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  1. I'm sorry, but I really don't understand what you're saying While I am saying that a hierarchy and a new type of voting are needed for topics And you are saying that it is not necessary because it already works I just want you to understand that even if the developers like a topic and want to implement it in the game, it is likely that it will never be implemented, and this happens for various reasons, but I will mention only 2: 1. Because the idea does not receive the support of the community 2. Because the decision and resources do not belong to the developers And the solution to these 2 is POPULARITY, but if you think that currently the "upvotes" can reach the necessary popularity then explain to me how, and so I can retire.
  2. In most of the topics in the feedback section, and I don't just talk about this month I see more comments than upvotes, and these comments are not usually: "I agree"
  3. No, but developers know things that the community doesn't, and I'm not saying that the community can't correct developers, but usually the community just relies on their subjective opinions, and subjectivity just creates chaos In addition, the same community trusts developers more than the opinion of the players.
  4. The problem you mentioned was on a smaller scale, I am not underestimating it, but these types of issues are easier to fix, and that is why it is easier for them to receive attention Large-scale problems are more difficult to fix and therefore are less likely to receive attention But the problem is not only that the developers do not pay attention to it, but also that the community does not pay attention to it, as you said, only 1 person attended your topic, and usually you cannot get the attention of the developers if the topic is not popular.
  5. I know it works like a voting, but do you think it's working? I can safely say that no one in the community pays attention to the upvote button Right now there is a voting, what does not exist is a DIRECT hierarchy, because if there were a hierarchy the section would be better divided And the reasons for this problem is because: 1. Developers do not pay attention to topics, and therefore there is no hierarchy 2. The community does not pay attention to the upvote button, and therefore the developers do not pay attention to the topics And honestly for me that means that a new voting system is needed, because I don't see upvotes working, but if you say is working tell me how.
  6. There are ways to differentiate a good topic from a bad topic, but that depends because not all topics have the same standards, for example: a topic talking about combat does not follow the same standards as a topic that talks about missions My point is that explaining all of that would include a lot of text In addition, in the end those who will decide which topic is important or not will be the developers.
  7. I just want to make it clear that developers are the only ones who can decide which topics are important But we already know that developers are not going to want to read so many topics at the same time, and that's where the community takes relevance The developers will focus more on the topics that are popular for the community and I'm not saying that popular topics are going to be the best topics, but popularity can draw their attention more easily Or the developers can also do something to make the topics more concise and make it easier for them to read And I know that that sounds contradictory also because I said that the community is divided, but I'm not saying that the community will decide which topic is good, I'm just saying that, for example, if you like a topic you can vote for it make popular And what does mean when a topic is important? If the developers see potential in a topic they will want the authors to elaborate it further and for other players to create suggestions to improve it And the topics that are not important will be those that do not have potential, that is, they do not work.
  8. That is correct, but the hierarchy is not going to be in the hands of the community, because we already know that the community is very divided The hierarchy will be in the hands of the developers, and I'm not saying that the community will not have an impact on that, because in the end everyone can agree on certain things, but those who decide which topics are more important will be the developers.
  9. Actually that sounds useful Maybe the community cannot, because we already know that the community is subjective and that only generates disorder, but developers can decide which topic is useful and which topic is not, and that would generate a hierarchy.
  10. I know, but that only includes the community and not the developers, and we already know that developers don't like the same Basically there is no way to know which theme the developers like and that is why I suggest a hierarchy, because in the end, why are the players going to make topics if they do not know if the developers are paying attention to it? players will not make the effort because in the end all topics are treated the same How would it work? It would have to be by voting with a score or something like that The voting would include the community and developers, basically the topics with the most votes will be classified as important and those without votes will be ignored, the community will have impact, but in the end those who will decide which topics are more important will be the developers The problem is that there will be too many topics and the developers will not want to read all of them, so for that there must also be a control, a limitation, or something that makes reading easier.
  11. I have visited several forums for games similar to WF, and I can say that in almost all of them I see the same phrase: "developers ignore player feedback" Today I want to explain what really happens ... Yes, developers do read player feedback, but at the same time they don't What do I mean? Developers can read your feedback, but if this feedback does not receive support from the community, that is, if it is not popular, the feedback will die in oblivion I'm going to simplify it, you can give good feedback for the game, macro or micro, but the developers not only see that a topic is good, they also see if is popular, and this is sad because there are good topics that in the end do not have the attention of the community This not only happens with feedback, but it also happens with things like Buffs / Nerfs, for example: Why was Khora nerfed? Because she was very popular on Steel Path And I'm not saying that the community has the fault for the feedback not being heard, but if the community want to stop saying the phrase: "developers don't read feedback", then should support a good topic they find to get the attention of developers My message is clear, you can create a good topic and everything, but alone you are not going to make the developers like it, must work in group, end of the statement.
  12. Without so much verbiage... what I suggest is to put a kind of hierarchy in the feedback section. If we talk about feedback we can say that there is a lot, some good and others not useful, what is the problem? both are together with each other. It would be useful to create a hierarchy separating topics that are worth reading from those that are not worth reading, basically: • Interesting concepts: attractive ideas that have caught the attention of developers and the community. • Useful concepts: equally attractive ideas but on a smaller scale. • Ignorable concepts: ideas that are in bad taste or have no value. In addition I also suggest that authors has to make a synopsis (a brief summary) of their topic before publishing it, this would facilitate the reading. I know it is not easy to pay attention to so many topics, but I think is better to find ways to order all these topics and not just ignore them all equally, end of the statement.
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