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  1. I really hope you're not running Windows 7... Actually, if you look at the player figures on Steam, this 'Golden Age' ran from 2017 until.... umm, now really! https://steamcharts.com/app/230410#All
  2. Given how cross-save works with some other titles, I'd imagine Platinum would be the sticking point. As an example, cross-save on Destiny 2 carried over all characters and gear, but not the premium 'Silver' currency, which is unique to each platform. Definitely something they should look at though (and much easier to implement/balance than actual cross-play
  3. I've only been playing for a few months but Baro doesn't seem to be there to cater for the 'Veteran' player. Just the mechanism itself (trading 'trash' frame parts for ducats) seems to veer more toward the more casual player who runs fissures but doesn't do enough of them to build and/or trade for Platinum and who doesn't run enough higher level content to get stuff as natural drops. At least that's how I see it, maybe I'm wrong...
  4. It does exactly that https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Split_Flights
  5. I second that! Given that two of the major moans with Railjack are the material economy and the dodgy RNG, then simply bumping the drop volumes and allowing people to re-roll makes a lot of that go away
  6. I really hope somebody from Bungie has popped over to read this. Their version of playtesting involves starting the game up, and if nothing immediately catches fire, they're good to go.
  7. It's better than that - 80% of the drops are worthless in their raw form, and pointless when broken down into resources you'll be neck-deep in within the first hour.15% of the drops 'might' be useful, but more than likely have the wrong rolls on them to be anything other than fodder for upgrading genuinely useful gear. Of the remainder, 4% are actually useful and 1% are of the highest rarity, but will usually have stats that are even lower than the worthless 80% you tried to get rid of ages ago. No trading, limited customization, 27 'classes' in total (3 main, with 3 elemental variations and 3 'sub-classes' of each of those which are barely any different), no in-game LFG (or even chat on console) and matchmaking for only 70% of the content. The story content is largely unfinished and looks like binge watching an afternoon of TV on SyFy where all of the programs have been cancelled without resolving their story arcs. Plus, you'll more than likely complete the 'main' story within 8-10 hours with a few other bits to do but you're going to have to shell out around $60 to play content from the last two years, most of which is like a desert because people hammered through it within a month of release. Anything released in the last year is essentially just different variations of 'horde mode' and the last one has a bug which renders one of its components inaccessible unless you have RNG in your favour. You constantly find yourself running into invisible walls and stuck on the scenery. There are bugs in it which are 3 years old which Bungie avoid talking about any time they're asked and the PvP and forums make the 'toxicity' on here look like a warm oil massage with bowl of pot-pourri wafted in front of your face. Oh, and unlike toroid farming, none of it is optional. You're essentially herded into repetitive daily tasks because it is the ONLY way to progress in the game full stop, rather than an optional method of progression in only ONE area. And that progression? All taken off you every 12 weeks (like being forced to forma ALL of your gear, only to find that forma removed again once you've leveled it). You're p*ssed off because a single update has bugs, grind and a seemingly pointless repetitive loop, that the developer has stated they'll address. Just imagine if you'd had TWO YEARS worth of it and the developer refused to even acknowledge it...
  8. I actually had something similar last night - had a host migration during the mission before we'd met the objective, found myself on my own but with the 'Get to extraction' prompt. I then extracted, got my reward as if I'd completed it solo, but as the loading screen finished it THEN rejoined me with the original group! I've also seen prompts that ''X' has joined the group', only for them to appear a couple of minutes later right in front of me.
  9. Well, you're number 2 in a group of 4 people that doesn't exist Meanwhile, a group of 3 people is waiting for 4th person (who doesn't exist) to turn up You don't have a sentinel, but you (who doesn't exist) are having your shield recharged by the non-existent sentinel belonging to another player (who also, doesn't exist) You've also collected all of the reactant you need, but as you don't exist, it probably doesn't count So apart from the whole non-existence thing, I don't see a problem here.... 😀
  10. No problem - it's still a very, VERY good controller, and you may still be able to get what you're looking for by using reWASD or Xpadder for example, just not with the standard app.
  11. You can map the RB and LB in addition to the face buttons, however it's just a mirror of an existing button function - you don't get 4 extra buttons with their own individual functions. EDIT: I'll need to check, but I think the thumbstick 'clicks' are also mappable, because they count as buttons.
  12. The paddles simply remap the four face buttons (ABXY), so unless you have something bound to those it probably won't work. You might be able to use something like Xpadder to extend the pad functionality though (it's been a while since I've used it, but I believe you could add 'conditionals' to button presses to extend how they work (i.e. short button press for light attack, long button press for heavy, button combination for macro etc.)
  13. Go play Destiny. Seriously, go to Steam, download Destiny 2, and play it for a couple of weeks. That should be enough time to really get things in perspective, and make you appreciate what a pointless, tedious grind TRULY is. We'll all still be here when you get back, 😉
  14. A little update to this - after spending so long responding to this (and trying to offer some encouragement) I decided to go back to the MR 8 test and give it another try. Full disclosure, I actually fluffed the vertical wall on the first attempt after trying to do it in one bullet jump, but completed it on the second attempt. The 'moral' of this is that when I initially tried this it took me AGES to get right, with a lot of planning, strategy and practice. Now, it's pretty much second nature. Just get used to traversal in the game, learn what works for long jumps and what works for short, and above all don't get despondent. Don't try to force it too much and It'll happen (and you'll find that your overall experience with the game will improve too).
  15. Watch the video posted above (it's actually really informative), as it shows plenty of ways to take the momentum out of a jump if you've 'overcooked' it (or glide to add more distance if that's the issue).
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