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  1. At one point a while ago she started T-Posing the molt. I reported it and it got "fixed" to how it is now. So yeah, still needs fixing.
  2. These Saryn tweaks. Thank you papa Pablo.
  3. It's not that it spreads spore innately. Let me explain; If Spore gets the killing blow, it does not spread, If Miasma gets the killing blow, it does spread. And since both are DOTs that makes it a gamble on whether they spread or not. Just feels a little bit clunky to have such uncertainty in her kit.
  4. Also, using Miasma makes it a 50/50 whether the spores will spread or not.
  5. The new Spores work pretty well, although I'm seeing less insane numbers, it is easier to maintain said numbers. Overall scaleability is still high. Managed 8 Zones of Elite Onslaught with 100% efficiency left. Some cons: It's frustrating to try and maintain spore at times, even when playing as actively as possible, there are several times where I cast Spores and the enemy dies before I can even get a hit in. Suggestion: Add a 1-2m radius where Spore tick death still spreads spores. This radius is UN-MODDABLE to prevent AFK playstyle.
  6. I wonder how much duration affects the decay. I may have to revise my build with 73% Duration, Which is going to be difficult without going below 199% strength for that sweet (almost) guaranteed Corrosive proc. Really like the Recast and Decay additions.
  7. Contains two versions. I personally prefer the latter.
  8. And DE strikes again. THIS is why they're my favorite developers.
  9. Dakra/Cronus is just speculation, hasn't been confirmed. Same would go for Reaper/Ether Reaper. Not to mention, you'd think that if there was a Primed version of the Ether Reaper it would still have the "Ether" component.
  10. No, we already have Dakra Prime and Reaper Prime.
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