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  1. Nice to see you, many things in this game need a rework like combat, missions and many other points, but we also have to be positive, fights with eidolons, assault missions are good signs so there is hope, the simplicity of the game has given problems and that is the reason why the current methods of obtaining affinity are bad
  2. As I said in another comment: several things need a rework in terms of difficulty and other points They are the same, that is, in a cooperative or competitive or hybrid environment you have to complete requirements and do your best to get the rewards (the same methodology) Let's do a test, do you prefer a random reward or a guaranteed reward? Already did Platinum is the fastest way to get things so that will not be affected
  3. Guy, we are not talking about the types of enemies (I already talked about that in another topic), we are talking about combat mechanics, the variety of enemies is important but if the combat mechanics are simple everything will remain easy Do the battles with Eidolons and Thumpers not tell you something? Assault missions don't tell you something?
  4. Is that all you were going to say?, If so, I am very disappointed
  5. Why ?, There are hundreds of missions in the game but players only use a mission (Hydron for example) to get affinity, that's wrong, you remember Ceres: Draco ?, the current process to get affinity is less fun and less challenging, just analyze it Let me explain, the temporary zones are a more challenging and diverse process for the players compared with the current process, the temporary zones will be affected by the level of the lens you are using, the players can deactivate the lenses so that the time zones do not appear, also the process takes a few seconds These alerts are optional and give you the option of obtaining more affinity, that is why they are temporary, in a nutshell they are a facility for the players and therefore they must be temporary, the alerts encourage players to play, that is the point It will be more difficult, it will be slower, but that is the idea
  6. Hello ladies and gentlemen! Today I will tell you my ideas to improve the game. Affinity System: Mastery & Arbitrations The way to get mastery points will be through arbitrations, that is, players will no longer be able to obtain mastery points by other means such as weaponry (weapons, warframes, etc), each time you complete an arbitration mission you will get mastery points but if you fail the mission you will not get anything, it should be noted that if the players die they cannot be revived and will not get points Mastery test: Players will no longer be able to choose the weaponry they will use in the mastery test, the system will choose the weaponry that players will use, each mastery test will have different armaments for players so that players cannot make No change Rewards: Each time players complete a master's rank they will earn points that can be redeemed for rewards, each reward will have different costs Mission & Affinity The way to get affinity will be through the missions, that is, if the players want to level up their weapons (weapons, warframes, etc.) they will have to complete missions, the enemies will no longer grant affinity, if the players complete a mission already they will not be able to obtain more affinity of that mission, the affinity that the mission granted depends on the level of the mission, once you have completed a mission you will have to wait one day for the affinity granted by that mission to be restored Focus system The way to get focus points will be through orbs that appear in the missions, the orbs are portals that take players to temporary areas where players will have to eliminate enemies to get focus points before time runs out, the level of the enemies in the time zone and the amount of time will depend on the level of the lens that the players have, the players can only have one lens in their equipment, the players can deactivate the lenses so that the orbs do not appear in the missions Affinity Based Missions These missions will come in the form of alerts, when completing the mission you will be awarded affinity points that you can distribute as mastery or affinity points for your weaponry or focus points, the enemies in this alert will also grant affinity, if players fail they will not get points I hope you liked it Thanks for your attention! Coming soon Let's talk about: monetization system
  7. It's not the same to play checkers as chess, do you understand? Some developers think that simplicity is the answer to everything and they are very wrong, simplicity must always go hand in hand with complexity, simple combat systems are weak while that the complexes are better but the simple ones are easier to do and that is why the developers adopt it knowing the problems that entails, many complain about Saryn but she is not the problem, the problem is the combat system. You are wrong, the combat systems are made to be slow-paced because otherwise they would not be entertaining and the same happens with the missions, in addition the elements of fast pace and slow pace can live together but I think that I do not have to explain, the pace of a game depends on several factors as you have said, each factor has different rhythms, some are fast-paced and others slow-paced
  8. Several factors could be considered when measuring the percentage of players, they could vary between general factors such as the number of enemies you have eliminated or specific factors such as the role of a support player and considering that many things need a rework
  9. I am aware that the accessibility / difficulty of the game is considered easy or simple but that has its fix and for that a rework is needed
  10. The rewards based on randomness will never work fine because they are merely random and that makes them unstable and deficient, I don't think I have to explain everything again or do I have to? How something that is deficient can be efficient? the answer is ... it can't You tell it as if that was only part of the RNG when you know it isn't, you used it as an excuse but now you realize how silly that was And what do you think loot boxes are made of? Loot Boxes are based on RNG After all the nonsense you said, don't be surprised if someone assumes you are a troll
  11. Several factors determine the percentage of points, they can be from the amount of damage you have done, the amount of damage you have received, the level of stealth, the speed of the mission, the number of times you have died, the number of enemies you have eliminated, etc, etc, etc. the percentage will be reduced or increased depending on how it went with those factors Fortnite battle pass Do you think players would prefer to play for guaranteed rewards or random rewards? players would prefer to play for guaranteed rewards, we both know that players hate RNG, all reward systems have Skill because to get the rewards you have to complete requirements but RNG-based rewards have to be eliminated for their randomness
  12. I cited Killing Floor 2 for its gore system not for its combat system, why do you think KF2 is so easy after playing a few hours? because the combat is simple and that makes the game easy, if the combat design is simple you will see boredom rise and the hordes of enemies will not fix that because the combat is the problem Missions can vary between slow or fast pace, that is, an assault mission is not the same as a capture mission and the same happens with other environments but the fluidity of the game will be determined by the movement system
  13. The way in which the pvp, pvpve, pve environments reward the players are the same, that is, if you play cooperatively or competitively you have to win to have accessibility to the rewards but if you lose you get nothing, besides, I am not comparing the works and the games, I am giving examples of how the Skill is better than the RNG, the reward system of all the works is based on Skill because it is the best but if they were based on RNG it would be a trash and nobody would like to work, Skill-based rewards (such as battle pass) encourage players more, give them confidence and keep them playing longer while the RNG doesn't do that because of its randomness, the fact that the RNG is based on luck makes it untrustworthy and deficient because that means that customers can obtain great rewards on their first and / or second attempt and that is wrong but the RNG does not prevent them from obtaining great rewards at the speed of the light because it is based on luck, customers will always want to get great rewards on their first attempts and you have to avoid that, the addiction is established through the stimulation or dopamine that is achieved through activities or rewards that are achieved in any reward system, if you think that this is only achieved with the RNG you are very wrong, in short, the RNG is not good to be a reward system while the Skill it is, in addition, Warframe has grown because it is a good game not because of the RNG, and we saw how Stars Wars Battlefront was destroyed by the RNG even though it was a good game, and if I only cared for myself then I would not be posting topics on this forum since 2017 And once again you have proven to be ignorant, I begin to feel pity for you... , there are people who do not need examples to understand but you have shown that neither the examples help you understand, who plays for longer and gets more rewards, a person who plays every day or a person who only plays 3 times a week?, the answer is obvious (the one who plays every day), who has to do more work and try harder in an spy mission, 4 players or a single player?, the answer is obvious (single player), who has had to gain more experience and play for a longer time, a Mastery 5 player or a Mastery 20 player? the answer is obvious (the mastery 20 player), they are answers as obvious as 2 plus 2 or do you not know either what the maths are? I would not be surprised if you were a troll...
  14. You can't make a game's combat system simple and repetitive or that will make players get bored and complain about how easy it is, as I mentioned before Dynasty Warriors and Doom's combat system are bad designs, and I think I do not have to repeat the reasons again, you can play in any type of difficulty and the combat will continue to be easy and repetitive, in addition, what determines if a game is fast or slow pace is the movement system, if Warframe or Assassin's Creed did not have parkour they would be considered slow-paced games, it should be noted that what I am suggesting is not only based on the dynamic weak and strong points
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