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  1. I will get right into the detail. I have been Eidolon farming each night and have noticed an issue with one of the attacks the Eidolon would use. This attack is the one where they raise their artificial limb (Tree, Stone arm, Landing strut) and strike the ground. When the Terralyst does this, it would normally send seismic waves in multiple directions and then return to the Eidolon while following up with seismic quakes all around the area where the eidolon stands. Within the past couple of days I noticed when he performs this attack, there is only 1 singular trail that leaves the eidolon and
  2. Hello Everyone! Hopefully I'm in the right section for this but I thought it was something worth noting. When fighting the Corpus in the Spaceport specifically, I noticed that certain NPCs would glitch and freeze up when attempting to jump over the wall on the higher floors outside to slide down the ledges, more specifically the Moa and robotic enemies. Below I will provide some examples of shots captured. What you will see are different Moa and robotic enemies which froze in place while attempting to navigate and jump over the walls at the edge of the upper platforms. Enemies seen having
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