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  1. By that same logic, you shouldn't rely on Corrosive Projection either, because it can be changed as well. Besides, damage 2.5 never came close to actual fruition due to player backlash, and DE seems to balance weapons now specifically around the fact that slash procs are so strong. And I think you'll find that I have over 1,000 hours in the game; I know that there are a good number of armored Corpus in OV. They're still the minority, and are never encountered at a high enough level where Corrosive Projection is needed unless you don't bring weapons that are modded to deal the appropriate damage types to deal with them. And Hunter Munitions works plenty fine without the weapon having high base slash damage, or even ANY base slash damage. All that matters for Hunter Munitions is crit. If a weapon has low base damage but high crit and high fire rate, like Baza, it can be a beast with Hunter Munitions, especially after adding on Argon Scope and multishot. Amprex does no physical damage at all, and it can apply slash procs with Hunter Munitions.
  2. OR, they're trying to keep the weapon balanced.
  3. The amount of armored Corpus and Infested units is so small as to be irrelevant. They can easily be taken out. Outside of things like multi-hour survival runs, Corrosive Projection is far from needed. Even against Grineer and Corrupted, anything below level 150 or so can be dealt with by using a decent slash-based status weapon (or crit-based primary weapon with Hunter Munitions) or with corrosive procs, or with warframe abilities that remove or reduce armor.
  4. Ah yes, you should never use any other auras. Corrosive Projection is so useful against entirely unarmored enemies.
  5. You have a typo. Under the Harrow notes, you said "Increased energy gain from Penance" instead of "from Thurible".
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