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  1. Archwing was nerfed because you now have to earn those buffs back by grinding to at least level 8 in every intrinsic tree.
  2. Not only are the resource requirements extremely high, but you have to consume resources to make ammo or even put out the dozens of fires on your ship or use abilities. On top of that, they nerfed archwings so you die almost instantly if you go outside (better have two fully ranked arcanes for those extra revives) and they nerfed archgun damage by an average of 60% and falloff is 50% of that after 300m. And the blink nerf was so bad, and total archwing nerfs, because they want you to earn them back with archwing and blink buffs by reaching rank 8 in each intrinsic tree. Don't even get me started about missions COSTING intrinsics just to attempt the mission. I'm just going to not play any railjack until it gets fixed, DE did the usual by making it as grindy as they thought they could get away with.
  3. Thank God we can get around so fast with itzal's blink
  4. Yeah if this kills melee I'm just going to move on to different games.
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