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  1. Just to summarize: Mode 1: 1vs1 / 2vs2 In this mode 2 players compete in a series of 3 consecutive missions the winner will be the player who completes 2 missions in less time than his opponent In this mode the player will choose the equipment of his opponent and vice versa The loser of the first round will receive a debuff in the second round. Mode 2: 4vs16 In this mode 4 players fight against 16 players each side has 3 flags, the winner team will be the one that takes the 3 flags of the opposing team The team of 4 players will be Frames and the te
  2. One of the problems of the developers is that they do not know how to organize themselves, that is they suffer from poor organization in terms of content management, this creates disorder and confusion in decision-making, an example of this is the roadmap 2019 and there are other examples but to be precise I can say that developers lack a sense of responsibility, not to mention that they lack more knowledge when it comes to making "good content", I'm not sure why this happens but it may be because they are overloaded of ideas to the point of not knowing what to do (which is a clear lack of a s
  3. I am going to highlight the combat of the game as an example, what is the problem with the combat of the game? basically it is "only damage" and nothing else, is that bad? Obviously yes, when I say that combat is only damage I mean that in the game (specifically in the field of weapons) attack speed is not necessary, precision is not necessary, reload speed is not necessary ,the size of the magazine is not necessary, etc. a distinguished example of this is the Kuva Bramma, the Grakata has a higher rate of fire compared to the Bramma but in the end it is not even necessary, the game tells you t
  4. The cover system would improve the interaction with the environments so it would be useful for the game, on the one hand we would have the frenetic movement and on the other the cover as a more careful movement (an example of this would be Vanquish), the problem with this system is that lacks innovation. Elements such as grenades / traps / mines would be useful because they would improve the variety in the players' arsenal, but first the devs have to fix the balance because if they implement these elements, both melee weapons and frame abilities (for example) will eclipse them, so the gre
  5. that's a good idea, the fact that players can only use one loadout in missions "for everything" only unbalances the game and makes it lose variety, the missions, combats, maps, etc. should encourage players to change their equipment depending on the situation for example: different enemies requiring different mod setups to be defeated.
  6. Its not about what players or developers want, it's about what they need Truth: good Subjectivity: bad for example: Players want "cross-play" but they don't understand that is not necessary for the game (for now), they don't understand that is more important to fix game elements like host migration? Another case is the developers wanting more and more RNG, they do not realize that RNG is bad for the industry because it unbalances everything and does not value the time of the players, they do not realize that they will have to fix the RNG over and over again like a endl
  7. For example: Anthem: A game with many errors, what happened? players got stressed and left the game, some gave good feedback to the game but the developers (including EA) ignored it, eventually the game went down (cause and effect), so the developers NOW (after the game went down) are rebuilding the game, the developers know they did something wrong and they know they have to fix it, but ... what would have happened if the players had kept playing and paying in the game? Well, the developers probably would not be fixing the game, what is wrong on their part BUT it is also the fault o
  8. Greetings, Just saying… If the developers perform poorly in these next 2 years the game will not survive, when I mean that the game will not survive I mean that the game will no longer have a "fix" due to the large amount of bad content it has, when I say that the game will no longer be fixed I mean that if the developers try to fix the game they will never finish, WF is 3 years away from its tenth anniversary but that the game reaches ten years with so many errors is like saying that the developers will perform poorly in the next few years, assuming that the developers had pe
  9. Greetings, NS: Lich: Liches will appear as an alert on the starchart every 1 week players can activate two liches at the same time as a limit battles against liches will be indidivual for all players the liches will have their own hierarchy example: Lich: this will be the lich Guards: these will be divided into 4 minibosses in relation to the lich Minions: these will be the normal enemies To defeat the lich, players must first defeat the 4 guardians To defeat the 4 guardians, t
  10. Greetings, Shields: (Rate of fire, magazine) * Shields now reload every time they are hitted - Note: shields will reload fast * The only way to damage shields is with weapons with high attack speed. - Note: shields will not be destroyed with damage - Note2: weapons with low rate of fire will take longer to destroy shields * Shields will mitigate all damage to healt until destroyed * Shields could overheat if constantly recharged - Example: if a shield is hit (without being completely damaged) the shield will start to overheat from recharging many times
  11. Now let's change a few things: Every time someone gives their opinion on my topics, I will "classify" their opinion according to what they say, for example: Valid opinion: these are answers with which I agree Average opinion: these are answers that catch my attention but not because they are valid or ignorant Ignorant opinion: these are answers that I will completely ignore due to their lack of "intellect" The reason for this is to better manage my topics, more specific: to know what opinions are valid and what opinions are not worth answering. Who am I to judge?
  12. Explanatory note: these topics are based on Feedback of “already existing” content but in a more minority and specific way. Part of the customization system Idea (Tennogen): Players can now create skins for specific parts of Frames (arms, torso, legs) Example: design rhino's right arm as an infested arm (ignoring all other parts) Note: the idea is that players no longer have to create full frame skins just to design small parts Idea 2: The idea is that players can now customize their Frames with accessories for the head, as it happens with operator
  13. For that to work well many systems must be fixed, Obviously players who have put so much time and resources into their equipment should be rewarded. Rewards like Amalgam Mods must be obtained through other builds The Baro market will not be affected The rivens will not be affected The RNG in the rewards is stupid and will always be stupid, if the RNG is eliminated then there will be no problems in first place the missions need to be fixed so that they are not so short, and secondly the other enemies are there to make you level up.
  14. That is not an excuse, what I am offering depends on many other systems to create a good synergy but those other systems can still be fixed (like enemys, for example) so that what I am offering can coexist well, that will not fix all the problems of the game but it is still a good thing for the game, and it is not exclusive to the Moba just like the Nemesis system is not exclusive to SOM, also the fact of increasing the time of the missions is not a bad thing, it is a good thing, the missions are not They are made to take less than 5 minutes because eventually that will make the game more repe
  15. CHALLENGE: "A lot of content or a lot of deep mechanics that lead to different interactions / dynamics / strategies that players must take, depending on their situation, to complete the game" So adding deep mechanics leads to different dynamics that insentivates entertainment avoiding repetitiveness, because repetitiveness is born from content that does not lead to different interactions Example: a game with multiple endings vs a game with only one ending now we are going to make a comparison: WF leveling: in the missions the players have all their equipment at max le
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