that is is within and I do in fact always look forward to more of it. I like my Loreframe. The Duviri Paradox also is something I look forward to as another point for DE to improve upon their open world model and fix the issues it currently has, and I look forward to exploring it as much as I do exploring space, performing boarding actions, helping other squads, and killing a personalized rival. I look forward to it as much as the new tile set. With all that, I think I am going to go kill Vor for old times sake. With my Paris, for old times sake.
  5. I have been testing this bug like crazy and here is some of what I found: It only applies to the small around Grineer Doors. In fact the only reason I avoided it until now I think, is I almost never do Grineer or Infested Grineer nodes outside of alerts (now basically gone) sorties, or invasions. It only happens on some tiles. It is most likely related to the client authoritative changes made in Update 24.4, since I started to notice it to a small degree around then during Onslaught, but didn't have any major issues with it until today when doing sorties. I sort of let it go without reporting for so long because I had no way to work out suspicions of cause and effect. Just saying "This isn't working" doesn't offer much help to DE unless you can point at some cause and effect suspicions and how to maybe reproduce it. The doors it affects seem fairly consistent, but didn't immediately seem so until, after exhaustive testing, that it doesn't matter what side of the door you are on, if it is a certain door on a certain tile you will usually have this problem. Let's just say this was a lot of work to test since, well, procedural generated missions.
  6. So this bug started popping up, but has worsened since, Update 24.4. The bug luckily is easily identified thanks to when it started popping up, and now having greater time to test I can confirm that my initial suspicions of what is wrong and make an informative bug report. Before doors were client authoritative sometimes they would lag to open or simply not open, due to connectivity issues. This could be worked around by a host walking over and letting the person through. When they were shifted over the opening of doors was made completely client side, but this prevented the work around. It is clear to see certain doors did not receive this change however, these doors tend to be the round Grineer doors. I have not seen this happen on any other doors to date. It also seems to only happen on some tiles. Some further observations, it seems the doors when they will not open for clients, appear closed despite a host stepping through what is, for them, an open door. Speaking to the possible sign that nothing is being sent of the door between the clients and the host. This speaks to a whole other potential problem, such as potentially not being able to fire weapons through doors opened by allies, but I never have encountered such an issue myself yet. In other words, check the infested Grineer and Grineer tile sets for doors not faithfully open for clients, as I would almost bet on no such checks are being done for clients at all, likely because they are relying on the old host authoritative method still, which is no longer present.
  7. Yes. Do it. We like this. This makes us happy. The horde you call your "registered lusers" demand this be made so.
  8. Click the blue text below the tribute names. It will link you straight to the description on the wiki. Which takes you to https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Tribute. It isn't hard to find. The Dust aura reduces the accuracy of enemies within 30 meters around Titania by 10% for 120 seconds. Each additional stack will increase the effect by 10%, up to a maximum of 50% reduced enemy accuracy. The Thorns aura will reflect 5% of the damage taken back to the attacker, up to 40 meters away, for 120 seconds. Each additional stack will increase the effect by 5%, up to a maximum of 25% damage reflection. Any allies within 35 meters around Titania will also benefit from Thorns' damage reflection. The Entangle aura slows down enemy movement within 10 meters around Titania by 5% for 120 seconds. Each additional stack will increase the effect by 5%, up to a maximum of 25% slower enemy movement. The Full Moon aura increases the damage companions deal by 15% for 90 seconds. Each additional stack will increase the effect by 15%, up to a maximum of 75% increased companion damage. Any teammates within 30 meters around Titania will also benefit from Full Moon's effects, increasing their respective companions' damage.
  9. Conclave is balanced separately by a different team, and many abilities suffer changes entering it. As for Titania buffs you can them up here by hitting ctrl-f typing in "Titania" then clicking on the link in the buff name and just reading it all there, after that it is a matter of memory commitment, there is no where in game however I can think of that explains this as nicely. https://semlar.com/buff
  10. I know it won't replace events, but look at esc > profile > leaderboards, there are still places to compete each week. Sometimes when you need a thing to do, pick a endless node and see if you can beat the top records. It is something however, it is a thing a certain segment of the community still clearly cares about since I can look at Mot, and having not played much this past week, I can see that Mot currently has a record of 3h 1m 32s since last reset. That was just under 3 days ago since that last reset BTW. Sadly, we don't have special events for this anymore however.
  11. Read this, fumed, left for a while, came back with feedback. Nyx This will do fine honestly. 50% accruracy decrease isn't to keep you alive so much as to let you get away with a few mistakes. I will come back to this. The rest feels fine. No issues at all. Titania I love Titania, I love how she wants to be played, and I love her for way more than Razorwing. I hate that all I can use is Razorwing and her other abilities suck so much in comparison for rather small reasons in some cases, and big ones in others. Spellbind This ability has always been fine in my opinion, just needs a casting speed buff to 0.6 seconds and made into a one-handed action so we can shoot, reload, move et c. when using it. Otherwise it is a damn good bit of spot CC. This literally just needs casting speed and one handed to fix. Tribute My favourite ability on paper that has never been good enough, as this is in reality Titania's kind of neat stay alive power. This is where her survivability comes from the same way Mesa uses her Shatter Shield and Shooting Gallery to stay alive in both a very obvious method (Damage reduction) and a less obvious method (weapon jamming CC), Titania has one ability that offers what appears to be multiple indirect stay alive methods, and not only that she gives their benefits to the entire party, which makes her a decent team play option. In general Apply the same casting speed buffs and one-handed action feedback from Spellbind. That would fix so much of this ability. Make it so when you cast Spellbind on tributes, they jump directly to Titania so you don't need to run over and expose yourself to pick them up. That or just make them go to Titania instantly in general. They should also start at full buff power not needing multiple pick ups, as the proposed changes would do anyways. The fact that this ability sends enemies flying, deals laughable damage, but it also debuffs their damage is nice as it adds to her ability to survive. Not by much, but some. All of these, not just damage, should benefit from power strength. Yes including the ragdoll cannoning it does. That is fun and I want to launch enemies to the moon. Give me a good reason not to let me. On top of that all the Tribute Buffs should benefit from ability strength. Dust 50% accuracy debuff is a mistake forgiver, you it helps you survive by letting you make mistakes with your constant dodging and avoiding of enemy aim. This honestly isn't that great unless compounded with a very mobile playstyle and a decent amount of skill at the game. Even then, it is passable at best. If this was changed to be affected by ability strength, at 200% enemies would just completely miss their targets, their best bet is hitting the guy behind you at that point, and up until then they would just be less and less of a threat, this could work. It just needs bigger numbers. Thorns Grant Damage reduction with the reflection, apply damage multiplier to damage reflected back (1.5x at 100% power strength for level 30 Titania). At 200% power strength this would give a mere, 50% damage reduction (not amazing still, but better, and can be compounded with Dust for staying alive) would deflect 25% of damage back at 1.5x the damage, 3.0x strength at 200% strength. This would make her survivable, and make the reflection worth it's damage. We are buffing Nyx because enemies aren't capable of killing enemies, why not buff this as well? Entangle Straight up allow mods to affect this. Range and strength would do fine here. Also have it affect attack speed not just movement speed. This would really help make Titania, and her allies have a damage easy time surviving and slaughtering enemies around her. Full Moon I am sorry, but without just making this do something completely different I see no fix, just allow it to benefit from mods and maybe my companions might be a decent DPS source one day. Lantern Oh look, you fixed it. So long as the AI paths towards it correctly it will be fine. Maybe let me shoot the lantern to store up damage as well before I detonate it and we got a neat ability that might have a use, somewhere maybe for damage, but as a CC the fixes proposed are fine, if a bit redundant when you have her Spellbind. Which yes I know Spellbind has a list of other effects beyond CC, this ability is just more CC that is persistent when she already has a lot of CC, give it the damage absorption and we are set to make it a damage/CC ability. Since Titania seems to want to be a CC/DPS hybrid might as well let her. Razorwing This is honestly fine, we all know it is fine. It is really good in fact. We know this. Just let it be. This ability is balanced against needing mods on a frame, and two exalted weapons, and the forma cost that comes with. I can live with that. This also helps her stay alive better and do even more damage. All is good here in my opinion. Maybe fuzz some numbers here and there, that is all, namely give her slightly more bullets, I would like more bullets. Vacuum is a nice addition. About all it needed really. Add these as well as I like these and it was posted after I started writing this post, but I didn't see it cause short AFK in there.
  12. As someone who is part of the "let's for multi-hour runs in Mot for enemies of a decent level" community, let me sympathize with you before I warn you, DE will never give one segment of the community these little things. Those of us that go hours in Mot don't go hours because we want to go a long time in survival, we go hours because we want to see the high level enemies for the last 30 minutes of our run so we can test out our broken minmaxed builds, this is easily fixed by starting missions at higher levels than anything currently starts. DE has never given that either. Letting only some people check out of Survival and others to stay? Never got that. A mode where enemy spawns are always as if you had four player parties? Nope. Min-maxing tridolons is another small part of the community, but more recently formed I will give you, and they can expect the same treatment sadly. Most Eidolon runners, myself included, don't do more than 3x3 at best with randoms and mostly optimized gear. Welcome to the niche-community-DE-will-never-care-about-in-more-than-lip-service club. I do sympathize with your frustrations, but I don't expect you to have much luck. DE doesn't care for us minmaxers, they are laser focused on 20-30 minute game play bites, and tune everything towards that. However this person said 30 minutes fighting an Eidolon. This means they could not do more than one Eidolon in a night if it takes them 30+ minutes a piece, as you have 50 minutes of night to work with, so your minmax argument is moot there. Most people learning Eidolons chew through their first few terries in about 20 minutes or so from what I can tell, solo players take a bit longer, then later on they start to chew through Terries in 7 minutes. Tridolons in about 40 minutes the first few times, but bring that down to about 15 minutes as well. 5x3 requires a cycle time of less than 9 minutes or so, something very few players in the game do, because as you pointed out it takes damn good communication, damn good loading which can be slowed by computer hardware, and the right builds. Doable? Yes, I have done it once, common or part of the larger community? No, and as such, well as someone who wants DE to better support running Mot for 4 hours or to get to that high level content sooner, I sympathize. At least I can just leave one Mot run and start another anytime right? Doesn't matter it took me 3.5 hours to get to the enemy level range I was looking for. Am I salty? Yes, but not at you or people like you, but rather the fact DE has basically told the part of the community I belong to to get stuffed, and the fact other communities in the game then expect to get special treatment when many people from them wouldn't ever back up us endurance runners. I do think DE should change it so that you can do as you can on the OV and take bounties, including recent Eidolons, from the plains, that would also allow you to wait out the whole night without needing to restart the game. I hope they give you the stuff you deserve to play at the high level minmaxing content you enjoy, the same way I hope we one day get support for what we want over here in "let's push Mot to insanely high enemy level" land. I also agree with the rest of your post. Postnote: the reason I don't minmax tridolons is because I know it isn't worth it when DE never supports that minmax play style even when their game pushes you towards it by nature. Another Postnote: You know the fact that the night cycle doesn't even happen at the same point every day further causes issues for them to dodge the Cetus cycle, they could start the build when it is Cetus day, but it ends up being ready and launching come Cetus night. This would be avoidable if cetus was on a 3 hour cycle and they could just not launch during those reliable same 2 hour periods that happen every day at the same time every while hunting happened, but no, they wanted to make sure everyone would have a chance during their play hours to hunt Eidolons, incase you only play for 1-2 hours from 7pm-8/9pm you would always have a chance to fight Eidolons as some days the 2.5hour cycle would favour you, others it would not but we need to make sure everyone has the chance, unlike the Silver Grove quest noble intentions for sure. Instead they now have to check Cetus time before launching a Hotfix, and that is assuming they care enough to go with it, as most of the time the person working on it just wants to push release and get feedback before they go home.
  13. You don't need to leave the mission until after the fight... I regularly finish entire tridolon fights from lure fetching for when you first start Terry all the way until the end of the thing, and I have done so teaching newbies from near dusk til dawn how to fight tridolons with the "please update at your convenience" thing on there. Never stopped my rewards or efforts before, the only thing that can do so is a hardware fix, which does kick everyone, but we last saw those in the Fortuna lead up and again in the PoE lead up and gets weeks notice before hand.
  14. Time to pull her back out I guess. This might be enough to fix the issues with her Dread Mirror and her Blood Altar leaving you exposed upon first casting into a crowd, still discourages melee play though due to the razor straight shield not covering sides even a bit however, despite her having an innate melee weapon. But this is already how this worked? Or am I missing something? All of this:
  15. There is one thing I feel needs adding, Mining Node drop tables.
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