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  1. ^ Title. It seems Wukong's Cloud Walker doesn't just blind the enemies, but the players themselves too..... Case in point:
  2. ^ Dibs. (assuming someone already hasn't contacted you first)
  3. So if in general Hildryn can draw energy from shields and likewise the dropped orbs convert into her shields, then why is Melee Channeling in particular disabled for her? Seems a rather hard handicap for a frame, even if the mechanic is currently one of a kind here. And in particular, this breaks weapons like Vaykor Sydon that have their passive triggers tied to the new Melee Channel toggle button. Any chance you can rectify this?
  4. Yeeeeeah more like the exact opposite, now the FX kinda just spills into the new explosion graphics added with it and the charged fire which ends up making the thing look more glaring to the eyes. Oh and not yet conclusive if this is a global issue, but there's also a case of black boxes covering the screen when using on Orb Vallis. Anyone else experiencing this, or just me?
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