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    That's their problem here, and I do agree with your own frustrations. Endgame is END-GAME because it gives the players who went through the trouble to get their gear maxed something to test it against and give them something more than a cake walk test their metal with. Endgame is designed for high level players so that they have something else to do. As a new player, the last thing on your mind should be the Endgame, rather, it should be considering the path that leads to it. This is why it's called End-Game. You've gone through tests, trials, and ground for hours to get to where you
  2. Finisher damage Javs would be amazing and definitely worth it as a damage ult in that case.
  3. Yeah, but you can still get those shots on mobs so long as you stay mobile, or heck, even when the mobs are running right at ya in rows like they always do. With Shred you can get multiple headshots with one click. Practicing with a Vectis helps you get a feel for lining up heads or waiting for them to align for you at the right moment and connecting easily 3 heads at a time. Your damage/kill output will literally quadruple with Shred on and really save on your ammo efficiency.
  4. You found him lackluster because again, he is a very lackluster frame in terms of all the other cool things most other frames are able to do, but why does that mean the community shouldn't strive to see him improved? He is the flagship frame after all. Even with him as my main, I agree in his lackingness compared to the majority of other frames. This is likely all due to him being the first frame DE designed for this game. His abilities got the job done in Closed/Early Open Beta, but things in the game have changed while Excalibur and his outdated kit just stand frozen in time, and
  5. No Shred or a Bane Mod? The Burston Prime remains among the few hardest hitting weapons in the game, the Tiberon is a nice sidegrade to it no doubt, but I myself prefer the faster fire-rate and consistent proc chance. And Semshol, you keep bragging about T4's and this thing called armor...yet you aren't running a team with Corrosive Projection? Secondly, there's really no need to be so condescending towards the other guy you were replying to, even if he was wrong about a weapon's performance. So what? There's better more constructive ways to inform him that he's
  6. To be fair here, a lot of the time, the Devs post an idea the first time that they get nothing but negative feedback on, and then they say it isn't final, only for the final release of the frame to have the exact skills they listed a month ago, irritating everyone until only several months later does the frame get a small re-work that sometimes fixes the problem, othertimes swaps one for another. I'm still holding out hope for a good Excalibur buff, but I jumped ship to Vauban a long time ago just to avoid disappointment. Slash Dash needs more utility. It already has three clone abil
  7. Rushing is simply the symptom of players who want to get their mission over with as quickly as possible so they can get on with doing better things. I can guarantee that 75% of the playerbase would rather rush to complete the objective on a Catalyst or Reactor alert rather than play it slow when there's simply no need to take your time, what with the loot from lockers being so redundant for the majority of your time in the game, and with the tilesets having been seen easily 50 times before. Then there's the chore that is clearing all the nodes in the star chart. Sure the tiles are di
  8. Not to be a prick, but when I only had enough time to catch some of the stream today I wasn't about to go through and scim in wherever it could have been just to post it there. Figured this'd be a better gesture to perhaps bring another smile to our Lotus.
  9. Title says it all, happy birthday Rebecca.
  10. Eyeless


    I'm for beefier sound effects, but if you want higher status then get the Burston Prime.
  11. You're absolutely right, I forgot those. Probably because they didn't require the dang forma heh. Yes, but it gives incentive for newer players to level the lower end stuff and explore the branching paths the tiers after provide, while keeping their inventory slots clean of clutter and 'garbage' weapons they'll never use again. See, I completely agree with you. But the way Warframe is right now, I can't see this happening anytime soon. The balance is a bit of a mess and the Devs are always talking about a tier system. I think this idea would play into that without making the
  12. Now hear me out on this people, because this might not be a bad idea. See, the Latron is for lower rank/initiate players yeah? The Tiberon matches the aesthetic slightly, fires two additional shots, and, well, it's safe to say it's a safe upgrade from the standard Latron. With it requiring the Latron blueprint, it's clearly meant to be what surpasses it, or the 'next level' so to say, within blueprints available to us throughout the market. That being said, what if DE were to implement a system like this? (Not just for random weapons like the Bolto, but for everything) We
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