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  1. Cross-save/cross-progression has always been something DE has been interested in, because many players simply stop playing when they decide to switch platforms and find out they have to start all over again. Those are lost customers, which is lost revenue. DE has a financial incentive to have cross-save/cross-progression. Microsoft and Sony had been staunchly opposed to cross-save/cross-progression for years, because to allow that meant less incoming revenue for them. Right now, you pay for a subscription to their service, you buy their console, you buy their controllers and other periphera
  2. No. If you want to switch platforms and start playing on PC, you have to create a new account on PC and start all over again. There is no way to do an account migration. In the past, DE has only ever done account migrations from PC to a newly-launched console. The last time this was done was when the Switch launched, and DE allowed players to clone their PC account over to the Switch, however from that point onward the progression was entirely separate. What you're asking for is essentially cross-save. One account, multiple platforms. This is not permitted in any fashion. Sorry.
  3. We do not know for sure, because until this event introduced "Blue Kuva" and "Crimson Kuva" we just called the stuff "kuva". It's possible that the War Within kuva (and subsequently the stuff we get from Kuva Siphons) is some yet-unnamed third variant, but we can't be certain. Don't worry about the fact that some players drank it and some didn't: it'll never have an effect on the story. DE would have to write in branching storylines based on your War Within choices, which would only add unnecessary complexity to this already complicated and disjointed story. It's another thing they tried an
  4. That's what we know from Continuity based on Red Kuva. It's entirely possible that Blue Kuva Continuity works differently. We dont really know either way. If Blue Kuva is meant for a temporary transfer as Grandma's story suggests, then to me that implies that the consciousnesses are swapped between bodies. But I could be wrong and there's nothing in the story to indicate where the Ostron consciousnesses ended up. The story just says that the Orokin bodies were 'sleeping', but is more likely some form of coma or catatonia, but I digress. The point is the Orokin bodies were unaware of what wa
  5. Good on you DE. It's about time other players get to have a shot at these neat items.
  6. If I understood Grandma correctly, the girl gave the Crimson Kuva to the Ostrons that were inhabiting the bodies of the Orokin kids, while the Orokin kids (in the mutilated Ostron bodies) were out having fun in the city. Not that it really makes a difference to the story, but it is a difference. I had the same thoughts about this situation otherwise. Blue Kuva being used for temporary possession, I have no problem with that. Although I'm not sure "temporary" is really the appropriate word. "Reversible" seems to be what the writers had in mind. Meaning the kids could swap back bodies at any
  7. The Grineer queens use kuva to swap bodies every so often, and the only bodies they have to swap to are not Orokin. Grineer, Corpus, Ostron.... but not Orokin.
  8. Surely I'm not the only person that saw the twist coming a mile away, right? As soon as the kids were going to 'try on their new costumes' I knew they were going to get locked into those bodies. On the one hand, I suspect the girl in the story is supposed to be Grandma: how else would she know the story? On the other hand, it could be simple Orokin folklore told to frighten children: as Grandma said, Orokin did not fear death and revered beauty, so about the only thing that could legitimately scare them would be getting stuck in a horribly twisted, ugly body. However, plot-hole in the story
  9. I appreciate DE doing this as opposed to doing nothing at all. Plague Star was already in the game, coded and ready to go. All they had to do was turn it on and let us play. However they did not seem inclined to do that, likely because of the Forma farm, and could instead have simply done nothing while blaming the plague. Instead, they gave us a 25-day long event that requires no more effort than we already have to exert, with some neat new goodies to chase. And it really doesnt take a lot of effort. I started last night with only 20 Mother tokens. After doing just 3 tier-5 bounties with a
  10. They said on Friday's devstream that they want to remove Archwing missions entirely and make Railjack the home for Archwings and Archwing content. So.... it's possible they could move the Archwing missions to Railjack in order to make use of them after removing them from the normal starchart. Imagine Archwing interception and/or Mobile Defense where you have to fend off crewships as well. We still dont have a proper Archwing Survival mode. They also have plans (and have shown us the art assets back at Tennocon) to convert Archwings into modular units like zaws, kitguns, k-drives, etc. I can
  11. Unlikely. The ephemera that came with Wukong Prime is not, so this one likely will not be either.
  12. Never bought a Prime Access before. Almost bought Titania Prime, but held off expecting Nezha Prime would be next and I could not justify two prime accesses back to back. Imagine my utter disappointment at Inaros Prime... This looks pretty good. Nezha Prime is a bit bulkier than his counterpart, though not as bulky as Nezha Empyrean. I could do without the helmet tassels but I understand that's part of his design theme, and the gammacor-looking ornaments on his helmet are kind of "meh" as well. I'm not sure I like the chosen color paths, as it may make my preferred fashionframe hard to pull
  13. I understand you've already tried Blood Altar but I figure I can at least tell you my build and experience with it. It might prompt you to give it a second chance. I didn't use Nekros Prime much before now, but this build has made him rather fun to play. It sounds like yours might be similar, if not the same. I swapped in Blood Altar for Soul Punch Growing Power, Power Drift Health Conversion, Despoil, Vitality, Equilibrium Primed Continuity, Blind Rage, Shield of Shadows, Streamline Arcane Pulse and Arcane Guardian With 3 forma on this build every mod is maxxed out except Vitali
  14. I rather like the set. The Lodestar Syandana, by itself, doesn't look at that good to me but as part of the set it's pretty nice. The chest piece leaves something to be desired though: it's relatively flat, almost like a dinner plate. It really takes away from the contours of most frames I've tried it on, though I can use the set on Nezha to decent effect. I mostly use the arms and legs, which look fairly decent on most frames. On the whole, the set colors rather well, with each colorway given ample application so you can get a good mix of your preferred colors. Some parts have very small t
  15. Nezha has been my go-to frame for quite some time. The passive area damage of Firewalker, the defense of Halo, and the mobility of Chakram all suit my playstyle well, and he's generally useful in any mission type. I normally run Reaping Chakram as well for some party support. Picked up Titania for a while as well once I got a good build for her, and she's the one I take when I want to move thru the map fast, or burn down high-EHP targets, like in disruption. I can more or less stay in Razorwing indefinitely, which makes her very hard to hit so I take little damage, while her buffs turn her
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