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  1. Yea may be best to give us a rundown of what settings you're on so we can suggest what may be affecting you poorly. Obvious questions: Did your OS or other programs start an update/download/upload of any kind? What's your ram usage looking like? Was there any specific things going on on screen at any given high lag time? Did you make sure all your spare programs where shut down entirely? Have you ever tried setting it to run at a higher priority?
  2. You can always join the official warframe Discord. https://discord.gg/warframe The primary language is indeed english but i've never seen some one get bashed for bad english as long as they were trying. :)
  3. I had the same issue for -YEARS-. All I know is that the "Steam Achievement Manager" Does indeed work. But for me it eventually just caught up one day. Silly thing is; if you look at my dates of earning mastery ranks, i earned like 20-25 before i ever got 1-19 according to steam. XD I do know that this is a steam issue, and contacting Warframe's support won't help in this matter. I tried it myself and they told me contact steam support. Trust me, it's not worth it. 2 weeks of back and forth BS with steam support got me nowhere. If it is genuinely bothering you I'd say the achievement manager is the best way to go. Edit: I seem to remember that when my data caught up i had unlinked steam and relinked it because Twitch was throwing a fit with all my linked accounts. Worth a try?
  4. Exactly this ^^^ I'd check what your network settings in game are. Specifically the region you're set to and the ping limit. This use to happen very frequently with some of my old friends. Found out they'd somehow been set to different regions and or their matchmaking ping limit had been lowered to minimal or was set to unlimited. Either way; if its none of the above then i'd double check your ports to see if they are forwarded properly, and i'd also check to make sure there are exceptions in your firewall/anti-virus for the game and/or the ports. If none of the above work i'd suggest contacting support. They'll likely get you to do some simple tests, send a DXdiag, and so forth. Best of luck! :)
  5. Hey man; i see you have issues with your hand and can totally understand. My clan itself is too small for its own good and has a bunch of squatters but even if you join another clan or what ever i'd just like to help ya if i can :) Feel free to friend me in game. If you want you can PM me and i'll shoot you my discord info too. Oh! Also; if you're worried about being slow and wanting defense like rhino or wukong, try Nezha. He has a shield like rhino and a sprint ability like volt to help out with your movement speed. :) He also has a teleport ability and a decently good nuke/stun power. You can get Nezha in any dojo that has him researched. The build is a bit long but its not bad overall. Ill see if i can free you up a slot or two in ym clan. May just bite the bullet and up its size. PS: You may want to leave the text color on auto. Users on dark theme have trouble seeing the color ya picked. ;) just an FYI
  6. Take that back D:{ Excal Prime is best frame! Worst? Errr.... really personal question there. But for me its Ash.
  7. As a founder, closed alpha tester, and deeply devoted fan, I've clearly been around for my fair share of changes. Good changes, like Movement&Damage 2.0s. Bad changes like Vay Hek.(joke) But this change; is perhaps one of the worst changes I have ever seen. Thankfully its a VERY easy fix. And I look forward to the other benefits it brings once fixed! :) Why? The controls, for those of us who understand you can edit key binds, are shot. Example: My old keybindings where as follows; ~ : Swap to "Melee Mode" [MM] L-click: Shoot | Melee Attack [MM] R-click: Aim & Aim Glide | Block & Block Glide [MM] Middle Mouse: Quick Attack | Toggle channel [MM] Mouse 5: Alt-Fire Gun Functionality: Clicks worked for combos and effectively made the fighting seamless at swap. My 'new' keybindings: New functions in blue Removed in red Conflicts in yellow ~ : Swap to "Melee Mode" [For reference, Fix everything by restoring this as an option. And or making melee mode uninterrupted by aim.] L-click: Shoot* [ends melee] | Melee Attack (Toggleable option for changing this; But it still sucks.) R-click: Aim & Aim Glide [ends melee] | Block & Block Glide Arbitrary required combo button that sometimes ends melee instead. Middle Mouse: Quick Attack & Toggle Melee | Toggle channel[incompatible placement now] Mouse 5: Alt-Fire Gun | Toggle Channel *Shooting in this context also means firing explosives at point blank when you mean to melee crates & things thus killing yourself. Functionality: While combat could indeed be quicker, never knowing if i'm in or out of melee mode, and the inability to aim glide in melee mode means I lose almost all of my combat awareness and end up blowing myself up, wasting ammo, or meleeing at long distance foes. All of which are clearly bad situations, with none worse than killing yourself in solo runs due to explosives. It also effectively forces me to relearn a system that I feel is at the very core of the game, and losing the valuable skill I've accrued in the other system over years. In short; This is a simple change, with huge impact. And while I love everything else that has gone on with the overhaul, i feel this missed a mark for those of us who are melee mains. Yes, the gun and power mains of the game will notice only improvements, those who main the weapons in anything other than quick attack mode are sorely neglected. The simple solution is to re-introduce an option to have "Hard toggle" for melee mode, that disables the swapping off of melee mode from click attack and aim. We don't need block, but if we still need the button for combos, we need the button to have no conflicts such as removing our melee weapon.
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