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  1. They are giving 1500 standing worth of tokens each day. Son are worth 500 each, while the rest only give 100 each. Also Grandmother charges 10 of each token except Son, which she charges 2 of, per Grandmother token. This ensures no one day is worth more than the others.
  2. Tab is a quick check. This functionality was the same on the previous menu. It also lets you still fight and move with the menu active. P is more in-depth. This isn't new, just more noticeable now. Now personally I feel like for the new end mission screen to justify it's new, in most ways nicer layout a few things need to happen. First fix importance. As @Tradebanned said this current system has some priority issues. Personally I say let us sort the importance tiering a bit. Second the stats screen being its own thing is a positive, syndicates being the alte
  3. Except I am not asking for bi-directional checks, rerolling or inventory anything, so that bit is meaningless. It is an extra roll entirely. A reroll preventing say, an extra copy of Adaptation, something you only need one of normally, would damage the trade economy of the game. What I am saying is "I have Gauss, if I get a spare Gauss part it is credits at best, basically worthless, and that run was a wash." Now under the proposed system "I have Gauss. I still get Gauss part, but I get relic too, relic at least is ducats, plat or forma. I got some credits if I ever bother selling that Ga
  4. I agree, it is by far one of the better tables I chose, I picked it to point out that the thing it was supposed to do was getting diluted from. And yes, there is always "trade mods and arcanes for plat" logic, but that logic could be used to justify every mod as evergreen, we all know that doesn't quite work. Though I wouldn't propose these mods be any harder to get, it is why I made a point to note I didn't want this it damage the trade economy, supply of such mods should NOT be hampered at all. This trade economy is important to the game, I wouldn't have a 1/4 of the frame or weapon slots I
  5. While I didn't say it outright, the intention would be for game modes like say Excavation, Arbitration and SO that also already do this somewhat to still split there tables into evergreen and not on top of their current rewards. Though not clarifying that might have been a mistake on my part. Still, the Vitus Essence is honestly one of the least attractive things from the game mode, I found myself less interested as they added more to the tables since it all got in the way of the endo personally, but that is just me.
  6. So in a recent interview/podcast... thing Rebecca mentioned an issue with Evergreen rewards, and Brozime pointed out we often look for missions that give something efficiently when farming. This is a suggestion of a way to help minimize these issues without introducing any new missions or completely new mechanics without precedent in the game already. The goal is two fold: Give new players an edge in evergreen gathering item without impeding their ability to get non-evergreen rewards, while giving more veteran players the chance to farm for these evergreen rewards without the non-evergreen rew
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