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  1. "flaw" was the key word when they were deciding on the idea to implement them, you know during that 5 min lunch break.
  2. Imagine thinking that, with how DE handles stuff lmao.
  3. Dude, DE really needs to do something about this already. People really want to dress their male operators into girls clothes.
  4. Dont get your hopes up, the moment they introduce something really cool looking visually, mobs will jump on DE for wanting it as well for free.
  5. Why is "far from the most experienced or active Warframe player" suggesting nerf ?
  6. Why bother with difficulty, when we can add 10 new tennogen and 5 new deluxe skins ?
  7. Its all evil Valve's fault. They big bad. Poor DE can do anything.
  8. Now you can show that chat emoji to everyone, gg.
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