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  1. This felt like a combination of Performance as well as art/animation. There are times where when I load into my orbiter, my moa would appear to be off to the sid from where he is supposed to be standing: https://imgur.com/Y1C3Rnk I can't seem to recreate it, but there are also cases where He would not be completely gone even though I have him equipped. When that happens and I go to my arsenal to look at my moa, he would still appear to be absent completely. Another thing worth noting, when I try to go to the "Upgrade" Section when this happens it says that the moa is still loading in and to try again later.
  2. This is something I noticed a week or two ago. When walking around my ship I noticed The shoulder armor I placed on my operatives seem to be acting as if they had prime parts missing. Similar to the glitch that happened on our warframes where Prime parts would be missing when putting the "Static Reactor Prime Sigil" on. This would cause the Prime parts to disapear and thus causing the shoulder armor to be sticking out a lot more than it should. Here are some images below. https://imgur.com/a/etAYV1x https://imgur.com/1bil5tW The first image if you look really closely, the operative's left shoulder piece is sticking out a lot. The second image is much easier to see with this visual issue.
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