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  1. Well, at some point this solved itself because I did end up getting Tenet 11. Now I can just hoard coins for the Protea/Velox/Stropha/Stahlta farm.
  2. okay, I checked in-game and I have received the blueprint. Oddly, Twitch is telling me both that I need to claim it, and that it has already been claimed.
  3. I really, really hope you're wrong in this, because that's going to make drops even worse than they used to be.
  4. "Error Occurred - Drop was not claimed." this is rather frustrating.... Warframe account shows linked to proper Twitch account. Twitch shows proper connection to Warframe. The drop shows up in my drop inventory, but clicking the button gives the above error message.
  5. I'm almost done picking up the Tenet fragments from the new Corpus Ship tileset but I seem to have hit a wall. I've gotten 10 of the 11 tenets, but the last two times I've put a coin into the console I've gotten Tenet 10 again. It's not giving me Tenet 11. In the past, I just go into the room, clear all the hostiles, drop a coin in the console (never paid attention to which) and it gives me the next tenet that I need. 1 thru 10, no problem. But now Im just getting repeats of 10, which is wasting my coins and getting annoying. Am I doing something wrong? Did I miss something?
  6. Any reasonable player knew that Lavos and Cedo would be available after the event. Available on Deimos? That's a stretch. A logical stretch, maybe, but still a stretch. The frustration is that we weren't told how they'd be available again, or when, until after the event was over. The frustration is that we couldnt take that into consideration when spending cells, or deciding just how hard we wanted to grind. There is precedent with event-specific items leaving when the event ended, without knowing when they would be available again. Snipetron was flat unavailable for a long time till the
  7. They gave us Ceti Lacera and Basmu via Scarlet Spear, but did not tell us how we would get them once the event was over. After it did end, they just said "we'll make those weapons available again somehow" and left it at that. That was back in... what? April? And only NOW, 9 months later, do we have an opportunity to get them again. So you can't blame players for being afraid that Orphix would end with no clear means to get Lavos or Cedo afterward, and no clear plan from DE for when they would return. Further, for some players the game effectively ended last night: it did for me anyway. The eve
  8. Would have been nice to know this at the start of this event. I would have spent all my phasic cells on arcanes instead of Lavos and Cedo. I have more Entrati standing than I need. But of course, you guys likely did not tell us this expressly so that we would would waste cells on stuff we'd be able to get later. Not cool DE: you're better than that. If you're going to make event rewards buyable for standing once an event is over, then tell us that when the event starts so that we can focus on buying the things that will NOT be available for standing later, like arcanes.
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