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  1. Well then, I guess its about time we start popping our bottles of champagne in celebration: Its been a real honor, fighting alongside you folks in making this finally happen. 🥳
  2. There's a good change the only reason this might be fixed is because Garuda is getting a new augment that effects her talons. I kinda get what he means though. This whole ordeal just highlights the same old problem as always that DE sadly doesn't play their own game as much as they should, and that this bug only just now got the attention coz of a fluke with the new augment. :/ If DE were actually aware of the bug all this time, then its still just as bad that they refused to make any statements and further gave power to all the naysayers in burying this along with other bugs.
  3. Just got word from a mate in the current test cluster: THEY FIXED THE CLAWS! I REPEAT, THEY FIXED THE CLAWS!! Blood Rush now scales properly with the combo counter, bringing those crits to orange and beyond~ 😍 Still waiting on confirmation about the other mods too and Gladiator set with the exalted. Now lets just hope that it sticks with the live update afterwards.
  4. Btw, seems like it already started getting some attention on reddit after last night:
  5. Well..... The good news with this augment is that even if DE still somehow can't see the problem with her talons, the rest of the community will certainly notice when trying it out in the next update. So HOPEFULLY, it won't be long after that something is done about this.
  6. Don't worry folks, I'm sure they'll at least notice this by patch 30. ....
  7. Totally. Not. Gonna. Stop. @[DE]Megan
  8. ^ Literally not gonna stop posting in every hotfix till we get a response about this.
  9. Another hotfix, another thread where this gets ignored:
  10. Even though I know this shouldn't prove nor validate anything - but hahaha hilarious. /tears Yep........that ping was from me. Totally not depressing that I got buried, even after a kind @Hawkeye2404tried to bring it back up. ..... EDIT: Oh wai, it was @Raitlortoo.
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