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  1. Mesa makes life easy haha, (except for that pesky corpus moa one >.>)
  2. It does seem abit much in the beginning but after a while you will have so much being made and being claimed at the same time you wont really notice it anymore.
  3. Mind if i ask what announcements you are talking about?
  4. And what do you think will happen with the room while you are researching things? - just sit there right.., just saying' either way they do it there will be a wait with an empty room
  5. not gonna lie lol,you know people be like: come on DE.. force me to waste time on the stasis system only to pet a thing i'll never use #sentinelsforlyfe
  6. But wait, there's more! This also changes the way Gara's Targets and Atlas' Petrified Targets react (i.e they now get this new behaviour).
  7. lol, you do realize that devotees and host migrations are 2 completely different things right? not only that but they have acknowledged/spoken about host migration many times in the past
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