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  1. Yes its called "gO pLAy anOTheR gaMe". Its the most favorite of warframe community.
  2. Remember when was the last time warframe has content ? No ? Yeah, i see why.
  3. The thing is why would anyone do it tho.
  4. Cross saves will never happen. Why ? Well its obvious .. the moment cross save is live no one will be left on console servers.
  5. Guys stop, OP is not playing the game anymore, he left and will be back once twitch drops are back.
  6. Yes he can imagine that, and after he log in ? He actually have something to do in it.
  7. This right after Hildryn is the second most ugliest thing i witnessed in warframe.
  8. Its not broken, its called "host has a crap internet".
  9. Man, but does it look great.
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