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  1. Oh, absolutely not, I was actually agreeing with you on most points. The point I was making is that somebody shouldn't just expect people to stick around forever just because the mission is type 'endless'; we've all got different reasons for joining the mission, but relic missions are generally because people want to open relics and/or get void traces, right? So depending on how many relics you have to open, how many traces you need to collect or which particular parts you are farming for, that's going to impact how long you want to stick around. As long as I've got relics to open, I'll generally stick with it until others start quitting or I run out/cap my traces limit. Somebody can't expect people just to stay around if there's no need for them to do it and if you haven't previously agreed to do it.
  2. This. After spending over a decade as a network engineer, I still get a red mist come over me when somebody asks 'What ping do I need?'... Not only is ICMP pretty much the last thing that ANY devices prioritize a response to now, people get way too hung up on what 'big numbers' actually mean: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millisecond
  3. 1. Particularly annoying when somebody has a good CC or AOE frame camped on the cryopod which then gets wasted because somebody wants to have the top 'damage dealt'.. 2. I don't mind this so much, as sometimes people just want traces (or they're after one of the reward tiers specifically) 3. I don't think I've ever seen one of these on console, 😜... 4. Sometimes I play Saryn and get the opposite - the numbnuts mentioned in point 1 kills the affected target before the spores have spread. 5. They don't call them 'endless' for nothing... 6. For me this is usually MR 0-4 grinding MR on a new frame, and I've no idea what they're doing in an activity they're bound to get creamed in. 7. The one, overriding reason that fits practically anyone playing an 'endless' mission. If you've no reason to hang around and haven't agreed to then why should you?
  4. From this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/7yxtwu/which_syndicate_is_best_for_me/ The viable combinations are: 1) Steel / Suda / Hexis / Veil Only run Steel / Suda missions, have a Steel Sigil equipped. Suda won't interfere with Steel and gives you +50% Hexis, the -50% Veil is made up by the +50% Veil from Steel and the Steel Sigil (no negative for Suda / Hexis) finally gets Veil into positive. 2) Veil / Loka / Perrin / Steel Only run Veil / Loka missions, have a Veil Sigil equipped. Works pretty much like the previous. FYI, this combination makes you miss out on Suda's unique Large Team Shield Restore. 3) Perrin / Hexis / Loka / Suda Only run Perrin / Hexis missions, alternate between Perrin / Hexis Sigils. Perrin / Hexis are opposed but you still get a total of +50% for each and they don't interfere with Loka / Suda so +50% each there, as well. FYI, this combination makes you miss out on Veil's unique Large Team Ammo Restore.
  5. It's actually pretty good advice - the straightest path 'through' a planet often contains the lowest level missions on it. I've gotten all the way through the chart and yet still haven't finished every node on every planet (primarily because I'm mainly a solo player and I can't guarantee I'll get a full group if I start a disruption or interception mission). I've gone back and done quite an few later and the key there seems to have been to run Syndicate/Relic missions or the occasional event because that will often change the mission type on a node, and also give you a better chance of getting a group together. There's only a couple of junctions that actually require a certain MR level (by requiring a crafting step or mission completion) but you'll likely get to that level without even trying.
  6. Same here, but I think it's just bad luck (which happens to me more often than not). I missed out on Ash Prime this last unvaulting, because the relic with the systems literally dropped TWICE for me in the entire three month period and didn't unlock at anything higher than the first tier! In the same period though, I managed to get Limbo, Vauban and Ivara Prime, so it just seems to be 'luck of the draw'. I'm only waiting on one component for Oberon Prime after last time and haven't collected a single component for Nekros Prime but I wouldn't be at all surprised if I'm still waiting on them by the time they get vaulted again...
  7. What are you trying to protect? Yourself? Objectives? Rescue or defection targets? And is this for a riven challenge? Because the answer depends on the circumstance....
  8. I followed the basic paths from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7yMVtKkGdw But I used a Skiajati as it makes you invisible after executing a stealth kill. It doesn't last too long, however you can chain the kills to refresh the effect. Once I gotten the route down in practice, I think it took me two attempts at the real thing (first time I screwed the route up on the last stage for reasons I can't fathom).
  9. Those of us familiar with the old style Windows defrag know EXACTLY what you mean!
  10. This. I always find it funny when somebody says 'I made a picture of what it should look like, so it must be easy'... On a less sarcastic note, the only way I could see something like this working is if they introduced a system whereby you could downgrade mods in the same way you upgrade them (using credits and endo). Would that mean you can alter them all on the fly? No, but then again there's a popular phrase concerning having your cake and eating it...
  11. This. In fact the only real annoyance is the day/night cycle on Earth (which invariably ends up being the opposite one to the one you want)!
  12. And I'd say you're pretty much in the majority. Unless you've actually agreed with the rest of the squad to stick around, you're actually under no obligation to do so. For the most part, people don't have issues with this, and I've certainly seen plenty of occasions where it's clear that somebody is going to be wasting their time sticking around, and once they leave, everyone else follows. From the sound of it, the OP seems to want all the benefits of organizing a farming group without having to do any organizing. I myself have plenty of spots on the star chart I haven't cleared because they're interceptions or disruptions and I'm a primarily solo player. But am I going to whine about it or blame anyone else? No, because I can either just suck it up and wait for the right PUG or get on the chat and sort it out myself. Nobody's issue but mine..
  13. I'd actually disagree with this, and I think it may even be the reason for the post in the first place... Nobody runs endless fissures if they're just farming random parts for ducats or platinum - there are quicker ways to do that. People join endless fissure runs for two reasons (they're all about the relics, nobody stays around for the round specific drops): 1) To open as many of their own relics as possible. These people want to go the distance. 2) To maximize their chance of getting a specific drop because they know that they will nearly always be full and therefore they're getting '4 bites of the cherry'. Very often people doing this will only have 1 or two of a specific relic type, so they're only going to hang around until they get what they want, or run out of relics. Two different approaches, but... What if you're farming for parts and the specific part you want comes up in the first round? Do you stick around, even though you've gotten what you came for? Unless you've specifically agreed to stay around afterwards I'm pretty sure most people would just quit when they're give the option to, regardless of which of the two schools they fall into.
  14. 1. It's a good weapon for Specters full stop, because it's extremely ammo hungry and Specters never run out of ammo... 2. It's a popular weapon, and the drop rates for shotgun Rivens are the lowest in the game. Not that you 'need' a Riven for it anyway. 3. Actually a bit of a mystery, but I'm guessing that DE looked at the drop rate and the cost of the Rivens and figured that enough was enough! 4. If you're REALLY careful with your ammo, it's usable, but expect to keep swapping to your secondary and melee pretty regularly.
  15. Question: If DE sells platinum themselves, why would anyone use any other platform/payment system? Serious question, because potentially there's no need to go through Steam at all as it stands. And yet people still do, because it's the convenience of it that keeps them paying in the place they do. Otherwise Steam themselves just wouldn't bother, but they don't care because when they do get a purchase, they're getting pure profit. It's not unreasonable to imagine the same mindset from the console manufacturers. I can already have items applied to my account without going through any of the system marketplaces (Twitch drops are a valid example, and they've given platinum away in those). And there would be nothing at all to stop me from buying and spending my platinum on one platform, and then applying it to any other platform I'm attached to (this happens in Destiny 2 with 'Silver' purchases all the time, and nobody seems that upset about it). Also, the console manufacturers don't host the game on their platform - they simply use an authentication pass-through (pretty much the same way that the website does). there is literally zero cost involved (unless you consider bandwidth for the initial login, which is so tiny as to not even register in the grand scheme). This is one of the reasons that the console manufacturers have softened their stance on cross-save - because they know that people play and spend on the platform they choose, regardless of any available alternatives.
  16. But do they? DE still pay certification fees for their updates, they're still paying a percentage on anything that does get sold through the console marketplaces (because some people won't have access to Steam etc.). In short, they're still getting money for nothing, so it's all profit anyway. Plus you can guarantee that the 'discount' doesn't get applied to the retailer side of the equation - it comes out of DE's cut, because given that Steam don't make money out of certification and don't charge a fee for multiplayer, I can't see Steam dropping their 30% down to 5% (or even less for as higher than 25% discount or if the total take for the game is $10-50 million dollars plus).
  17. It's a win-win for the consumer, and for DE. If Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony want to negotiate a better deal with DE than Steam have, that's up to them. DE still get paid The consumer gets what they want. Not seeing an issue for you or I here, or an issue that couldn't be resolved by making the console manufacturers a little less greedy (after all, it literally costs all parties the same amount to sell 'virtual' items).
  18. From what I've seen the primed smites are all very 'niche' (so if you have a truckload of ducats, credits and endo and if you're going to be doing long endless runs against specific enemy types, then fill yer boots, otherwise no...)
  19. Curiously enough, the only major change I can happening with this is on PC. Bungie were able to do this because they shifted all of their PC access over to Steam (meaning it was just one more walled garden to deal with), and I could see DE doing the same in order to make aligning all of the systems easier. The 'Prime Access/Tennogen' question isn't really 'a thing' because the money/platinum would still change hands in the location it does now; it's only where the item purchased ends up that changes. In fact if someone were to purchase discount plat on PC and then use it to buy Tennogen on console, that's pretty much a win-win all around, isn't it? It's not like the PC side is getting robbed, and the console side is actually gaining from that. Then again it might be an idea just to keep it the same across the board purely for the purposes of avoiding confusion, and if they were to do that it would potentially increase visibility for all those selling Tennogen... Bringing the marketplaces into line and making Platinum/Vouchers 'platform locked' is probably the only other step they'd need to make (because the content is pretty much in-line across the board as it is right now and separate from the in-game patching which isn't subject to the same cert process as the content patches are).
  20. Swapping out PFS for VS will drop your overall damage output, but it will also push up your status chance. Given that, you might want to switch to a status focused build (or accept that you'll probably do around half of the expected damage). Maybe this build https://overframe.gg/build/3976/nikana-prime/hybrid-end-game-template/ which is also cheaper on forma. Unless you already have a high ranked True Steel (well, higher than your current SS) and aren't planning on taking on sentients, I'd stick with Sacrificial Steel and just bump it as and when you can
  21. NP. It's actually a half decent resource when people can be bothered to write the guides to go with them, as they'll often explain WHY the build works, which in turn makes you better at modding (once you understand what's going on).
  22. Take your pick: https://overframe.gg/items/arsenal/1177/nikana-prime/
  23. Lol - appreciate the correction (and love the meme), but: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/who-would-ve-thunk-it
  24. Quite literally, start here: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Mod And then scroll down to the mod list. Select a category and it will expand to show you a list of mods in that category. You'll see a brief description on what each mod does and clicking on the name of a mod itself takes you to the page for it. On the page, under the picture of the mod it will have a statistics table and the bottom of that table lists the sources along with the percentage chance for each source. Long winded, I know but it's a really useful resource. As for the mission types, Exterminate missions are generally easier but the don't have the best drop rates or enemy types unless you trigger an alarm and leave it (which can make the mission much harder to survive and/or complete). Endless missions (such as defense, excavation or survival) generally have the best drop rates as the enemy variety increases with each wave/rotation, and each level of completion in the defense for example, will have it's own set of rewards which usually contains mods of some description at some point. My best advice would be that it's okay to backtrack a little if you find things getting a little tough as it's a good way to pick up all of the base mods, the occasional blueprint etc. Level your syndicates as there are some good weapons and mods there (and as you mention the Hek, Steel Meridian is a good choice). I'd also recommend trying to level 4 at once: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/7yxtwu/which_syndicate_is_best_for_me/. Mostly, don't try to rush it - this isn't the sort of game where you can just sprint to the finish line and expect to get the best from it.
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