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  1. I mean, you can comfort yourself as much as you want, people don't care about you.
  2. He cant, he must be obnoxious about his opinion, same as 99% of wf community.
  3. So you saying we have no life ? That's not nice way to start a thread OP.
  4. Mark my words, quote this post ... next time the big mainline update hits, and we will be forced to play that crap lunaro to obtain something they put there.
  5. Yeah they must brought it back ... they need new player wave, now when the last new player wave left.
  6. Dont worry OP, DE will make PVP ... forced to everyone, you like it ? You dont ? They dont care, you will be forced to play PVP, just you wait.
  7. OP they dont even care, they already move on onto something other, wolf is at this point forgotten by the devs.
  8. OP just go and catch some fishes and do some plushies hunt, thats for you. Also why was my post removed ?
  9. What about you know ... good old rewards for players playing normaly. You know, like the majority.
  10. I gave up on it half way through, it actually was a reason for me to take a huge break from warframe.
  11. Didn't they already said on dev 126 stream that it will be through lunaro ?
  12. I would take pistol with tactical shield and day. DE you know what to do.
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